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Big Head Seeds is a cannabis seed bank with more than 20 years of experience in cultivating and selecting the best varieties, and helping growers to get a premium harvest.

This UK-based seed bank works with highly experienced growers for a first-class result.

In their seed catalogue, we will find modern cannabis cultivars, worked to offer great yields, potency and outstanding aromas, as well as Old School varieties made from high quality selections.

Quality, power, flavour and production are the outstanding features of Big Head Seeds.

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Do-Si-Dos – Big Head Seeds

Do-Si-Dos by Big Head Seeds is a high quality Sativa–Indica cannabis cross between the legendary cannabis variety Girl Scout Cookies and the powerful Face Off OG originally from California. Dos-si-Dos development adapts well to different culti [. ]

  • 5 seeds 45.00€

Skywalka Cookies – Big Head Seeds

Skywalka Cookies by Big Head Seeds is an epic plant, an Indica dominant hybrid between Skaywalka Ghost Kush and the legendary Girl Scout Cookies strain, obtaining as a result a highly recommended strain which offers a powerful psychedelic effect with [. ]

  • 5 seeds 45.00€

Purple Punch Fem – Big Head Seeds

Purple Punch by Big Head Seeds is a cannabis plant that has earned a great reputation in the international cannabis market. This variety is a cross between two genetics of great power and flavour, Larry Og and Grand Daddy Purple, producing a cultivar [. ]

  • 5 seeds 45.00€

Trippy Gorilla – Big Head Seeds

Trippy Gorilla from Big Head Seeds is one of the most powerful feminized cannabis varieties in this seed bank’s catalogue. This exciting new variety comes from a cross between the famous Gorilla Glue 4 (GG4/Original Glue) crossed with BigHead #1, ob [. ]

  • 5 Seeds 45.00€

Sherbert Dab – Big Head Seeds

Sherbert Dab from Big Head Seeds is a feminized cannabis variety created from a cross of Cookies x Indica that results in potent and flavourful plants that will delight lovers of the Cookies family strains. It is a compact plant whose green leaves w [. ]

  • 5 Seeds 45.00€

Auto Gelato – Big Head Seeds

Auto Gelato by Big Head Seeds is a feminised automatic plant, a cross between Gelato cannabis strain and Auto Girl Scout Cookies resulting in a powerful with a great flavour variety. This hybrid created from American genetic lines is an excelle [. ]

  • 5 seeds 45.00€

Grand Daddy Banner – Big Head Seeds

Grand Daddy Banner by Big Head Seeds is a feminised Indica dominant cross between Grand Daddy Purple and Bruce Banner cannabis genetics, resulting in a variety that has inherited the best of their ancestors. This plant develops at a good pace requir [. ]

  • 5 Seeds 45.00€

Alien Gorilla – Big Head Seeds

Alien Gorilla by Big Head Seeds is a variety created from very special genetic lines, Alien technology, a high-quality Afghan landrace, and the well-known Gorilla Glue #4. This high quality cannabis hybrid has a vigorous development, adapting well t [. ]

  • 5 Seeds 45.00€

Julies Cookies – Big Head Seeds

Julie Cookies is Big Head Seeds version of the world famous Cookies variety, available here in the form of feminised seeds based on the original clone, which has won many cannabis cups. It is an indica/sativa cross that is easy to grow, stable and r [. ]

  • 5 Seeds 45.00€

Dogstar Dawg – Big Head Seeds

Dogstar Dawg from Big Head Seeds is a feminized cannabis strain based on the sativa-dominant Chemdawg family and offering a powerful energetic effect and unmistakable flavour profile. The growth pattern of Dogstar Dawg is vigorous, compact and well [. ]

  • 5 Seeds 45.00€

Crystal Gelato – Big Head Seeds

Big Head Seeds present Crystal Gelato, a feminised cannabis variety based on Gelato, a clone-only cultivar originating with San Francisco’s Cookies Fam, a Sativa/Indica hybrid that has gained nationwide fame in the US and is now conquering Europe wit [. ]

  • 5 Seeds (Product sold out) 45.00€

Gnasha – Big Head Seeds

Gnasha by Big Head Seeds is a feminised Indica dominant cross between three powerful strains, Critical x Kush x Special Indica. The result is a plant with a powerful psychedelic effect, highly productive and with a citric aroma. This plant has a goo [. ]

  • 5 seeds 45.00€

Bruce Banner #3 aka Bruce Banger – Big Head Seeds

Big Head Seeds presents their highly potent cannabis variety Bruce Banner, now available online in the form of feminised seeds at Bruce Banner is a Sativa-dominant strain based on Kush and Diesel. In vegetative growth it is vigorous, [. ]

  • 5 seeds 45.00€

Wedding Cake – Big Head Seeds

Here at Alchimia we’re happy to welcome a new addition to our feminised seed collection: Wedding Cake from Big Head Seeds, an Indica-leaning variety descended from the Cookies family of genetics. Wedding Cake plants produce lush, dark green leaves w [. ]

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Big Head Seeds

Big Head Seeds is a company with a very simple philosophy: to collect, preserve and propagate the most reliable cash-crop genetics a commercial grower or amateur gardener could wish for. With high THC levels, superb flavors and huge bag appeal, their feminized varieties are the most sought-after cannabis strains ever created by American and European breeders.

    Big Head Seeds Feminized Autoflowering 100 cm 400 – 600 g/m² indoors
    Big Head Seeds Feminized Photoperiod 600 – 750 g/plant outdoors
    Big Head Seeds Feminized Photoperiod
    Big Head Seeds Feminized Photoperiod
    Big Head Seeds Feminized Photoperiod
    Big Head Seeds Feminized Photoperiod
    Big Head Seeds Feminized Photoperiod 500 – 700 g/plant outdoors
    Big Head Seeds Feminized Autoflowering 400 – 600 g/m² indoors
    Big Head Seeds Feminized Photoperiod 500 – 700 g/plant outdoors
    Big Head Seeds Feminized Photoperiod
    Big Head Seeds Feminized Photoperiod 550 – 660 g/plant outdoors
    Big Head Seeds Feminized Photoperiod
    Big Head Seeds Feminized Photoperiod
    Big Head Seeds Feminized Photoperiod
    Big Head Seeds Feminized Photoperiod

Big Head Seeds Bank: From Humble Origins To International Success

Spanning almost two decades, the history of Big Head Seeds began in 2002 when the future founders of the company first met at a cannabis event. They compare this encounter to the beginning of a bad joke – the one about an Englishman, a Dutchman and an American – but the success they’ve achieved is no laughing matter. Today, this UK-based producer sells seeds worldwide, including through an extensive collection at Herbies.

The Most Potent Weed From America And Europe

Big Head Seeds is so popular because they know what every grower wants: marijuana plants must be efficient, fast and reliable producers of large quantities of THC, CBD and other cannabinoids, as well as aromatic substances. And that’s exactly what their strains consistently deliver. To achieve this goal, Mr. Big Head and his friends have gathered only the most insane genetics from both sides of the pond.

Big Head Seeds’ Catalog Is Constantly Growing

Today, the company offers an impressive collection that’s dominated by household names like Chemdawg, Granddaddy Purple, Sour Diesel and many others. The founders are first to acknowledge that this classic lineup is really a tribute to all the ‘unsung heroes’ of the underground cannabis scene, who have been preserving and enriching the gene pool of this endangered plant for decades. However, at Big Head Seeds, they constantly make innovative crosses. So check out such mouthwatering titles as Sherbert Dab or Crystal Gelato to understand the exciting new directions the industry is headed.

Feminized Cash Machines And A Few Choice Autos

Big Head Seeds has long established themselves as a reliable source of top genetics for commercial growers, along with amateur cultivators who look for a sure thing in terms of potency, flavors and bag appeal. Understandably, most of their strains are feminized photoperiod-dependent varieties. However, if the breeders are confident that they can create an autoflower that will be outstanding in every respect, they go ahead and make it. So far, they’ve offered half a dozen of these, each of them a must-try.

Trippy Gorilla Auto: As Good As Her Photoperiod Parent

As an example of an innovative Ruderalis-infused champion, we present to you Trippy Gorilla Auto, which produces the same 25-28% of THC as the original, but does so in as little as 56 days from start to finish. Despite a lot of Sativa genes, this plant doesn’t grow tall, but still delivers with the best of them – up to 600g/m 2 (2 oz/ft 2 ) indoors. The smoke that smells of pine and citrus will fill your whole being with waves of clearheaded euphoria. In other words, this specimen is a perfect example of just what the breeders at Big Head Seeds are capable of!

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Big Head Seeds is an international seed company that’s spent 20 years working with the most potent genetics the US and Europe have to offer. Buy these elite seeds today!