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Kief is a 10 minute prep time, it melts readily into fats and requires no straining of plant material. Jungle Boys Out of Los Angeles Taking the Legal Marijuana Business by Storm. Widowmaker is the perfect assassin: a patient, ruthlessly efficient killer who shows neither emotion nor remorse. On the other hand, Purple Kush may also be able to help heal depression, stress, anxiety and other mental conditions, but a larger than average dose can actually be potentially harmful to patients of these disorders.

Bred by Soma Seeds, Haze Heaven is a 60/40 indica-dominant hybrid whose classic genetics derive from Northern Lights #5, Haze, Afghani, and Hawaiian. Its heritage equips this strain with diverse qualities that appease the connoisseur as well as the commercial grower; large buds packed with resin show off Haze Heaven's indica dominance, but the buzzing energy expected from Haze hybrids is still present alongside mellow, relaxing effects. Hints of musk and spice can be detected on the inhale, balancing flavors from both indica and sativa sides of the family. This variety still takes about 10 to 11 weeks to finish flowering, but growers with enough skill to successfully cultivate Haze Heaven are typically rewarded with generous yields. The primary reason is that strains like White Rhino are bred to have extremely high levels of THC, which in turns causes a huge effect on the CB1 receptor in the endocannabinoid system in the body. Once a cannabis plant is about 3 weeks old, its sex is pretty much completely set and can be determined either by visual inspection or by chemical leaf test. Not a big letdown but mediocre as far as seed viability. So far the 3 are growing well and look healthy but are displaying characteristics of indica far more than sativa.

Im guessing this version of the strain is a hybrid but so far it looks to be indica dominant and since the original Maui Waui was a sativa, I was expecting a sativa dominant hybrid. Many winter weeds are in bloom this time of year and most people wait too late to begin effective control methods. Once a weed begins to flower , many herbicides are ineffective or require multiple applications to achieve results. Some herbicides cannot be used on warm season grasses while they are transitioning out of dormancy. Always read the entire label before applying any pesticides. Warmer days will kill out most of the weeds in bloom this time of year before herbicides have a chance to offer any control. Bagging your clippings can greatly reduce the number of weed seeds that will be left in the soil to germinate next fall. Nirvanas Master Kush is a cupwinning variety and won 2 awards! Whether you're a resident medical cannabis patient in Arizona or you're simply curious about strain trends across the country, you may be wondering which marijuana varieties are the most popular in the Grand Canyon State. At this time, only medical marijuana is legal in Arizona, but there are still certain strains that are particularly in-demand among cannabis users in the state. To give you an idea about what types of cannabis are the asked for across the Copper State, here we touch on six of the most popular marijuana strains in Arizona. Step 2: Distortion is great for adding grit and grime to bass sounds. We push Sly Fi Kaya’s Movement, Breakup and Abuse dials hard to give the bass some serious crunch. Next, we use a 60Hz high-pass filter to roll off the lowest sub frequencies while still leaving plenty of low weight, ready for our final move. Buildings Alyssa, Begonia & Fill a small jar with as many silica packs you can. Then, grind your bud with your hands and place it inside the jar with the silica packs. Ideally, you want this mixture of weed and silica to fill the whole jar. This will take longer than the other methods, but it won’t take more than a single afternoon. Check the moisture of the herb every hour or so until you feel satisfied. As an uplifting strain, Cali OG Kush is the ideal remedy for those days spent poring over office documents, fulfilling boring work tasks, and participating in meetings that suck the life out of you. Simply have a taste of this strain and you will spend the next hours happily, slowly recharging as your mind forgets about your bad mood and stress.

Was the first topshelf strain I ever smoked & lemme tell ya, I was blazed. Wasn't expecting it to last as long as it did, probably 4 hour high. And in hindsight I definitely think the THC content was more like 15%+ even tho I didn't have much of a tolerance. I just remember thinking it was SO much stronger than any of the decent mids I used to get. I always forget about this strain til it comes around out of nowhere. Really smelly but in a skunky berry sorta way this weed is like the green crack of indica, put me to sleep after about a half hour definitely recommend you roll up a joint of this weed if you get it. Another form of plant cloning called tissue culture propagation is done by taking pieces of specialized roots, breaking them up into root cells and growing the cells in a nutrient-rich culture. In culture, the specialized cells become unspecialized (dedifferentiated) into calluses. The calluses can then be stimulated with the appropriate plant hormones to grow into new plants that are identical to the original plant from which the root pieces were taken. This procedure has been widely used by horticulturists to grow prized orchids and other rare flowers.

It also happens to be the most difficult and requires a decent amount of experience to get it right. Once they’ve developed that fair, the harvest time will be indicated by the maturity and oxidization of the pistils and trichomes, which become that nice amber/honey color. Being born and raised in California, I have a big ol’ soft spot for OG Kush. So I had high hopes for this particular strain, as I love Indica’s especially, and I gotta say, it surpassed my wildest dreams!.


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