benefiits of breaking stigma of weed

Benefiits of breaking stigma of weed

CBD can have many health benefits, naturally improving our body’s own ability to heal itself.В But some people are still missing out because of its connection to cannabis. We’re here to bust the myths.

By Faith Richardson

Can you tell us a little bit about what Karma Coast offers?

We are a small dedicated team of passionate individuals who simply want to improve the lives of as many people as we can.В We are cannabinoid medicine specialists with expertise in health and wellbeing. We offer high-quality organic cannabis products alongside well-informed advice. Customers can have complimentary consultations, either at our Tynemouth clinic or worldwide over phone or video link. Full health checks are also available with our co-founder and director Magdalena who has over 20-years’ experience as a nutritionist.В

For anyone struggling to get past the stigma of “weed”, how does CBD differ?

The first thing to know is that CBD will not get you ‘high’. When we think of cannabis we generally think about marijuana or ‘weed’ as most people know it. Yet marijuana, or Cannabis Indica, is only one side of the species. Hemp or Cannabis Sativa L. is also part of the cannabis family and is actually more widely grown for many reasons worldwide than marijuana. Hemp, particularly hemp flowers, is where CBD or cannabidiol is most abundant.В

Think about cannabis as having two sides to the family – hemp and marijuana. On one side Marijuana creates much greater levels of THC (the bit that gets you high), and on the other side, hemp creates greater levels of CBD with almost no THC whatsoever (so no chance of getting high). It’s CBD that offers the most medicinal benefits without any of the intoxicating properties of THC.В

What can CBD be used to treat/help with and how does it work?

The main conditions people come to see us at Karma Coast with are pain, insomnia, anxiety and depression. Having said that, we see people for a plethora of different conditions ranging from PTSD to psoriasis, digestion to sports injuries.

In short, CBD works by naturally improving our body’s own ability to heal itself.В В В В В В

Given the right conditions, our bodies are extremely efficient at healing themselves, though unfortunately, much of the time due to diet, stress, lack of sleep etc we aren’t well enough equipped to heal efficiently. CBD gently helps bring back the balance to our bodies and minds so that we create better conditions to be able to get on with the task of keeping us in tip-top shape.

Our bodies produce very similar compounds to CBD known as endocannabinoids or endogenous cannabinoids. These are part of an extremely important bodily system discovered in 1996 known as the endocannabinoid system or ECS for short. The ECS has its hand in all of our bodily systems like our immune, nervous and cardiovascular system, for example. You could compare the ECS to a conductor in an orchestra, keeping every other instrument (system) in time and in tune. It is for this reason that optimising our ECS with CBD can help treat a vast array of conditions. It simply aids the body in doing whatever it’s trying to do, better!

CBD has been known to be particularly useful for people with anxiety – what products would you recommend to help reduce anxiety?

CBD can be very effective at combating anxiety. It’s true that any of our products which are used internally will help manage anxiety, but The Karma Pen is the most efficient and fast-acting by far. We call it the ‘ultimate rescue remedy’. The Karma Pen is a small inhaler vape pen the size of a biro that gets to work within 30 seconds. Not to be confused with the big walkie talkie like devices you see being sold in vape shops, the pen will deliver a swift concentrated dose of CBD in two to three puffs with a very mild vapour that is in no way comparable to the huge plumes of vapour we see coming from ‘vape rigs’ and the like.

The pen shouldn’t be likened to smoking in any way and can be used by anyone. The method of inhalation is purely used for its bioavailability – the amount in which your body can absorb. People of all ages are benefitting from the pen ranging from early teens (guardians permitting) to the elderly. It’s an impressive and unique piece of kit imported from the US, specifically designed for thick concentrated cannabis oil. It’s very popular because it’s portable, accessible and almost instantaneous in effect. There’s not even a button to press – simply take a draw and that’s it.

A lot of our clients use it alongside the oral drops or capsules as a top-up for those ‘wobbly moments’, or when having episodes of, pain, insomnia or to aid with whatever condition they may be using CBD for.

Is it possible to over-do it with CBD products and how do you avoid that?

Cannabis, in general, is scientifically proven to be over 1000 times safer than anything you will find in a pharmacy. On the therapeutic scale, when looking at a substance, 1 measurement is given for an effective dose, then the score given is what you need to overdose. So, heroin or opiates score 3, alcohol scores 7, caffeine 100, and cannabis is over 1000. That is including THC. CBD is over 2000.

It is pretty much impossible to overdose on CBD. Having said that, it can be detrimental to the efficacy to go in all guns blazing with a high dose. It’s best to introduce your body slowly over time to ensure you find your own optimal dose or ‘sweet spot’ as we call it in the industry. Of course, all cases are different, as is everybody, and we like to work closely with clients to achieve the best results possible.В В

Product Recommendations

Think CBD might be for you but not sure where to start? Karma Coast has given us their top picks of products to help you try it out for yourself.


Tinctures are long-lasting and are designed to be taken daily for all-day coverage. For customers wishing to take up to 20mg of CBD oil a day, this 10ml bottle will provide you with at least a 30 day supply. Karma Coast’sВ CBD oils are fully legal food supplements designed to be taken sublingually. Simply drop the required dose under your tongue and hold there for at least 60 seconds before swallowing.В

CBD Balm

Soothe away aches and pains, help heal wounds, relieve headaches and rescue skin allergies with Karma Coast topical CBD balm. With 1000mg of organic full-spectrum CBD rich extract in each 30ml pot, this unique blend of essential oils, beeswax and coconut oil provide relief for targeted areas. Karma Coast has created the strongest CBD balm in the UK. This skin balm can reach through the epidermis deep into the muscles and joints to help ease pain and inflammation.

Karma Pen

Think of the Karma Pen as the “ultimate rescue remedy” for the body and mind, its effects are almost instantaneous. Whether you need a quick top-up between tincture doses or capsules, or you simply require some rapid relief, this clever little device will deliver the goods immediately. It’s simple to use too, just take two or three short one second draws from the mouthpiece. The pen creates a mild, smooth vapour that’s barely noticeable, but at 52% CBD more concentrated than any other product out there. It’s a unique piece of technology imported from the USA which gently evaporates our organic CBD extract for you to enjoy.

CBD can have many health benefits, improving our body's own ability to heal itself.В But some people are missing out because of its connection to cannabis.

Break The Stigma, Cannabis Users Should Not Be Afraid

For a long time, those who use marijuana have been criticized as negative or distasteful. Even after recent legalization of marijuana under Prop 64 — and the legalization of medical marijuana (Prop 215) — people have a negative stereotype about those who smoke weed. In society, people usually have negative reactions towards those who use cannabis, mostly because it was what they were taught. Often, cannabis users have to keep it hidden because of all the negative assimilation attached. Detaching the stigma, will reinforce more conversations about the benefits of marijuana, rather than referring to cannabis users as unproductive or unsuccessful in society.

Why after the increasing popularity of cannabis, people are still quick to judge people who smoke weed? Most people who discriminate against or stereotype those who cannabis have not done sufficient research on the plant. Instead, many people assume that all cannabis users are just lazy “potheads”. Many people believe that those who smoke weed are childish, immature and my favorite, lazy. Those who use cannabis are stigmatized by society and are looked down upon as “hippies”, “stoners”, and “potheads”. As a result, many of those who use cannabis are afraid to tell there friends and families because of the stereotypes they are associated with. In similarity with sex work, people stereotype sex workers as “prostitutes”, “sluts” and “whores, when in reality, sex workers are just trying to make a living and most don’t even have sex with there clients.

In Maria Ma’s article, The Stigma of Sex Work, she mentions that “ in most aspects of our society, we are brought up to believe that sex workers are bad people, often accused to be spreading diseases and high on drugs”. This same issue relates to those who smoke marijuana because people assume all weed smokers are bad people who do nothing but sit on their butts all day and do drugs. When in reality, most people who use cannabis are regular everyday people who go to work and school. Some people believe that weed is a gateway drug that will lead to the use of hardcore drugs, such as heroin and cocaine. However there are people who are/were addicted to drugs, using marijuana to cope with there addictions. According to several studies, marijuana is not addictive and could be much safer than other illegal drugs and substances including alcohol. Numerous of research has been conducted proving that marijuana will not hurt nor provide harmful side effects to responsible users.

The millions of Americans who use cannabis are not criminals or bad people. Regardless of marijuana used as recreational, or medical, people have to stop insisting that people who use cannabis are hopeless victims who makes poor choices. In her article, Maria Ma references Thierry Schaffauser’s article, Whorephobia Affects All Women which relates sex workers to be “a public nuisance, spreaders of disease, offenders against decency or unskilled victims who don’t know what is good for them and who need to be rescued.” So, people view sex workers as disgusting or distasteful in society and that they are a disgraced by the public. In the same sense, society frowns upon those who smoke weed, and categorize cannabis users as indecent. Sex workers and cannabis users are wrongfully stereotyped, and this is not fair. Society has disrespected those who do not fit into society standards, hurting many people.

Cannabis users are able to be productive and successful in the workplace. And in many cases, employers are not willing to hire — or are quick to fire — employees because they assume someone who uses smokes weed are not productive, nor responsible. In Melissa Grants article, Let’s Call Sex Work What It Is:Work, in support of sex workers, Grant analyzes how our society needs to treat sex work like any other career. Many people view sex work as degrading and unfit for a “real” profession. As a result, sex workers are forced to go more underground, which can cause more problems. Similarly, marijuana users should not have to hide or be afraid to tell there family members, just because someone might tell them they are unfit. Many people may even risk losing there jobs if there boss found out — this includes legal medical marijuana patients. People in the workplace look down on marijuana and assume that they are unproductive. Just like Grants’ argue, people cringe at the idea that sex work could be ‘a job like any other’, coincides with cannabis users, partly because people do not want or do research. The stigma attached with sex workers and cannabis users needs to come to an end, so that they do not have to risk losing their jobs or dreams of becoming successful over a personal choice.

Smoking weed should be a open conversation, so that the knowledge is transferred. The next time you meet someone who uses cannabis or is a sex worker, do not be quick to negatively judge them. Some use marijuana recreationally and responsibly, while others use it to treat health conditions like anxiety or cancer. Cannabis users, just like sex workers, deserve to be treated with respect, regardless of lifestyle choice. Without the knowledge of marijuana or sex work, people will continue to have negative stereotypes. If we talk about it, we normalize it.

For a long time, those who use marijuana have been criticized as negative or distasteful. Even after recent legalization of marijuana under Prop 64 — and the legalization of medical marijuana (Prop…