best outdoor strains for new england

The strains for outdoors in the northeastern seaboard

If you want to grow weed but live somewhere with a climate that is not exactly the Mediterranean, do you have any options? After all, weed grows like a – well like a weed – when there are long, sunny days and just the right amount of rain, like northern California or the uplands of northern India and Pakistan. The short answer is ‘yes’ you can successfully grow weed outside in the NE of the USA in places such as New England and Massachusetts – where growing weed for medicinal purposes is legal incidentally so long as it is out of public view. However, to do so you must select the right varieties that will cope in cooler, wetter climates. Here are five strains that will do well in the northeast:

The 5 best outdoor strains for the northeast

  1. Durban Poison
  2. Northern Lights autoflower
  3. Blue Dream
  4. Blue Cheese autoflower
  5. Gorilla Glue autoflower

Durban Poison

Durban Poison is a robust strain of cannabis that can withstand a range of climates making it ideal for growing in the northeast. We class it as easy or moderate to grow for novice cultivators and the good news is that growing outside produces the highest yields. In fact, it loves to be outside, and all being well, you should not be surprised to see plants towering above you higher than seven feet! So although perhaps not the best choice for a stealth grow, you can look forward to a rapid harvest in a little as nine weeks.

Tip: this might sound a little bit gross, but Durban Poison loves a little bit of human urine during the vegetative phase. Swedish research has recently revealed that urine improves the circulation of nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus. However, don’t wee directly onto the plants. Instead, get a bucket, collect the urine and add water so the mixture has a ratio of roughly 1:10. Good for the environment and your plants!

Northern Lights autoflower

The Northern Lights Autoflowering is a very homogeneous, fast, productive cannabis plant that is very easy to grow. It looks good indoors and outdoors, it is one of the varieties that best withstand errors or carelessness during cultivation.

Northern Lights grows with great vigour and develops strong, fairly branched stems and many knots in little space, a detail that anticipates its high production. Its leaves are large leaflets, very jagged and of a promising dark tone.

If you are planting Northern Lights Autoflowering outdoors, the best season for your crop is in spring and summer. In this case to get the maximum production give more than 50 litres of a substrate and all the sun you can so to grow in the northeast of the USA it is important to get the timing right to make the most of the summer. For an autoflower, Northern Lights Autoflowering can stretch to impressive heights of 120cm and she can do it very fast in only 9 weeks from seed to harvest.

Blue Dream

Blue Dream becomes a busy and tall cannabis plant. It grows quickly and can reach 2 to 3 metres. The yield for indoor cultivation is high; and even more when grown outdoors. Compared to other varieties, the yield of Blue Dream is extremely acceptable. Flowering lasts about 9 weeks and if you are growing outdoors, the ideal time to harvest is in mid-October. An additional advantage of Blue Dream is that the plant is incredibly resistant to fungi and bad weather conditions.

The Blue Dream strain is a legendary cannabis strain in the United States. The variety comes from California where the plant has become an incredibly popular strain. The plant has lived up to its name for years thanks to the pleasant effects. Blue Dream is considered one of the best sellers on the American West Coast. However, it is such a strong, vigorous grower that it is also a cannabis strain that grows well in New England and other northeastern regions of the USA.

Blue Cheese autoflower

Blue Cheese is a beautiful and attractive variety of cannabis that develops stable and homogeneous plants thanks to the Skunk influence of its Cheese genetics. In its growth, we find very branched plants that can easily reach 3 m outdoors, which implies abundant harvests of bulky and compact buds. A large percentage of phenotypes of this cannabis variety show a bright purple colour at the end of flowering after spending the night under cold temperatures (10 ° C lower than during the day) – something which is easily possible in New England and the northeast of the USA.

The Blue Cheese strain is a lavish producer, able to offer yields of 800 g per plant outdoors, where the expected harvest arrives mid-October. You’ll drool when you see the quantities of compact and bulky buds, with a rich and aromatic resin.

The strain features an ideal aromatic and gustatory balance: the fruity intensity of the sweet blueberries and the typical cheese flavour at the highest level. A surprising and tasty combination which is evidently reflected in the buds which give off a delicious and penetrating fruity aroma.

Due to her fairly high THC level the effect is powerful and long-lasting, very relaxing in the body. If you need to relax and forget the world for a long time, Blue Cheese is a perfect choice.

Blue Cheese is a marijuana plant that responds very well to all the attention that is dedicated to it, with basic irrigation and nourishment care, it grows properly and grows with great strength and vigour. One major advantage is its ability to deal with humidity and parasite problems.

Gorilla Glue autoflower

Autoflowers are ideal for growing outside in the northern hemisphere as they allow you to take advantage of the comparatively short summers. Gorilla Glue Auto is one of the best autoflowers around and it’s not hard to see why.

Did you know that the increasingly popular Gorilla Glue was actually discovered by accident? These Indica-dominant hybrid cannabis seeds are a cross between Sour Dubb and a Chem Sister on the mother’s side and a Chocolate Diesel on the father’s side. The name suggests that you will be “glued” to the sofa. However, this potent strain has many strong properties characteristic of Sativas. So if you want to buy potent cannabis seeds and grow them outside in the northeast, Gorilla Glue might be for you.

Gorilla Glue is aptly named. These seeds will turn into large, wide plants up to two metres tall. Growing this species is relatively easy and if you take good care of your Gorilla Glue, ensuring that it has plenty of nutrients, it will reward you with an above-average yield.

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The top 5 indica strains to grow in northern climates in 2020

Looking for reliable strains that can handle the colder and shorter growing season of northern environments? Look no further; we’ve got you covered with these five fast and furious indicas.

Growing in the northern hemisphere can be challenging, especially in some areas of Europe where conditions can be cold, wet, and even frosty.

Luckily, thanks to expert breeding, there are a variety of cannabis varieties, that’ll still produce excellent results even in the most unforgiving northern climates. In this post we share a handpicked list of our top indica strains to grow in the northern hemisphere.


Before we begin looking at individual strains, it’s important, that we understand the northern climate and what grow conditions we’re dealing with.

“Northern climate” is a term that loosely refers to any climate of the northern hemisphere. These conditions are very generalised by cold winters and relatively cool summers, but obviously vary between different parts of the northern hemisphere.

Regular cannabis depends on its photoperiod for flowering, and is also seasonal. That means, that northern growers will usually germinate seeds between April and May and collect their harvests between October and November.

One of the biggest concerns for growing in the north are cold weather and frost, both of which can have detrimental effects on the development of cannabis plants. While indicas are generally thought to be a bit better prepared for these conditions due to their origins (mountainous regions of India and Nepal), they still suffer in cold or frosty conditions.

It is important to realize, that we have painted a very general picture of northern climates here, and that conditions obviously vary between different geographical locations. Hence, it is really important you understand your local climate and how to prepare for it before beginning your grow op.


Below is a special list of our top 5 recommended indica strains for northern growers. Read on for more information about each individual strain and remember; for the highest quality cannabis seeds delivered direct to your door, order at RQS today.


Whoever said quality cannabis couldn’t be grown in northern regions never met Sweet ZZ. This stoning indica prefers a warm climate, but barely even detects when things get a little cold. Sweet ZZ earned recognition in the cannabis world primarily for her fruity and zesty flavour, inherited from scrumptious parent strains Grape Ape and Grapefruit. As well as producing irresistible terpenes, her bulbous flowers churn out a THC content of 22%—nothing to be scoffed at! A few tokes sends a heavy wave of euphoria over every inch of the body.

Sweet ZZ performs well outdoors, even in the chilly air at the end of the northern growing season. She’ll stand strong at a height of 160–200cm and produce up to 550g/plant at the end of September. Indoors, she produces an equally impressive 600g/m² after an ultra-brief 7–9 weeks of flowering.

These indica strains are super robust and fast to flower, making them perfectly suitable to grow in northern regions. Find out more about our top five!