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Auto Ultimate

Auto Ultimate is a cross between Auto Mazar and the original Ultimate. The feminized plant has high productivity and gives a high-quality crop of dense, resinous buds in 12-15 weeks. The buds and Cola are abundantly covered with snow-white trichomes. This is a stable strain, reaching 80-100 cm. It can grow both indoors and outdoors. It may need a lot of light.
Due to the high THC content, the effect is powerful, relaxing and lasts for a long time. The taste is the same as its predecessor, reminiscent of cedar. Auto Ultimate is highly recommended by breeders as a high-quality, high-yielding variety.

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This autoflower strain is very straight forward to grow.
You dont have to be an expert grower to get interesting terpene profiles out of this strain.
It smells like lemon mixed with some fruity undertones.

Auto Ultimate needs a big bucket so that she can grow big root structures.
– I had to harvest early cause she was root bound.. this one definitely had potential to grow bigger if my pot was larger.

Total dry yield 30 grams.

I’d recommend any grower to give this strain a try.
Happy growing :v:

Overall growing report: This plant was easy to grow!

It can survive on low and high amounts of nutrients.
It can take high temperatures without stressing out and this strain is great for beginners.

Overall smoking report: Its definitely a sativa high you get off this one with some taste of skunk/diesel.

even though its a sativa, it still gives you good relaxation and i’d say you still would able to sleep on this one for a good night-time smoke.

1 joint with 1 gram will knock you out if your tolerance is sort of low.

Now if i had to critique myself on this grow, i probably should have let it stay for another week or two,
So thats my advice to you, Always let it grow a little longer that you would expect and of course look at the trichomes if theyre ready.
Another thing, if i wanted higher yield from this one, i probably should have used some better nutrients. but thats a learning process for me.

Other than that, im happy with the outcome. :blush:
Dutch Passion got some great strains for both beginners and experts.

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