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Get ready because you're getting double the Fast N' Loud tonight with a two-hour special 🎥 credit: Discovery. Variability of Cannabis Plant Sex – How to Increase Ratio of Female Plants with Regular Seeds. Indoor / outdoor Petrolia Headstash (Pre soviet invasion Afghani) x C99 is a cross of mine that is a favourite amongst my friends. It’s an easy to grow and very potent, flavourful strain. Outdoors however, it often struggled due it its extremely dense buds.

The Freeze cross adds remarkable mold resistance as well as insect attacks. Although retaining much of the Freezes piney-ness, an over ripe tropical fruit flavour emerges as well as a bit of earthy hash-ness. Because you want shorter plant with CFLs, you generally want to stick with indica-based strains, while avoiding most sativa or haze strains as they tend to grow tall and stretchy. Progressive Collective 9810 E Burnside St, 503-444-7792. If you notice your plants wilting, looking burnt, the leaves looking dry or discolored, then move the lights further away. It's basically like looking at your plants to make sure you're not getting them sunburnt. Grow cabinets are numerous and several factors can determine your preference such as affordability, purpose, class, technology, and features among others. This puts out around 600 milliamps at 12 volts – so it consumes around 7.5 watts – most definitely very low energy consumption!

If you are growing cannabis with CFL, or think it is your best option, then feel free to ask for help in our cannabis growers forum. Quick Summary: Buds are ready to harvest when hairs have darkened and curled in, revealing the solid bud underneath. Harvest buds on the early side for more of an “up” mental/psychoactive effect (trichome heads appear milky white under a magnifier). If buds are allowed to continue maturing, the white trichomes begin to turn amber/golden. The greater the number of amber trichomes, the more buds produce a “down” body/couchlock effect. In the vegetative stage, your cannabis plant only grows stems and leaves and is resistant to problems. Back to livestock, mint is a persistent, very seed-productive weed that emerges each April. Its presence offers opportunities for livestock to come in contact with mint throughout the grazing season, but fortunately, they simply don’t like the stuff! Cannabidiol (CBD), another chemical found in the marijuana bud is now being used as an alternative medicine for the alleviation of symptoms of epilepsy and is the subject of clinical researches as a cure for anxiety, cognition, movement disorders, and pain. You have experience with the medical qualities of Pineapple Mayhem? Sharing your information here maybe can help other people! The tip(?) on this eyeliner was different to your usual felt or brush tips. Instead, it has three small “prongs” that are designed to make doing your eyeliner easier. Now, I need all the help I can get with my eyeliner. The idea is that you use the prong ends to dot the liner along your lash line which you then connect to make the perfect liner. My issue was that the prongs were too large (maybe this isn’t a problem for those with more lid space?) and I ended up with thicker liner than usual. I tried connecting the dots first with the prongs by dragging them along my lash line and then with one of the sides of the liner but it lacked control . When trying to use it as a normal liner, it feels too hard and harsh on something as delicate as an eyelid and reminds me of the Maybelline Wonder Wing eyeliner – another product claiming to help with your eyeliner skills (or lack of). It’s not a pigmented black and going over your lines just results in removing some product, even when you wait for it to dry. Guarantee : none Price : Check price Language : English Support : customer service. There is no question that White Widow is a potent strain, but its effects come on slowly. The result is a smooth and enjoyable high, which paves the way for relaxation. Some cannabis strains are especially known for acquiring beautiful colours, normally at the end of the bloom stage . The oil can be used in cooking or applied to alternative medicine practitioners. Get the most out of your experience with a personalized all-access pass to everything local on events, music, restaurants, news and more.

Did you know there are “male” and “female” cannabis plants? Cannabis plants are “dioecious” plants, which means each plant shows a particular sex, just like humans and many animals. There will occasionally be plants that show mixed-sex and these plants are often referred to as hermaphrodites or “hermies”, which I will explain in much greater detail below. We supply a unique and exciting range of tropical and conventional Flower seeds including some unusual Vegetables.

If you are a cannabis cultivator who visits grow supply stores in person, or via the internet, you probably know just how many growing products exist out there.


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