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9 Coolest Cannabis-Friendly Career Fields

Want a great job but don’t want to give up the herb? Whether a career is 420-friendly or not generally comes down to whether your employer will drug test you, and whether there’s any danger in showing up to work high. From the creative fields to tech jobs, here are nine cannabis-friendly career fields every Mary Jane enthusiast should consider.

1. Musician

Careers that involve nightlife and creativity let you smoke as much green as you want to. Being a musician combines both these attributes, making it a classic cannabis-lover career choice.

Wondering who else combined music and marijuana? The list is never-ending. Jazz (Louis Armstrong), country (Willie Nelson), rock (Jimmy Hendrix), hip-hop (Snoop Dogg) and pop (Rihanna) legends have all smoked a ton of weed, and risen to soaring heights in their careers, too.

Not only does the musician lifestyle—and lack of drug testing unless it’s court-ordered à la Britney Spears—permit ample marijuana use, but the creativity required to write songs can come easier when you’re high.

Plus, when you’re famous, you have a platform to advocate for legalization without putting your career in danger.

Job-hunting doesn't have to be a downer. Here are some cannabis-friendly career fields to broaden your search.

420 friendly jobs

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Sales Representative Full Time
    CannaBox Containers Remote $$30,000.00 + Commission
Jobs Available Full Time
    Continental Cannabis Dispensary California $40/h- $80/h / hour $$45,000 Annual – $$85,000 Annual
Lead Cultivator @ Family Farm Full Time
    Madrone Farms Southern Humboldt, CA
Now Hiring!! Cultivation/Post Harvest/Production & Packaging Depts. Full Time
    Trim Force North Las Vegas, NV $13.50 / hour
Master Grower Full Time
    American Green Cross Inc. North Hollywood, CA
GM Full Time
    Eugene Area Dispensaries Eugene Area
Social Media Manager/Content Creator Full Time
    The Odyssey Group Detroit, MI $45000 – $55000
Inside Sales Representative Full Time
    KYND Packaging Scottsdale, Arizona $Salary + Commission- $Negotiable / hour $Negotiable – $Negotiable
Budtender Full Time
    Botanico Denver $15- $15 / hour
Mobile Budtender (Cannabis Delivery Driver) Full Time
    Grassdoor Los Angeles $15-25 / hour

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Marketing Intern Internship
    Unleash Organics Remote position (company located in San Francisco and New York)
Cultivation Assistant Full Time
    Green Bonnet Pharms Cartwright, Oklahoma
Propagation Manager Full Time
    Green Bonnet Pharms Cartwright, Oklahoma
Sales Associate Full Time
    Tsaa Nesunkwa Ely
Sample Prep (Analytical Chemist) Full Time
    CCTL San Fernando Valley

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