best hydroponic strains

Good Hydroponic Strains for Newbies


As a newbie setting up for my first grow, I expect to make some really dumb mistakes. My question is what strains are most tolerant of PH or temperature or light timing in a hydroponic operation?

I have ready access to both OG and Blue Dream. How tolerant is something like Chemdog ?


As a newbie setting up for my first grow, I expect to make some really dumb mistakes. My question is what strains are most tolerant of PH or temperature or light timing in a hydroponic operation?

I have ready access to both OG and Blue Dream. How tolerant is something like Chemdog ?

First of all, I want to tell you something: you’re making things a little too hard right out of the gate.

To me, it sounds like you are focusing too much on details that shouldn’t be your main goal right now. You need to focus instead on basic growing skills – watering, nute feeding, and environmental control. When you focus on these skills, it really doesn’t matter what strains you grow – you’ll get good results.

If you’re already worried about the pH, I would say that you need to read these boards more for information about how to nute your plants in the grow setup you’re going to use. Ideally, you don’t want to have variations whenever possible, so preparing for them now (while it sounds like a good idea) sounds like you’re planning to mess things up.

Instead, focus on getting high quality nutes which can stabilize pH and keep it within safe levels. Of course, this means you need to watch what you’re doing along the way, but you will also want to start off with the best of the best.

Personally, I haven’t had a lot of pH troubles when I’ve used Advanced Nutrients. Some of the other nute companies, well, let’s just say I wasn’t too thrilled. But I’m not here to bash anyone, just to give my own two cents.

Learn basic growing techniques and realize that your first grow is probably going to suck. And that’s okay. You’ll learn and the ones after that will just get better and better.

As a newbie setting up for my first grow, I expect to make some really dumb mistakes. My question is what strains are most tolerant of PH or temperature or… ]]>


jesus og kush

Jesus OG

Taste & Smell

  • Earthy
  • Fruity
  • Sweet


  • Calm
  • Focused
  • Happy
  • Dry Eyes
  • Dry Mouth

Pairs Well With

  • Hangover Relief
  • Sleeping

About this Indica Strain

Jesus OG is an indica dominant cannabis strain known for its heavy body relaxation and functional mental clarity. Jesus OG is fast-acting with rapid onset of the high. The heady buzz is great for creative problem solving or artistic expression. You may even experience some psychedelic effects with everything sensory being more intense. Prepare for full relaxation and a desire to find the nearest couch.

Because of its relaxing effects, Jesus OG is recommended for treating pain, depression, stress.

Jesus OG is an indica dominant cannabis strain known for its heavy body relaxation and functional mental clarity. Jesus OG is fast-acting with rapid onset of the high. The heady buzz is great for creative problem solving or artistic expression. You may even experience some psychedelic effects with… ]]>


miracle berry seeds

Miracle berry seeds

A relatively tasteless berry with an amazing side-effect. After eating one miracle fruit, sour things will instantly taste sweet. Eating even the sourest of lemons, one will taste only sugary sweetness. The effect lasts an hour or two. The miracle fruit is a remarkable natural sweetener that is virtually unknown to much of the world.

Seed Availability

Seeds have limited viability and cannot be dried or stored for very long. We may have fresh seeds almost any month of the year, but they are generally available only for a short time. A link to a store order page will appear here if seeds are available.

Seed Availability

Seeds have limited viability and cannot be dried or stored for very long. We may have fresh seeds almost any month of the year, but they are generally available only for a short time. A link to a store order page will appear here if seeds are available.


A slow growing bush or small tree to 15ft.


Hardy to about 32F. Plants will show a slow decline in cooler temperatures (below 55F) and prefer a year-round warm climate.

Growing Environment

Needs acidic soil and is intolerant to alkaline conditions. Growing in half soil-half peat works well and plants will benefit considerably from occasional applications of acidic fertilizer. Will tolerate minimal frost when full grown, but plants need lots of water year round. The miracle fruit cannot be grown outside in the United States except Southern Florida, but it makes an easy house plant. Fruit is produced throughout the year and hundreds of berries can be harvested from a single plant. The miracle fruit grows and fruits well in containers.


By seeds. Seeds should not be dried out before planting.

Berries are eaten fresh. In its native range, Africans sometimes use the fruits to improve the taste of stale food. Fruits are being investigated as a possible source for a natural food sweetener.

Native Range

Native to tropical West Africa.

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Chrysophyllum cainito
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Pouteria pariry
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Mamey Sapote
Pouteria torta
Pouteria ucuqui
Pouteria venosa
Pouteria viridis
Green Sapote
Sideroxylon foetidissimum
Sideroxylon obtusifolium
Synsepalum dulcificum
Miracle Fruit
Synsepalum subcordatum
Giant Miracle Fruit

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Miracle berry seeds A relatively tasteless berry with an amazing side-effect. After eating one miracle fruit, sour things will instantly taste sweet. Eating even the sourest of lemons, one will ]]>


weed leaf outline

Marijuana Leaf Images

+2,000 Free Graphic Resources. See only Photos

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  • Marijuana leaf vector
  • Weed
  • Leaf
  • Marijuana leaf icon
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Set of cannabis objects

Cannabis leaf logo

Labels set with different pictures of marijuana plants. medical herbs, cannabis leaf. marijuana narcotic badge medicinal illustration

Marijuana or cannabis leaf background. realistic illustration of the plant in top view.

Find & Download Free Graphic Resources for Marijuana Leaf. 2,000+ Vectors, Stock Photos & PSD files. ✓ Free for commercial use ✓ High Quality Images ]]>


cannabis spirituality

The rise of cannabis spirituality: How the plant can heighten your experience

In my early twenties, I worked Saturday nights at a live music lounge. During breaks, I’d wander outside for a burst of fresh air, where the sidewalk would be invariably colonized by patrons sweaty from dancing, leaned up against the wall sharing joints. At least one individual would pass along a joint, praising its ability to transform the music into a spiritual experience. I’d inwardly roll my eyes at what looked to me like a bunch of stoners justifying their smoking habit.

Cannabis has long been identified as an entheogen: A plant that can expand one’s consciousness and assist in spiritual growth. Hindu sadhus, Zoroastrians, and Rastafarians honor cannabis as a sacred tool. In Ayurveda, one of the world’s oldest holistic healing systems, cannabis is understood as a divine healing plant connected with Lord Shiva. However, the Vedas caution that when used inappropriately or recreationally, cannabis is tantamount to a toxin .

The line between spiritual development and pleasure may be thin, especially when it comes to weed. But recent years have seen the flowering of an elevated approach to cannabis consumption, which re-emphasizes its spiritual character.

A new wave of spiritual consumers

All over the globe, cannabis is being combined with practices such as yoga, meditation, and mindfulness. Alongside these looser affiliations is the blossoming of semi-organized cannabis-based religions and churches, including Cannamaste, The First Church of Cannabis in Indiana, the International Church of Cannabis in Colorado, The First Cannabis Church of Florida, the Healing Church of Rhode Island, the Coachella Valley Church of California, and the Hawai’i Cannabis Ministry. Most have also adopted creeds that emphasize love, unity, tolerance, equality, and kindness.

These cannabis-based spiritual practices and communities honor the plant for providing a gateway to the divine through connection with the self, others, and the Earth. Elevationists at the aesthetically stunning International Church of Cannabis in Colorado, for example, venerate cannabis as “the sacred flower to reveal the best version of self, discover a creative voice and enrich our community with the fruits of that creativity.”

But what distinguishes this new wave of spiritual cannabis consumers from those who smoke recreationally, claiming spiritual enlightenment as a by-product? For starters, the new wave treats the plant as a sacrament or refers to it as a teacher with numinous messages to impart. Setting a clear intention before smoking or consuming is vital. Ingesting cannabis is also often accompanied by a ceremony or ritual, enwreathing the plant with the divine.

Such a philosophy has been interpreted as an effort to curtail the recent commercialization of cannabis and reclaim its roots, so to speak. Since the Green Rush, cannabis is frequently mentioned in the same breath as market shares and industry. Cannabis spirituality champions a more holistic understanding of the plant, in addition to its feel-good, curative, and palliative qualities. Swami Chaitanya, a long-time cultivator of Swami Select in the Emerald Triangle, is one such advocate of a more spiritual approach.

“To fully employ cannabis as a sacrament, the precursor to lighting the joint would be to acknowledge the source of the divinity enshrined in the plant with a mantra, a prayer, or a simple statement,” said Chaitanya. “Another use would be to enlist its aid in a healing or creative endeavor with a specific statement to that effect.”

Cannabis rituals: Why they’re more powerful than you may think

Ritual and ceremony may seem like archaic constructs or irrational throwbacks to old school religion. The truth is, however, that contemporary society is still saturated with ritual: it’s universal to the human experience . Ritual can be profoundly rational because it is often extremely effective in charging an intention, helping an individual to feel in control, reducing uncertainty, or diminishing anxiety. Ritual also promotes social bonding with others. Chaitanya and his partner, Nikki Lastreto, for example, both align themselves with Cannamaste.

“We gather from time to time to specifically use cannabis as a sacrament with creed and a defined ceremonial sequence,” said Chaitanya. “Everyone brings flower to contribute to the communal joint. We always pass to the right with the right hand, with the left hand covering the heart, look the recipient in the eye, and say: ‘Cannamaste!’” According to Chaitanya, ritual can be infused into every interaction with the plant, rendering it more meaningful.

Chaitanya reflects that the conscious preparation of cannabis engages the senses: the feel of the flower as it crumbles in the fingers, the aromas of terpenes, the oily, waxy texture of the bud on the fingers, the sound of the grind, and the meditative process of producing a well-rolled cylinder.

“Finally, smoking the joint is itself a journey, an exploration, an act of consciously
paying attention to how it smokes, speculating on the flavors and cultivar, acknowledging the bodily sensations, the changes in one’s attitude and the heightened acuity of the senses,” said Chaitanya.

Spiritual intent is also woven into the cannabis Chaitanya and Lastreto cultivate. “When we first crack the seeds in water during the proper moon cycle in the Spring, a drop of sacred water from the Holy Ganges River in India is added to each container,” said Chaitanya. The pair then chant the ganja mantra over the seeds, so that the power of the plant serves as a source of inspiration and insight to facilitate physical and spiritual healing.

Cannabis as teacher

The concept of sacred plants as teachers isn’t novel. However, contemporary spiritual proponents of cannabis are reviving this notion, or at least making it more manifest. “Cannabis is always teaching, challenging one to think outside the box,” said Chaitanya. “She has taught me about organic living soil cultivation, regenerative agriculture, political action, and community organizing. She has opened the door to higher awareness by altering my consciousness as an everyday psychedelic, teaching that joy and laughter lead to compassion and understanding.”

Rachel Carlevale, founder of Ganjasana Yoga , also views cannabis as a teacher. Carlevale weaves cannabis into her yoga, mindfulness, and meditation practices to help participants access the wisdom of the plant. The ceremonies she draws upon encourage practitioners to set intentions before using the plant, to consume mindfully, and to quiet the mind to allow teachings to be transmitted.

Though it’s improbable that most cannabis consumers will begin viewing their relationship with cannabis as a student/teacher dynamic, it’s incontestable that what we put into our bodies influences our state of mind and consciousness. Smoking or consuming with intention may heighten the benefits we derive from the plant, particularly if our use is therapeutically motivated .

A spiritual approach to cannabis could also mean that we lean toward supporting sustainable cannabis growers, or become aware of deeper meanings when we pass a joint around in a social setting. At the very least, it’ll elevate our experience.

Cannabis has been used as a sacrament in many cultures and spiritual practices. Learn how people today are popularizing its use for mindfulness, meditation, and more. ]]>


turtle pie strain

Turtle Pie Pressitin Strain Labels


Ready Made Turtle Pie PRESSITIN Strain Labels

Ready-made Turtle Pie PRESSITIN strain labels, available to fit all PRESSITIN (self-seal tins) sizes. If you require your labels made to a certain size, please contact us. For bespoke designs, please check out our design section.

  • Printed on High-Quality Gloss Vinyl
  • Same day UK shipping before 12 pm
  • Sent Via Royal Mail First Class Signed For
  • SLAPSTA watermarks removed before print
  • For a list of compatible packaging, click here
  • Small adjustments (logo added, text/colour change free!)
  • Please leave a note if you would like some adjustments making

Ready Made Turtle Pie PRESSITIN Cai Style Tuna Strain Sticker Labels. US Medical Style. High-Quality Gloss Vinyl. Same Day UK dispatch. Worldwide shipping. All sizes available. 100ml 200ml 400ml Sizes. Custom Design and Print Service. 420 Friendly Packaging. Over 400+ Strains available. 5 Star Customer Reviews. ]]>


northern lights cannabis co.

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Most Denver dispensaries will at least have a handful of products made from CBD-heavy strains, but few have concentrates and isolates that are completely devoid of THC. Here are seventeen that do.

Qrazy Train comes from the Pacific Northwest by way of TGA Genetics, which apparently thought the strain was so crazy that it required an alternate spelling. In TGA’s defense, the hybrid strain is pretty fucking wild. I’ll admit to .

Tommy Chong’s weed is now in a pipe near you. Seven dispensaries in Colorado quietly began carrying Chong’s Choice flower this week. The modest yet carefully thought-out cannabis line consists of three strains, marketed simply as Ch.

Northern Lights Cannabis Co. is located at 2045 Sheridan Blvd., Edgewater, CO 80214 offering a wide variety of marijuana strains. ]]>


why does cbd smell like marijuana

Does CBD Smell Like Weed? | 2020 |

Plant & Hemp
Mar 12 · 3 min read

We’ve covered the differences between THC and CBD a few times in these pages, but there’s a question we are yet to cover, does CBD smell like weed?

It’s a simple question, but one we are asked often, especially considering the dry flower strains we have such as Purple Haze , which has a specific smell expected to come alongside the name.

There’s a few reasons why you could be curious about this, but whether you want to know so you can enjoy the smell yourself, or you’re worried that a notable scent usually specific to something else may get you some unwanted attention, we’re here to help and to give you an answer.

The answer to the question is not straightforward, however (when are they, really?) so to get there, we have to make a few stops.

Terpene Profiles

When it comes to THC heavy cannabis, the scent of a strain, along with the flavour, depends heavily (but not exclusively, we’ll get to that) on the terpene profile.

Purple Haze cannabis, for example, is heavy in caryophyllene, which gives that well known peppery, spicy scent, and myrcene, which provides that famed herbal aroma recognisable in most marijuana strains.

With the CBD version of Purple Haze, the terpene profile cannot be identical, but we make sure it’s as near as dammit.

Basically, our priority in the cultivation of CBD strains is to ensure that the CBD count is where we claim it to be, and that the trace THC levels stay within the limitations set out for us by EU law.

So while CBD Purple Haze you buy from us may not smell identical to the Purple Haze strain you may be familiar with (we’re not here to judge) it is certainly close enough to be recognisable, and you can rest assured it’s a lovely, spicy, relaxing scent.


Stable genetics are the other important factor when it comes to CBD smelling like its THC heavy counterparts, with the possibility for differences in phenotypes, but we try and avoid that.

The higher the rate of stabilisation, the less difference there is in genome expression, and therefore the more similarity there is in the scent.

Other factors can be at play too, down to even the soil where the particular strain is grown, so essentially, it’s impossible to create a CBD Purple Haze strain that smells exactly like a comparative THC heavy marijuana strain.

The only way you could hypothetically get an identical aroma is with the use of chemicals, and if you know anything about us, you know that is really not our way and not anything we are ever going to do.

Does CBD Smell Good?

Now here’s a question with a straighter answer, and let’s face it, it’s the more important question. Whether the scent is similar to something you know or not, what you want to know is that the strain ahs a nice smell, and that we can guarantee.

While Purple Haze, which has been our example up to this point, has a genetic profile similar to the other Purple Haze, and therefore has a tasty smell that is similar to its psychoactive cousin, we have other strains that have been designed uniquely by us, not based on other strains, and put together to create an amazing smell all of their own.

This, for example, is as lovely to smell as it is beautiful to look at. The aromatic profile is sensational, creating a fresh, summery vibe with more than a scent of pine and a little touch of citrus on the nostrils to create a refreshing blend of fabulous aromas.

All our dry flower products, and indeed any other CBD products you get from us, will always smell beautiful, because we’re people who are very fond of sensual pleasures, we like our sinuses to be softly stroked by the sweetest of scents, and we know you do too.

That’s why anything that we produce, we smell test, to check it makes us feel sublime, and to ensure it will make you feel much the same way!

What’s your favourite smelling CBD product from our collection? What would the perfect scent for a CBD product to have be for you personally?

We’ve covered the differences between THC and CBD a few times in these pages, but there’s a question we are yet to cover, does CBD smell like weed? It’s a simple question, but one we are asked often… ]]>


vape weed smell

Do Dry Herb Vaporizers smell?

October 13, 2020

Every day, millions of internet users asks Google seemingly simple questions about Cannabis. However, because cannabis is deemed to be a controversial topic the internet is rife with misinformation, bias and propaganda.

dank! is setting out to fix this by answering your most pertinent questions whether it be about herbs, CBD E Liquid or Dry Herb Vaporizers UK.

Do Dry Herb Vaporizers leave a smell?

I assume most of the people that email in have nosy neighbours because one of the most popular questions we receive from our community is ‘Does vaping weed create a smell?’!

The short answer is yes, vaporizers do emit a smell. How much of a smell depends largely on how pungent your herb is and the vaporizer you’re using.

However, the smell emitted from vaporizers is far less potent than smoking. In my personal experience, the smell from vaping cannabis is not only less when compared to smoking but it also dissipates far quicker too.

Whilst you’re not going to be able to hide what is in your vaporizer from the person sat directly next to you, a flatmate in another room is unlikely to be able to pick up on the scent.

It is also worth keeping in mind certain strains are more pungent than others.

Why does weed smell?

Every cannabis plant is full of various cannabinoids and terpenes. It is these that give each individual strain its bespoke taste and smell.

For example, some strains have limonene in them. This terpene is also found in lemons and it is this that gives strains such as Lemon Kush its citrusy taste.

Why do cannabis vaporizers emit less smell?

Smoke may appear to be a gas but it isn’t. It is actually made up of thousands of tiny, solid particles of burnt plant matter. It is main the plant matter itself that is released as part of the odour into the air and this is what your nose registers as the smell.

Because burning causes combustion of the plant matter as well as the active ingredients, there is more mass to get mingled with your hair, curtains and walls. This can take some time to disappear.

On the other hand, when you use a vaporizer, the plant matter stays in the vaporizer’s chamber. Instead, only the yummy terpenes evaporate and these are then inhaled by you. As a result, there are less ‘herbs’ floating around in the air.

How can we minimise the smell from dry herb vaping?

  1. Keep your vaporizer relatively clean or it will start to smell, especially if it utilizes conduction heating like most portable devices.
  2. Vape in a well-ventilated room. Any smell released from vaping can fully dissipate within a few minutes with just the help of aa fan and an open window.
  3. If you’re going to save your bud after vaping it, keep it in a jar because it can still give off a faint weed scent.

What type of vaporizer is best for not creating a smell?

There are two main types of dry herb vaporizers:

  • Conduction Vaporizers.
  • Convection Vaporizers.

You can think of a conduction vaporizer as similar to a stove, which heats your food by touch.

Conduction vapes such as the Black Mamba Vaporizer, creates vapour when its heating element comes into contact with your herbs. This can sometimes cause a small amount of combustion.

A convection vaporizer is more similar to an oven, which creates an atmosphere of hot air. It is the hot air then heats your herbs.

A convection vaporizer heats your herbs more efficiently and evenly. As a result, there is minimal chance of combustion.

The short answer is yes, vaporizers do emit a smell. How much of a smell depends largely on how pungent your herb is and the vaporizer you're using. However, the smell emitted from vaporizers is far less potent than smoking. ]]>


weed lollipops price

Do Weed Lollipops Get You High?

Often I see people excited about cannabis products. They enter Amsterdam shops and can’t wait to eat their cannabis lollipop, cookies, ice cream or drink a cannabis energy drink. But hold on, do they make you high or not? Here is the answer.

Do Weed Lollipops Get You High? No! Cannabis Lollipops don’t make you high. These Lollipops are just cannabis flavored and anything that isn’t bought in Coffeeshop won’t get you high. These products don’t contain any THC and you can find them in souvenir shops. It’s illegal for regular shops to sell any cannabis edibles.

In this article I will write more about edibles in Amsterdam and cannabis tourist traps you should avoid when visiting Amsterdam. You will also find an answer to questions such as Do Cannabis Lollipop taste good? What you must know before eating a space cake? or Does CBD Oil get you high? Keep on reading to learn more.

Do Cannabis Lollipops Contain Cannabis?

No, they don’t. They are just cannabis flavored and don’t contain any weed, neither have psychedelic effects. They are sold in tourist shops and only coffeeshops are allowed to sell cannabis-containing products. Keep in mind that marihuana in the Netherlands is not legal, it is just tolerated.

I know that in the US they are professionals in making cannabis edibles different than space cakes. There you can get gummies, hard candies, lollipops, and many others but in the Netherlands, I haven’t seen any of those. Here you can buy cannabis brownies or muffins and they are very strong. Of course, if you buy them in coffeeshop.

You may ask if it is possible to get real cannabis-infused lollipops. Yes, it is but it’s not that popular in Amsterdam. Mostly you will get some space cakes, but lollipops not really. It is possible to make cannabis-infused lollipops out of hash. Cannabis butter doesn’t really work well for that. Below you can watch a tutorial on how to make cannabis candies with hash. It seems to be very easy.

Where To Buy Cannabis Lollipops?

You will find cannabis lollipops in most souvenir shops and smart shops. If you go to the city center you will find some for sure. You will also find cannabis cookies, ice cream, energy drinks and more. None of them contain THC, so you can eat them and you won’t get high.

Can You Bring Weed Lollipops Back Home?

The short answer is Yes, you can buy weed lollipops as a souvenir. It’s because they do not contain any THC and don’t have any psychedelic effects. They are just cannabis flavored and don’t make you high. Maybe if you eat tons of them you will get a sugar high 🙂 On the other hand, they are quite cheap and they can be a pretty cool gift for your friends.

BUT! If you bought a cannabis lollipop in coffeeshop probably it is not a fake candy. It is not so popular to see real cannabis lollipops but if you do, don’t take it home with you, because you may have serious troubles.

The best solution is to ask a seller if this is a souvenir. In case of question on the border, it would be wise to keep a receipt. But.. as far as you buy anything in souvenir shop you will be just fine.

If you are interested in coffeeshops and cannabis you may want to go for a coffeeshop tour. Otto, a Dutch guy living in Amsterdam is an expert when it comes to weed. He organizes coffeeshop tours and you can learn more about them here.

Do Cannabis Lollipops Taste Good?

I don’t really like them, they are harsh in taste and if you would like to eat something sweet you better choose stroopwafel or poffertjes. Cannabis lollipops look cool but they don’t taste good, at least I don’t like them, and boooy.. you must know that I am a sweets specialist ;P If you have some sugar cravings you should definitely try some Dutch sweets. Watch a video below to learn more about sweets in Amsterdam. Gretl from a youtube channel Travel Gretl will show you the best Dutch sweets and this Dutch girl knows what she is saying 😉

How Much Do Cannabis Lollipops Cost?

You will get a cannabis lollipop for as little as 1 Euro. In some shops, they cost 50 cents but 1 Euro in most of them. They are just regular candies and don’t have any psychedelic effects. If they would be really cannabis-infused, the price would be higher.

Lollipops Don’t Make You High But Space Cakes Do

If you would like to get high without smoking, just by eating something tasty you should go for Amsterdam Space Cake. There is a huge variety of edibles and you will find something for sure. On the site, you can read a review of the best edibles in Amsterdam. You can choose from cakes, muffins, chocolate bars but most popular are Space Muffins. When eating anything containing cannabis you need to be very careful because edibles can give you a much stronger effect than a joint. You can read this article here.

You should be aware that some space cakes are just a tourist trap and you won’t get high even if you eat 10 of them. But if you get a really good one you can be sure that it will hit you heavily.

What To Know Before Eating a Space Cake?

Eat Space Cake on Full Stomach

First and foremost you need to eat something before you have a space cake. If you eat it on an empty stomach, space cake may literally destroy you. Keep in mind that if you are not an experienced smoker you need to play it safe. Even people who smoke a lot of cannabis may feel very high after eating a muffin. I have a friend who smokes almost every day but he never touches a space cake because it is just too strong for him. Everybody may react differently to edibles and weed in general. It is proven that weed works differently for different people. If you are mentally strong you will be most probably relaxed and laughing and if you are depressive type weed can deepen your anxiety and paranoia.

Don’t Eat Everything at Once

If you are a beginner smoker and probably you are as you read this article you should avoid eating a whole cake at once. It’s the same with joints. Don’t smoke the whole joint. Most probably 3 puffs are enough and if not, after half hour you can smoke more. Space Cakes are different. Based on your metabolism and how much you ate before it can take even up to 2 hours before you feel high. Most probably you will start feeling something after half an hour and you should be stoned in one hour.

If you eat a space cake you should start with a quarter and wait for two hours. Believe me, even a quarter can be very strong.

What To Do When Effects Are Too Strong

When the effects are too strong you should eat something sugary. Something that contains a lot of sugar like cola or juice should be fine. It will make you feel better. If a trip takes too long and you are afraid it will last forever don’t worry, it will go away. You just need to know that effects of cannabis edibles last much longer than smoked weed.

Why Space Cake is That Strong?

As Mitch Earleywine author of Understanding Marijuana says

In a nutshell, eaten cannabis gets metabolized by the liver, so delta-9 THC becomes 11-hydroxy-THC, which passes the blood-brain barrier more rapidly and has more of a psychedelic effect than standard THC

So there is actually a proof that eaten weed is stronger than smoked one. If you would like to learn more abour cannabis you can get a book “Understanding marijuana” from Mitch Earleywine here on Amazon. From my experience, it is better to eat less at the beginning. I would start from 1/4 of a muffin and it can be even too much for an occasional smoker. When you visit coffeeshop you can also ask about the strength of their edibles. After all, ask you shall receive.

Difference Between Space Cakes and Cannabis Cookies

Space Cakes you can buy in Coffeeshop in form of muffins, cakes, chocolate etc. They are available only in Coffeeshops and you get high after you eat them.

Cannabis Cookies are just regular cookies and they do not contain any THC, so you do not get high after eating them. You can buy cannabis cookies in many souvenir shops in Amsterdam. You can easily take them with you on the plane as they are fully legal. These cookies are just a tourist trap, regular cookies sold with a marihuana leaf on the cover. They are made of hemp seeds, hemp flour but none of these contain THC. Cannabis cookies could be a great souvenir from Amsterdam but if you are looking for something stronger definitely you should avoid these tourist products.

Does CBD Oil Get You High?

CBD Oil doesn’t get you high, but it has a positive effect on your body. CBD Oil isn’t psychoactive so it won’t change dramatically your state of mind but you feel relaxed and some people say that it means you get high. I tried 5% CBD Oil and I felt relaxed but it is a very subtle experience which you can compare with drinking Rhodiola, ashwagandha or other relaxing herbs. So No, CBD doesn’t get you high.

You should also know that CBD Oil influences the body in a positive way. My aunt uses this as a pain remedy but it is not as strong as her medication, so she treats this just as a supplement and I believe it should be perceived this way. Other articles from this category:

Often I see people excited about cannabis products. They enter Amsterdam shops and can’t wait to eat their cannabis lollipop, cookies, ice cream or drink a ]]>