banana puddintain strain

Banana Puddintain (Strain Review)

This strain has been showing up all over Eugene as of late. The name alone made me curious. I purchased this at Moss Crossing, where it was classified as a hybrid.

What we know: There currently isn’t much out there regarding the effects of this strain. There are a few pages centered around growing and seeds.

First Dose: Small dose (.04g smoked in a one-hitter)
I felt very little at first, and then at the 5 minute mark I felt a de-focusing buzz creep across the front of my head & face. I was reading an article at the time and suddenly my ability to follow the words became difficult.

This was followed by a internal calm and quieting of thoughts. This feeling lasted about 60-90 minutes and didn’t have me feeling too tired at the end. During this time I performed simple tasks & chores and enjoyed a bit of sunshine in the backyard.

Second Dose: Regular (.1g vaporized in a Pax2)
At this dose I felt some more disorienting effects.

After about 10 minutes there was a strong pressure in the front of the face, along with a feeling of expansiveness that start in the head and radiate throughout the body. Head feels like a helium baloon and I can feel my pulse in my hands. There is a slight raciness that could prvoke anxiety in some.

At 45 minutes things slowed down a bit and I was able to complete tasks. Even 2 hours later I feel a slight glow in the front of my head & face. There was no lethargy on the come-down

Final Thoughts
This strain is calming and de-focusing. In smaller doses, it probably has medicinal value as an anti-anxiety/anti-psychotic, but not much from a recreational standpoint. In larger doses it packs a serious punch to the head and body, but could be disorienting to some. This state of mind is best suited for meditation/yoga/self-exploration.

This interesting hybrid will calm you down without making you tired, but higher doses get a bit loopy.

Banana Puddintain Strain Review

Banana Puddintain Strain Review

Banana Puddintain Strain Factoids: Grower-7 Points Oregon/ Dispensary-Oregon’s Finest

Indica THC 25.19% CBD 0.08%

Terpenes- Caryophyllene and Myrcene

Bud Buzz: This is a super clean and potent Indica strain of cannabis. Clean in that the grower, 7 Points Oregon, which is an indoor cultivator near Portland Oregon uses a green growing method they describe as Veganics which utilizes only plant based nutrients and compost teas as part of the grow process. They describe the products as clean smelling and tasting and they’re not wrong.

This delicious smelling bud is a bit like bananas but not as heavy and the buds are beautiful, dense and colorful with some brilliant shades of purple mixed in with the varying greens. This is a flexible Indica strain in that you can smoke just a little and experience a relaxing body high with a touch of head buzz but nothing too intense. Just happy and slightly euphoric. Smoke a little more banana puddintain strain and those feelings intensify, especially the body waves.

A great strain for managing mild to moderate pain of any kind and will definitely help with anxiety, stress and insomnia. The THC percentage is relatively high but the numbers don’t tell the whole story. If you really want an intense body high, this is the strain for you. After 4 good bong hits. You will be feeling no pain. So probably a good escapist cannabis strain in addition to its other benefits. Some dry mouth that gets worse as time passes so keep that in mind. No other negative side effects.

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Buzz Enhancers

Drinkables– Banana Puddintain strain does leave you with some dry mouth so make sure you keep some plain or carbonated water around for sipping. If you need something with flavor you can go with a LaCroix or a similar drink. Stay far away from alcohol unless your only plan is to get stupid drunk. You might even consider a bit of caffeine in your beverage selection like a cold brew if you want something cold or a hot tea.

Munchables– One of the many benefits of this cannabis strain is its ability to quell nausea so even if you are feeling a little sick to your stomach before you consume it, you won’t feel that way for long and soon enough, the munchies will come calling. How you answer is up to you but as they are not “must eat the entire contents of the fridge” type of munchies you can afford to be selective. Cheese and crackers are a perfect choice, add some grapes or olives into the mix and fill your sweet and savory cravings all at once.

Doables– Honestly you are not going to feel like doing too much with this particular strain. It’s a real Indica and that means your main goal will be to achieve the perfect state of chillness, which good news, can be easily accomplished. If you only consume a little you may be inspired to get creative and paint or draw but if you smoke a little more your couch or bed will be calling your name, loudly.

Banana Puddintain strain review for this marijuana flower. Read about the effects of this indica strain and what you can expect.