24 karat strain

24 karat strain

Unbelievable. I am a medicinal user. I suffer from chronic arthritis, lupus, fibromyalgia, migraine headaches, scoliosis and depression. My pain is unexplainable and my mobility is tough. I smoked this for the first time tonight. Very nice, I definitely rank this in my top 3. Pain gone, mood wonderful, mobility amazing. Very relaxed, both physically and mentally. As I complete this review, this bid is now #1, for me. #Kudos24k#goingbackformore

Picked up a quarter it was pretty good but by the end of the quarter I wanted to get a different strain so I got sour kush and amnesia haze I think they both top this strain.

I Concur ! 😸 I’ve been smoking for over 40 years and 24k is definitely one of the top ten strains,if not 5. Killer Weed🤟

24K, also known as “24K Gold” or “Kosher Tangie,” is a slightly indica dominant hybrid (60% indica/40% sativa) strain created through crossing the delicious Kosher Kush X Tangie strains. With its eye-opening flavor and relaxing effects, 24K is one treasure that you'll want to get your hands on A…

24 Carat

24 Carat is automatic strain based on Afghanica!

It is a result of crossing Bog’s Sour Boggle and F 4. The plant is chunky and dense and has huge leaves and thick stems. This plant loves a large space, so the breeder recommends big pots and outdoor cultivation. Harvest time comes in 60-70 days from a germination.

It has medicinal use for those who have problems with a sleep and need appetite stimulating effects.

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Finished in 75 days.

Growing it was very easy. I didnt had to do pretty much anything but give her water everyday.

This grow was like a experiment grow for me. Wasnt my best. But still as you would expect from mephisto genetics it didnt disappoint me with the end product. Its small to medium sized plant but has potential for big yields. Rock hard dense buds covered in trichomes. Odor is very very strong. Carbon filter is a must if you dont want to be detected by your neighbors.

The effect is 100% indica. Good for pain. You imidiatelly get couchlocked after the first joint. Its an amazing strain for late night, watching movies and to relax and enjoy your self in general. Just be careful if you smoke two joints quickly it will put you to sleep :sweat_smile:

Harvested her on Day 69 after 4 days of no watering. She is looking and smelling absolutely incredible.

She is by far the frostiest plant I have ever grown, matching Gorilla Glue almost. She has turned a lovely shade of purple towards the end showing off her genetics.

She was a difficult plant to trim since she’s is so dense and compact so it’s hard to get in between the buds to get rid of the fan leaves but at least you’ll have a lot of sugar leaves for you to experiment with.

She ended up being a very short plant and I wouldn’t recommend training but if you’re tight on space go ahead. She is shorter than the forum stomper so maybe you’ll be able to let her stretch and do her thing without worrying about her.

She’s now gone into the drying box for 5 days and I’ll update as and when I get dry testers and after a 2 week cure.

Update 1: Had to pull her from the drying box at 3 days as she was getting too dry too quick for my liking. Only ended up with 41.8 grams. Seems a bit on the small side but I’m happy with what I got.

First tester I smoked was alright in terms of flavor but I’m waiting on the cure to bring it out a bit more. The high however is a very couch locked kind of high. I’ll update with the final review after her cure.

Update 2: Unfortunately I messed up her drying and I think because I left her without water for 4 days before harvesting this also caused the plant to dry up a lot more than I expected.

Looks like it’s a fail this time from me but at least she still produced lovely looking buds and the high was drill there altho the taste wasn’t. I’ll definitely redeem myself in the future when I grow her again.

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