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Blue Moon

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Blue Moon is a very special breed of cannabis. It is a mostly Indica hybrid, that produces a sweet resin with an excellent yield. Blue Moon’s dense flower formation is enhanced with a uniquely fruity aroma, backed with the Indica power. These cannabis seeds have Sativa in their breeding history which adds a pleasant upper to the experience. Like many Indica-dominant strains, leaves and flowers can turn purple in low temperatures. However, Blue Moon gets its name from the fact that the plants have dark green foliage and become frosted with light-refracting trichomes that can appear to be a shade of deep blue or indigo in the final weeks of flowering.

Facts about the BLUE MOON Strain:
Well suited for Indoor or Outdoor growing
Beautiful strain, that is a smokers favorite

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10 Seeds = $70
Type: Mostly Indica
Climate: Indoor / Outdoor
Yield: 500 grams / squared meter
Height: Medium / Large
Flowering period: 8 to 10 weeks

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