build a stealth grow box

Help with Building a STEALTH grow box!


I’m very interested in growing and I’m new to it.

Hopefully I can get some tips and help to build a stealth grow box or cabinet.

Here is what I’m looking for:

    I want to produce at least 8-16+ ounces or more of dried herbs per yield. (So I think I’d need about 9 plants+)

I’m interested in a stealth grow cabinet, but bigger than a side table, maybe a dresser, locker or cabinet would work well!

I need to be able to fit it through a regular size doorway please. (Like that of an apartment or bedroom)

I would like to be able to grow clones and mother plants at the same time, so I wouldn’t have to grow from seed each time.

I don’t want there to be any smells at all. So I guess a carbon filter would work well.

I want it to be safe from fires or electrical problems. So if I go away for the day or week-end I don’t have to worry about it.

I’m interested in a CO2 hook-up and device to add 1800 parts per million to the cabinet.

I would need an exhaust fan unless I can use the carbon filter for that, plus an intake fan unless I can just use an ordinary portable fan.

I assume I’d need a PH tool to measure the soil and water and any other tools needed.

I’d want to have the proper lights needed.

If possible a timer for lights would be good, so I can set it for 18-24 hours or 12/12 just in-case I forget or I’m away.

A temperature gauge and CO2 gauge

An automatic CO2 pump to keep levels at 1800 parts per million.

A reflective inside to help use all light sources.

  • If possible a switch board to set the light timer, CO2, and view the temperature too.

  • Also, I don’t know if it’s possible to make it hydro or soil, I’d prefer hydro, but maybe that’s asking to much for a beginner.

    Please let me know your thoughts and ideas to building a grow cabinet with the specs I’ve mentioned above or close to it.

    Hi Everyone, I'm very interested in growing and I'm new to it. Hopefully I can get some tips and help to build a stealth grow box or cabinet. Here is… ]]>