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I've had request to separate the seeds by pheno to allow for individual grower bias. The Sativa pheno (S) tends to flower a little longer , yield a bit more and offer a clearer more trippy high. The indica pheno (I) are easier to grow, and offer a denser more narcotic high.

Purple pheno (P) Black Widow Purple is something done on the side, when making the other Black Widow f2's. These were done for myself and where not going to be publicly released but after a few request decided to offer a limited amount (hard to do for a Bean Hoarder). The purple pheno is simply a somewhat rarer pheno that pops up in about 1 in 8 females. In shows up in the indica, sativa and classic types and is otherwise identical regarding potency and resin but exhibits purpling colouration and a bit more flavor. Get full instructions for making cannabis butter here . Genomes are only identical in the case of clones, but genotypes may be similar in seeds harvested from the same mother plant.

The way an organism physically expresses itself via its genetic makeup is its phenotype. Clones of the same genotype, grown under different conditions, develop unique phenotypes. The environmental conditions of a grow room may lead to phenotypic traits that were otherwise untapped, creating a product unique to that grower. The best site for planting sage should be a well-drained and rich clay loam made of organic compost or an aged chicken manure. Ideally, sage needs to be exposed in a full sunlight, but it can also survive in hotter or light shaded areas. If this herb is grown in an indoor area with less sunlight exposure, using fluorescent lights can help. Standard fluorescent lamps can be placed in two to four inches above the plants, but for company, high output or high intensity fluorescents, it should be placed two to four feet above it. In the old days, those who purchased their seeds from the black market would attempt to create hybrid strains to find attributes suited to clandestine growth, and designed for a fast turnover. As discretion was paramount, indoor growing was essential which meant the ensuing plants would be short and stocky but provide above-average yields. Occasionally, they would use auto-flowering strains . In the end, they were able to benefit from a fast flowering period and a lightning-quick turnover. A 100% vegan plant food made from the excrement and exoskeletons of insects. It can act as "passive intractor" when temperatures are moderate, when we don't need an intractor fan. “She wasn't mad, she was calming and explained everything that was happening to me in full,” Allport said. “She told me that she would send an ambulance if I wanted her to, but that she didn't think this qualified as an emergency. I ultimately decided not to have her send the ambulance. It also occurred to me that on top of making a huge scene, it wouldn't be a good 'look' to summon a bunch of police officers to a party full of underage drinking.” Helps relieve: Fatigue, stress, pain, insomnia and depression. If you want to know a few tips and tricks to grow Gorilla Glue, or any other autoflowers for that matter, watch this video: Ayahuasca Purple: This purple plant was born from a cross between Red River Delta, a ’98 California selection and Master Kush, one of the biggest resin producers on the market. This indica hybrid rewards growers with extremely compact buds with a truly stoned effect , so it’s perfect to consume before going to bed. It has a fresh papaya and tropical fruit taste with an earthy undertaste that any consumer will enjoy. When it comes to cannabis concentrates, you usually have to choose between quality or affordability. But with Alpine Vapor, you have both–along with many choices. Sour Face from Archive Seed Bank is available only as regular seeds. We found 1 offer for EUR 130.00 for 12 regular seeds. If you are looking to buy Sour Face Cannabis Seeds from Archive Seed Bank somewhere - have a look to our Sour Face Price Comparison page with all current offers from all the connected seedbanks and shops - or visit one of the following tested, trustworthy and recommended seed-shops directly to check out their current Sour Face offers: Cannapot Hanfshop. # of Amazon Reviews: 36+ Plain and simple,you have to like two things. really top of the list sativa's and really enjoyable top shelf herb than Fruit Punch is the one for you !!

If it's available and your looking for those traits. When it comes to cannabis and marijuana, there is no right or wrong – it’s all a question of what works for you. Let us know your thoughts and which strains have worked best for you in the past in the comments below or on our Facebook page. Ingredients: PINEAPPLE, PINEAPPLE JUICE, AND CLARIFIED PINEAPPLE JUICE FROM CONCENTRATE (WATER, CLARIFIED PINEAPPLE JUICE CONCENTRATE). As you can no doubt tell from the effects, Afgoo is a popular medical marijuana option. It is seen as the ideal weed if you are suffering from chronic stress because of its remarkable ability to ensure you are relaxed.

It is also a potential option for people with fatigue or insomnia because you will find it almost impossible to fight sleep if you use a high dose of Afgoo. It’s dangerous to store your bottled fuels indoors (some people are able to use their municipal natural gas, and don’t need to store fuel, which makes this point moot for them). With this cannabis strain you'll have a truly unique Hawaiian experience delivering all the color and flavor people have come to associate with island life.


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