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Bomb Seeds

The Bomb Seeds provides the best mix of strength, power, top-quality and high productivity. The breeder uses the world famous selections to produce the explosive Bomb genetics.

The Bomb Seeds cannabis is grown in the Netherlands under strictly controlled conditions. The result product has a regulary testing to keep the optimum quality and consistency. All seeds are kept in a controlled, constant tempreture and humidity. Such careful selection ensures fully stable genentics and freshness.

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Cherry Bomb Auto

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I’ll give a full review after the cure and smoke. As for the grow, she was excellent! A late bloomers, but finished strong. A very indica presenting 50/50 hybrid – short internodes, busy leaves, short, horizontal structure, chunky flowers! Bought as a clone at 4weeks at the end of June, I think had I been able to start her earlier, and have her veg for longer, I would have seen a greater yield.

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