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How To Make Cannabis Infused Beer

Making your very own home-brewed canna-beer is easy to do! Why? Hops and cannabis are basically cousins. Try our recipe for a delicious canna-brew.

Hops and cannabis are really close cousins. Enjoying a beer with your bud is nothing new. Neither is canna-infused beer. That said, it is making a major resurgence these days. Craft beers with this unique, new twist are springing up everywhere.

Even better? If you make your own brews at home, it is absolutely easy to incorporate cannabis into your regular process.


The basics of brewing are thousands of years old. First step? It is necessary to convert a starchy grain like barley (or another grain) into “sugar.” This is called wort. The wort is then added to yeast. This in turn begins the process of making alcohol. Enzymes in the yeast convert the sugar to a higher-grade substance.

Hops and cannabis are added to the brewing process to add flavour. Both hops and cannabis have antibacterial properties, which actually helps the yeast do its job. To make cannabis-infused beer, in other words, all you have to do is substitute cannabis for hops; or mix the two. It’s that easy.


Established and practiced brewers have their own techniques and timing. However, it is still necessary to prepare the cannabis separately.

The first thing? Remove the “impurities,” if not toxins from your bud. Soak the cannabis you plan to use in filtered water. This will remove natural impurities. It will also wash away other undesirable substances that cling to the leaves.

The question of when to add the cannabis to the concoction is a matter of some debate. When adding cannabis to the wort as it is boiling, you might lose terpenes in the process. Some believe that only dried bud should be added to the cooled wort. This is a matter of experimentation and individual taste. However, when brewing a strain containing THC, remember that just the right amount of heat and time is required to decarboxylate or “activate” the THC. Too much or too little heat will render the cannabis less effective.


If you are an experienced brewer, skip this part. However, if coming to the process for the first time or even as a relatively inexperienced brewer, stop here. You need to be prepared for this. Watch a few YouTube videos. Gather the equipment you need all together in one place. This recipe is designed to make about 19 litres of beer, so plan accordingly.


  • 1.8 kilograms glucose (brewer’s sugar)
  • 2 teaspoons yeast
  • 2-3 teaspoons ground ginger
  • 1.6 kilograms malt extract
  • 28 grams hops/14 grams cannabis flower plus 14 grams hops/227 grams ground cannabis leaves
  • 4.7 litres plus 1.9 litres of lukewarm water
  • 2 large saucepans
  • Muslin or cheesecloth
  • 25 litre white or black plastic bucket with a lid
  • Thermometer
  • Bottles for finished beer


  1. Set the large saucepans on the stove to boil. Put 2.4 litres of water in each saucepan. While the water is boiling, begin the fermentation process. Wrap the herbs (hops and/or cannabis) in the muslin.
  2. Mix the yeast with 4 pints of lukewarm water (21-32°C) and put this to one side.
  3. Now, put the glucose into one of the boiling pans of water. After it has dissolved, put the muslin-wrapped hops/cannabis in the same pan. Simultaneously, put the malt extract into the other pan.
  4. Simmer for 40 minutes. Remove from heat.
  5. Remove the muslin package and put it in a pan of cold water to cool off. Don’t use too much water. You do not want to dilute the cannabis-infused liquid still inside. In the meantime, pour the contents of both pans into the bucket. Then, squeeze all the remaining liquid out of the muslin package into the bucket.
  6. Add enough water to the bucket to insure that the temperature is 26.6°C.
  7. Now add the yeast.
  8. The bucket should be kept in a warm place (about 21°C). It will take about two to four weeks to complete this part of the process. Some brewers also wrap the brew bucket with blankets to insure a consistent temperature.
  9. Once the fermentation process is over, now comes the next part. Bottling. Bottles and bottling kits are also very easy to find. Make sure that you sanitise all your equipment. Once poured into the bottles and sealed, the wait is not yet over. It is best to leave the bottles for at least another two to four weeks before sampling.

That said, once you get the hang of it, you can always have a batch or two in progress.

Home brewers everywhere are waking up to the idea of canna-infused beer. It is a very easy substitution to make and the results are delicious!

What is Cannabis Beer? – Everything You Need to Know About Cannabis-Infused Beer

Does Cannabis Beer actually get you high? What’s the difference between CBD-infused beer and THC-infused beers? Learn everything you need to know about Cannabis-Infused Beer.

By Clara Jaide on Mar. 02, 2020

So, you want to know about drinking your weed, huh? Since the legalization of Marijuana in Canada, Uruguay and select US states, cannabis companies are looking into different ways to get a smoke-free high.

Edibles are a popular way to get high without actually smoking. Edibles usually come in the form of chocolates, gummies or baked goods that are made using THC to produce a “body high” upon consumption.

Body High vs. Head High – What’s the Difference?

Body highs produce feelings of relaxation and lethargy. Head highs produce more mood-altering/energetic effects. Body highs are usually attained by ingesting cannabis as the THC enters the bloodstream through digestion… these highs typically take a while to begin whereas head highs (smoking) can have effects almost immediately.

A cannabis beer or cannabis-infused beer would produce a body high.

Many cannabis companies have already started the initiative with “cannabis beverages”. These include tea and other “carbonated beverages” that are infused with THC to offer a smoke-free high. However, brewing companies, like High Style Brewing Co., have another idea in mind: Cannabis-infused beers. If we can make chocolates, gummy candy and cookies with weed, why can’t we brew with it?

But what is a Cannabis beer? Is pot beer actually beer? Well, that depends on your definition of a beer. Keep reading to learn more about Cannabis beer.

There are two types of weed beers: Cannabis Beer and Cannabis-Infused Beer.

What is Cannabis Beer?

Cannabis beer is a non-alcoholic, typically low-calorie beer brewed with the marijuana plant.

How is Cannabis Beer Made?

Cannabis beer is brewed with crushed stocks, stem and roots of the marijuana plant rather than being infused with Cannabis oils. Instead of using barley (wheat) in the brewing process, brewers will use marijuana. Since the legalization of edibles in Canada in 2019, Companies such as Province Brands are preparing to hit the market with the first weed beer available in Canada.

What is Cannabis-Infused Beer?

Cannabis-Infused Beer is beer infused with Cannabidiol (CBD) or Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Cannabis-Infused beer is also non-alcoholic and often contains little to no calories.

How does a Brewer Make Cannabis-Infused Beer?

Cannabis-Infused beer is brewed with barley, much like traditional beer, and infused with Cannabis oil or THC & CBD oils.

Where to buy Cannabis-Infused Beer

Cannabis beer has hit the shelves in select states where cannabis has been legalized. Check out the article “Cannabis-Infused Beers to Drink for 4/20” for a list of Cannabis-infused beers and where to purchase them.

Does Cannabis Beer actually get you high?

Yes and no. Whether or not cannabis beer gets you high is dependant on whether the beer is made/infused with THC or CBD. Cannabis beers made or infused with THC have the potential to get you high. Cannabis beers brewed/infused with CBD will not get you high, but will give you the “relaxing” sensation of cannabis.

Cannabis Beers brewed with the marijuana plant will contain THC and will provide the effects of a “very quick” high.

Is there alcohol in Cannabis-Infused Beer?

No, cannabis beer is non-alcoholic. Currently, Cannabis-infused beers are made with around 10mg of THC/CBD and little to no alcohol. This is to regulate the safety between mixing cannabis and alcohol.

Is Cannabis beer gluten-free?

Cannabis-infused beers are typically gluten-free as the barley (wheat) is replaced with the marijuana plant.

What does Cannabis Beer taste like?

According to Dooma Wendschuh, the CEO and co-founder of Province Brands, perfecting the taste of Cannabis Beer was not easy. “The things that we would come up with just tasted horrible,” said Wendschuh. “They tasted like rotten broccoli.”

However, with time and chemistry, Wendschuh was able to describe the taste of Cannabis Beer as “dry, savoury, less sweet than a typical beer flavour.”

Where is weed legal?

As of October 17, 2018, weed is legal in Canada. Edibles became legal in Canada on October 17, 2019.

Marijuana is also legal in Uruguay, Georgia and some US states.

Where is weed legal in the United States?

Marijuana is medically legal in all other states except Idaho, Nebraska, and South Dakota where marijuana is prohibited.

Does Cannabis Beer actually get you high? What’s the difference between CBD-infused beer and THC-infused beers? Learn everything you need …