cannabis cup winner 2020

The Winners of the Cannabis Cup Colorado: People’s Choice 2020

In case you missed our Cannabis Cup Digital Awards show this weekend, here are all the winners of the Cannabis Cup Colorado: People’s Choice 2020!

Indica Flower

First Place: Mandarin Sunset by Indico
Second Place: MAC by High Level Health
Third Place: Skunkberry by One Farms

Sativa Flower

First Place: Jabberwokie by Pagosa Therapeutics
Second Place: Papa Smurph by High Level Health
Third Place: Jungle Cheese by One Farms

Hybrid Flower

First Place: Sour Strawberry by Indico
Second Place: Cake Crasher by GreenMan Cannabis
Third Place: Deathstar by High Level Health


First Place: French Whore Infused Pre-Roll by High Country Cones
Second Place: Bitty Caviar Cones by Dadirri
Third Place: Toke Premium Infused Cali-O Pre-Roll by Heartland Industries

Edibles (Food)

First Place: THC Caramel Chews by Kush Masters
Second Place: Peanut Butter Chocolate by 3Js Hice Cream
Third Place: Dabba Peanut Butter Banana Chocolate Indica Bar by Cheeba Chews

Edibles (Non-Food)

First Place: Sleep Tincture 1:4 by ReCreate
Second Place: Lemon Speed Strips by Escape Artists
Third Place: 1:1 Precision Dose Tincture by ioVia


First Place: Blue Skunk Live Budder by High Level Health
Second Place: Citrus Trifecta Live Diamonds by Kush Masters
Third Place: Clementine Pure Live Resin by Lusso (Nectar Bee)


First Place: 1:1 Lavender Cream by Escape Artists
Second Place: 1:1 Super Strength Nano Salve by Mary Jane’s Medicinals
Third Place: 1:1 CBD/THC Transdermal Patch by Sirona

Congratulations to the winners of the Cannabis Cup Colorado: People's Choice 2020!

The Winners of The High Times Cannabis Cup Oklahoma: People’s Choice Edition 2020

The High Times Cannabis Cup Oklahoma: People’s Choice Edition 2020 culminated in a virtual awards show over the weekend, proving that even in the middle of a pandemic, cannabis—and the people who love it and work with it—are unflappable. Here are the winners of this latest Cannabis Cup:

Indica Flower

First Place: Tina—Red River Pharms x Exotic Genetix
Second Place: Garlic Breath—ALTVM
Third Place: Glue 4—Texoma Labs

Hybrid Flower

First Place: Tropic Truffle—Red River Pharms x Exotic Genetix
Second Place: Biscotti—Trade Craft Farms
Third Place: Orange Krush—Higher Up Cannabis Co.

Sativa Flower

First Place: Lilac Diesel—ALTVM
Second Place: Nebula—Kured Cannabis Co.
Third Place: Thai Flower—Texoma Labs


First Place: Biscotti Infused Blunt Pre-Roll—Trade Craft Farms x Infamous Woodz
Second Place: StrawNana Infused Pre-Roll—Gorilla Gardens
Third Place: Thunderstick—Releaf Labs x ALTRD & Troy Buds

Solvent Concentrates

First Place: NC Fire—Sunday Extracts
Second Place: Garlic Breath Diamonds in Lilac Diesel Sauce—Oil Tycoons x ALTVM
Third Place: Crystal Queen Live Resin Sugar—Desert Extracts

Non-Solvent Concentrates

First Place: Garlic Breath Solventless Daily Delight—ALTVM x Leaf Logic
Second Place: Sundae Strudel Live Rosin Batter—Stability Cannabis
Third Place: Sundae Supreme Live Rosin—Nature’s Kiss Oklahoma x 918 OG

Vape Pens and Cartridges

First Place: Ultrapremium Hi-Cee Vape Cart—Electraleaf
Second Place: New York City Diesel Vape Cart—Sunday Extracts
Third Place: Watermelon OG Cart—Releaf Labs

Edibles: Food

First Place: Iced Out Oreo Bar—Crispy’s
Second Place: Lights Out Indica & Melatonin Gummies—Swerve
Third Place: Dill Pickle Chips with Green Crack—Tina’s Cannabis Kitchen

Edibles: Non-Food

First Place: Bloos Kloos 1000mg Tincture—Mr. Mack’s
Second Place: Cherry THC Cough Drop—Swerve
Third Place: 500mg Capsules—Helix Extracts


First Place: Extreme Pain Relief Cooling Roll-On—Electraleaf
Second Place: Flawless Anti-Aging Moisturizer—Sweet Stuff
Third Place: Cannabis-Infused Salve—Mary Jane’s Medicinals x Desert Extracts


I love this kind of info, I’m in Fl. and we’re just getting started with this. Thanks High Times!


This Mary and Jimmy at Pawnee ok and we go to CaliRoots Stillwater everyday for happy HR. First off thank you state of oklahoma for allowing a competition like this. And THANK you Cali roots. The past month has been a blast as a judge. Lol I never even turned in my paper just enjoyed sampling all the products and different flowers. Very Awesome Job Oklahoma Growers and processors. I have to agree with the pre roll winner. Indica flower they was all wonderful ps 14 was the most beautiful flower. The strawberry fruit bar was the best. Didn’t try the sativa cause will I like to feel stoned o and the Carmel applesucker was bomb. Shoot all the edibles are Awesome. Great Job again Oklahoma. Shoot I am on my medicine and rambling Big Love Oklahoma.

My aunt Thelma used to live in Apache, and there used be an old restaurant called Mears that had the best skillet burgers in the history of burgers!

When will you be listing all of the anonymous strains from the flower categories? I judged all three and would like to know them all by number as I have extensive notes on each.

How much were the kits?

I had a blast being a judge! I would like to know the names of the numbers of the sativa flowers so I can know my favorite ones. My favorite one was number 15. And I must agree with High-Cee Vape that was the most flavorfullist best high I’ve ever had with a vape!

How much were the kits?

I hope to be at the next event!

I will definitely be judging the Illinois event this year!
Very excited to just be a part of this though.

How do you know if you have been selected as a judge? I am in Illinois.

Even during a pandemic, the cannabis industry is unflappable. ]]>