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Alaskan Thunderfuck (GeneSeeds) Feminized

Alaskan Thunderfuck by GeneSeeds is native to Matanuska Valley in Alaska. The lady is extremely high in resin and THC, and delivers a very powerful punch—the perfect combo of awesome narcotic relaxation and mental stimulation. You will want more and more of her, and before you know it, you will find yourself sprawled on the couch in supreme relaxation.

Alaskan Thunderfuck (GeneSeeds) Feminized
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GeneSeeds – Alaskan Thunderfuck: Top Resin Producer

GeneSeeds spent a lot of time and effort bringing their Alaskan Thunderfuck to life. The strain from Matanuska Valley in Alaska, which impresses with an extremely high concentration of resin and THC, came to them in 2006 as a regular seed. The team then began to reproduce the strain to select the best pheno for parents. They went through more than 100 specimens to find only the most productive and powerful; after years of carefully selecting the top males and females, they finally found the right ones worthy of this variety.

Alaskan Thunderfuck doesn’t hide her origins from one of the most rugged areas of the world. She even looks like a miniature spruce tree when she grows, more wide and bushy than lanky. What makes her a great choice for growing is that she does not exceed a height of 80cm. Short and compact, she fits even in tight spaces, which makes her a good choice to grow at home. You can grow her in soil, but for best results, you should grow her hydroponically. Get ready for some explosive growth! Grown this way, you can look forward to yields of up to 400g/m². You can also grow her outdoors, where you can expect to get as much as 400g/plant. Her flowering time is a short 60–65 days, with outdoor flowering taking a bit longer.

Where Alaskan Thunderfuck truly stands out is with her crazy-high resin production. The “mini tree” in your tent will soon be completely covered with layers of sparkling trichomes, giving the whole plant a frosty appearance reminiscent of her roots in the cold forests of Alaska—perfect for hash and concentrates!

Alaskan Thunderfuck is a potent strain, but she delivers a balanced high that is not too overwhelming. She gives you just the right effect, a perfect mix of deep relaxation and mental stimulation. Her happy and euphoric high is initiated with tastes of sweet citrus and hints of cocoa on the exhale.

Alaskan Thunderfuck by GeneSeeds combines excellent flavour, effect, and production, checking off all the boxes on every grower’s list.

Alaskan Thunderfuck by GeneSeeds is a frosty lady from Alaska that impresses with very high resin production and an awesomely balanced high.

Alaskan Thunder Fuck

Alaskan Thunder Fuck, also known as ATF, is a legendary sativa-dominant strain of cannabis. It’s extremely rare; so rare, in fact, that it’s almost impossible to get your hands on its genetics. Most people will never come across this marijuana in their lifetimes. Here’s a little information about it:

The History of Alaskan Thunder Fuck

ATF is believed to have originated in Alaska’s Matanuska Valley area. Legend has it that it was initially crossed with a Russian ruderalis and a Northern California sativa strain.

During the 1970s, there was a desire to create a strain that made users more cheerful. So, it was crossed once more with Afghani genetics. And Alaskan Thunder Fuck was born, straight from the cold climate of the Last Frontier.

It soon took on two more nicknames… Matanuska Tundra and Matanuska Thunder Fuck, both derived from Matanuska Valley, the strain’s native.

ATF: Aroma, Taste & Effects

ATF seeds produce large, frosted buds that deliver an intense euphoria. It creeps up on you just as quickly as the munchies it causes.

When smoked, the strain gives off the strong aromas of lemon, pine, skunk, and menthol. Treat your palette to the pungent taste of citrus oranges, with a hint of spicy bananas lingering in the air.

Although quite rare, this beauty became very popular thanks to its unique blend and powerful euphoria. Users say it hits you immediately, and it hits you hard. The instantaneous high creates feelings of relaxation and happiness. Some say the colors of the world looks brighter all the way around.

Adverse Reactions

Alaskan Thunder Fuck has very few side effects, which is why this rare cannabis is so sought after by savvy users. Some have reported experiencing mild bouts of paranoia and quick moments of nervousness, although quite rare.

This strain has very strong CBD levels. Because of this, there are rare occasions when users experience minor headaches and slight dizziness. ATF will cause dry eyes, which can be treated with OTC eye drops.

It will also cause a case of cotton mouth after smoking it. Treat that parchedness by simply drinking plenty of liquids.

ATF & CBD Medical Uses

Alaskan Thunder Fuck is a wonder-strain for medical marijuana patients with its staggeringly intense 0.8 CBD levels. This cure-all cannabis is known to fight conditions that cause pain, such as joint pains, muscle spasms, and chronic body pain.

ATF can also be used to ease the suffering caused by various mental conditions, such as anxiety, depression, and PTSD. This strong sativa-dominant force helps treat headaches and migraines and only requires minimal doses.

If you’re looking for a daytime strain, Matanuska Tundra is the one for you. It delivers a boost of energy that leaves medical marijuana patients feeling focused and energetic, making it suitable for treating lethargy and fatigue.

This strain really works magic while providing a cerebral high. You’ll experience euphoria, without feeling stuck, so you’re ready to tackle the tasks of the day.

It also induces a very healthy appetite, making it an excellent strain for treating eating disorders. Cancer patients may use this strain to treat nausea and induce appetites while completing chemotherapy or radiation treatments.

Tips for Growing Alaskan Thunder Fuck Marijuana

Because ATF is a native of Alaska, it’s known to survive cold weather when grown outdoors. However, your plants will still need plenty of exposure to the sun, as well as excellent plant food, to thrive in colder climates.

These cannabis plants are moderately difficult to grow both indoors and outdoors. But ideally, this strain prefers cool to moderate climates with temperatures between 65-80 degrees Fahrenheit.

When growing these plants in cold climates, you’ll need to provide the proper nutrients for them to grow large and yield big. Make sure you have nutrient-rich soils with high amounts of microorganisms and nitrogen for healthy outdoor plants.

Experts also suggest growing these cannabis plants in trenches versus using pots. Trenches help keep your plants’ roots warm when temperatures are cold. To quickly mature your buds, use silica to help them reach their full potential.

ATF Flowering Time & Yields

When planting Alaskan Thunderfuck seeds indoors, expect a flowering time of about 8-9 weeks. At harvest time, on average, these plants produce 16 ounces of usable cannabis per square meter.

Growing ATF outdoors creates much more massive yields. Your buds will be bold and beautiful, featuring pretty orange hairs and covered with bright crystals. Outdoor growers have been known to yield about 32 ounces of usable marijuana per plant. Harvest time will occur sometime around October.

Alaskan Thunder Fuck seeds are very hard to come by, as its legendary genetics are very rare. If you’ve ever grown ATF, you were lucky to get your hands on those seeds. Please share your experiences growing this strain in the comments below.

We will continue searching for ATF seeds so you can add this strain to your collection.

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Alaskan Thunder Fuck, also known as ATF, is a legendary sativa-dominant strain. Learn everything there's to know about ATF