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An indoor production, whether starting with a single grow tent or a full scale commercial facility is the perfect opportunity to start your marijuana production empire. In this chapter we'll cover the 6 most important factors for successfully growing hydroponics. Read more >>> We are Operating as normal during these difficult times of Covid 19. There are lots of imitators out there today, but this propriety "Royal Indica" strain whose puffy buds are unusually dense, magnificent in their unreal color scheme, their unmistakable smell, awesome taste and unbelievable potency are what make it, straight up uniquely… the “Real Deal! One principle behind nearly every plant training technique is stress. Controlled stress on your plants can promote desired growing characteristics; for example, it can make plants grow in a certain shape or develop more bud sites. Stress on cannabis plants encourages their natural defences into action. They go into “turbo mode” with maximum terpene production, resulting in a more aromatic final product.

I had the following recommended to me and I was wondering whether anyone had any experience of them and what they thought? Because of this, there are rare occasions when users experience minor headaches and slight dizziness. ATF will cause dry eyes, which can be treated with OTC eye drops. Shipping is free if you reside in Europe or the US, and also free in New Zealand and Australia if you place an order over $ 150. Otherwise, you have to pay $ 25 as shipping charges. Cookie Fam remains protective of their proprietary genetics, and for good reason given the popularity of their hybrid creations. Parent strains of Gelato are a cross between the Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. It first blossomed under the care of Cookie Fam Genetics in the Bay Area of California. Sour Cyclone Sour Tsunami #3 x Pink Dream Auto Clinical x Sour Tsunami Probably Auto Eter Express x Sour Tsunami Big Crack Tsunami Green Crack x Sour Tsunami Dr. Paul Hornby Clinical Critical Mass Selection x Sour Tsunami Probably Eter Express Blueberry Selection x Sour Tsunami Probably Rehab AK47 Selection x Sour Tsunami Probably Therapy Queen White Widow Selection x Sour Tsunami Probably 13th Warrior XJ-13 x Sour Tsunami Blunami Blue OX x Sour Tsunami. Glass pipes have been around for years and come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. The constant and calculated feeding hydroponics provides the cannabis plant can amplify plant growth in a more controlled environment. Furthermore, it makes it easier to monitor any negative symptoms evolving in the plant. Door Lock: I found a little hook and made it work as in the picture. It grinds weed evenly and with precision, it's built like a tank, it has a mesh screen and strong magnetic seal, and it's under 20 bucks. It's a workhorse, built from materials that'll keep it working through many a grind. To make the best out of your lighting use reflective walls. White walls work best for reflecting light, whilst dark or black walls will absorb the light. You will do very well to find a marijuana strain that smells better than Blue OG! Imagine the fresh scent of a field of pine trees, coupled with citrus and blueberry notes, and you get the idea. The curved neck is designed for a more comfortable hit while also acting as a natural splashguard to prevent water from entering your mouth. It's also prepared to withstand some serious abuse, featuring thick tubing around the joint and neck.

On a 4 inch gem-cut base, this 3 tier bong is thick enough to anchor to your table, yet beautifully designed to catch the attention of everyone at the next session. Flowering Time: 8-9 weeks Yield: Heavy Difficulty: Intermediate. If you're not the type to grind up your stems with your bud, you've either got a garbage bag full of them or an impressive collection. If you're in the former group, we've got some information that might make you reconsider. If you're in the latter, though, today just might be your lucky day.

The blunt should only have one cut down the middle, and you should do everything you can to make sure it is as straight as possible. Dubble Bubble aka Bubblegum x Burmese Anyone who’s grown both of these plants has had to wonder about the potential of this genetic cross. The flavour is a sensory delight that’s a cross of her parents but distinct and unique. Bubblegum adds a little more weight by piling multiplies of thick calyxes adorned with long pistils into her buds while Burmese’s distinct branching patterns remain visible.


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