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Advanced Genetics is an Open Research journal from Wiley, published online using the CC BY 4.0 open attribution license to encourage maximum credit and rapid creative reuse of all scholarly work. We are delighted to receive original research Articles, Resources, Analysis and Perspectives in the areas of human, animal, plant and microbial genetics, genomics and epigenomics, selecting those reports for peer review that we judge editorially to have the highest research utility, ethical standards and societal impact. Expert peer reviewers will rapidly aid the authors to meet current community standards for reproducible research via our process of transparent peer review and editorial decision making. Referee credit is currently awarded via Publons. Data citation and a data availability declaration are mandatory. Author and dataset and consortium roles can be described via the CRediT contributor taxonomy. We support a range of community standards and databases and the FAIRSharing community standards site for best practices and semantic precision. The journal endorses the FAIR data principles and we recommend database submission of datasets and workflows to replace most of the prior use cases for Supplementary Information.

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At Advanced Genetics Lab we provide prospective assessment testing to assist medical professionals in making more accurate, timely and cost-effective drug prescribing decisions.

Advanced Genetics Lab is a CLIA certified, HIPAA compliant, laboratory. We specialize in high-complexity molecular genetic testing, and pharmacist mediated medication management. Through key assays we report on an individual’s ability to metabolize drugs and every report is reviewed by a compounding pharmacist.

Drug Metabolism Testing

The leading cause for adverse drug events include a lack of drug-drug and gene-drug interaction assessments, over prescribing from multiple providers, and poor prescription compliance from patients.

Pharmacogenomics is the combination of pharmacology and genomics. It involves the study of genetic variations that influence an individual’s response to specific drugs. Understanding drug to drug and gene to drug interactions can help reduce adverse events from occurring.

Advanced Genetics Lab is a highly complex molecular lab which provides:

Specialized pharmacogenetics panels in

Patient Medication Therapy Management Support

Combined Pharmacists and Genetic Specialists Consultations

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