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Upload your info about this strain here: Leading the charge in veganic cultivation is the legendary Kyle Kushman. Kushman is a five-time High Times Cannabis Cup winner, and the founder of Kushman Veganics. The origins of veganic gardening, however, go back to the forties.

While it is not a new idea, Kushman is the first to pioneer this avenue of horticulture in the new millennium. Next, I faced the issue of providing my plants their light. And of course, consumers also frequently report dry mouth and dry eyes as a common side effect when trying out OG Kush weed, but don’t sweat this minor inconvenience as it’s easily avoidable by drinking hydrating liquids – and using moisturizing eye drops – as necessary. With high THC levels and heavy yields, Master Kush has a huge army of repeat growers. Her reputation has been earned over many years through thousands of highly satisfied growers. In 2017, Masterkush was awarded overall Highlife Cup Winner for best overall cannabis strain. That is a real accolade against some top-quality competition from some serious seed companies.

Rest assured, indica strains don't come much better or stronger than Master Kush. Upload your "Star Killer" Photos here and help other growers to get a better impression of this variety. Sea of Green is a related technique to 12-12 From Seed. The idea with Sea of Green is to grow many small plants instead of a few big plants. This allows a grower to make a sea of buds without having to do any plant training and can result in big yields that take less time. The main idea is to let seedlings grow for only 4-5 weeks before immediately switching them to the flowering stage. Since each plant doesn’t have to get very big, the time needed before flowering is reduced by several weeks. Many growers will also “top” their seedlings by removing the tips of seedlings when they have about 4-6 pairs of leaves. The High Hemp Company manufactures blunt wraps that are hemp-based. They get their hemp from Holland and its surrounding region. That’s on top of paying for organic fake user reviews, and advertising. The best detox drinks have great word-of-mouth marketing and are only available from specialist online retailers. - Kit can be ordered with the Z axis configured for the Quill or the Knee. A joint is a cannabis cigarette often hand-rolled by an individual. Some dispensaries offer prerolls , or joints rolled in-shop, for consumers to purchase, saving a few steps. A cannabis joint that includes both cannabis and tobacco is called a spliff, while a blunt is a joint rolled with heavy, dark, tobacco papers. Growing characteristics Indicas are less adept to humid conditions, and can easily fall victim to mould, unless monitored. They are usually the preferred option for recreational growers as they have a shorter flowering period. This means that in controlled environments (indoor grow room) it is possible to harvest multiple times per year. Today, selective breeding and genetic augmentation allows cannabis growers to produce purple plants without subjecting the plants to cold weather. You can grow purple cannabis strains in a controlled environment without stressing the plants out. Weed clones that develop an exposed, excessive root structure require additional water & nutrients. These are the actual products we used for our first grow, and still use for each our grows today. These are the highest quality products available for the best possible price.

We use them, we love them, we stand by them, and we know they will work for you. Don’t let the lack of ambition from others discourage you though. If done correctly, growing cannabis at home can be fun, simple and cost-effective! We believe everyone should have access to their own clean cannabis. That’s why we decided to bring you a comprehensive guide to growing marijuana, created specifically with beginner growers in mind. Tahoe OG Kush flourishes in a proper hydroponics set up and is known for producing sticky, resinous buds.

A lot has been written about hydroponics systems, but you shouldn’t fall into the trap of believing it is too advanced.


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