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How to make Cannabis Paste (quick (10.5 hours) version)

Grind an ounce of cannabis and put it in a mason jar with coconut oil or vegetable glycerin and shake. Then put it in a large pan of water at low temperature. Keep it between 176 F and 180 F for 10.5 hours. Eat a size of a pea 2 times a day.

There are several companies coming out with CBD oil claiming they have removed the THC. When it comes to cancer that is a big mistake. The reason why RSO did have some success stories was do to THC being a cancer fighter. With out a question nothing is better than Cannabis Paste but its just the fact that its illegal in many states but not for long.

Keep it Simple
A gift is a gift and not to be misunderstood. Therefore why would we need to jump crazy hoops to get this cure? Back in the Bible times and ancient China they simply smashed the buds and added olive oil and put it in a clay jar in the sun for 3 weeks. They didn’t have 190 proof Alcohol and frying pans. If there is a God then the gift would be simple.


Goodbye Rick Simpson Oil – Make way to Cannabis Paste


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How to make Cannabis Paste (quick (10.5 hours) version) Grind an ounce of cannabis and put it in a mason jar with coconut oil or vegetable glycerin and…

What is Cannabis Paste?

Published on October 17, 2014, By Marie Veksler

Health Marijuana News

A man in Colorado says that ingesting cannabis paste may be able to help a person’s immune system fight off many debilitating medical conditions including cancer, epilepsy and Lyme disease, among many others.

Brad Morehouse is the founder of New Cure out of Peyton, Colorado. He believes so strongly in the healing power of his product that over the course of the last year, his team has sent out several press releases to spread the word. The most recent press release even proclaims that cannabis may help cure Ebola.

What is Cannabis Paste

New Cure Cannabis Paste is made using a high CBD, low THC strain of hemp, which Morehouse named “Ditch Weed.” THC is the psychoactive cannabinoid found in marijuana that is known for creating the feeling of being high. CBD is the non-psychoactive cannabinoid that has put cannabis on the medicinal map recently, showing successful results in the treatment of epilepsy and other medical conditions in young children as well as adults.

The healthy cannabinoids are extracted using vegetable glycerin and coconut oil. The cannabis and glycerin are combined and then heated at a low temperature for 10.5 hours. The cannabis paste is made in commercial sized batches, and it can be obtained by consumers in two ways. There is a “free list” and a “pass it forward” list. It is given away for free only to those who are extremely ill, near death, or suffering from a debilitating medical condition such as epilepsy, but the wait list for the free cannabis paste may be lengthy because they must wait for donations to make each batch.

Don’t want to wait around for a free batch of cannabis paste? Donate $250.00 to New Cure to cover the cost of your batch and a batch for the next person in line on the “free list,” and your batch will be expedited.

The photo below is from a video on the New Cure website where Morehouse and a friend demonstrate to viewers how to make small batches of cannabis paste at home.

To qualify to receive a batch of cannabis paste, a person must sign up through the New Cure website. Patients are asked to write a brief description of themselves and their condition. New Cure then contacts each person by phone, and if qualified will then add them to the list.

How is cannabis paste different than cannabis oil or other forms of cannabis concentrate?

Cannabis paste is more effective than cannabis oil because the paste is diluted, not concentrated. One pound of cannabis can be turned into a 32 month supply of paste. The same amount of plant material will only result in a 3 month supply of oil when made using the method popularized by Rick Simpson. A person starts by eating a dose of cannabis paste the size of a pea, and the dose increases over time. A serving spoon is included with each jar.

Paste not being considered a concentrate is also why his product does not fall under an illegal classification- the term cannabis paste is not accounted for in any law.

How is it legal to ship the cannabis paste at all, especially across state lines?

It is not. New Cure hired a lawyer to find a loophole for this. The organization cannot legally ship the product anywhere. However, if the consumer sends a courier service to New Cure to pick up a package of paste, then the organization can not be held responsible. Consumers may arrange for a friend to pick up the package of paste from the New Cure office. New Cure can also recommend courier services that will do it.

How did New Cure decide which strains of hemp to use to make New Cure Cannabis Paste?

The New Cure researcher, Brian Welch, traveled the entire state of Colorado collecting every low THC, high CBD strain available during the month of August 2013. He found seventeen different seeds. The seeds were planted, and then once full grown, they were harvested. Each strain was lab tested for THC and CBD content. Three of these strains were winners. Those three strains are used to make every batch of New Cure Cannabis Paste.

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What is Cannabis Paste? Published on October 17, 2014, By Marie Veksler Health Marijuana News A man in Colorado says that ingesting cannabis paste may be able to help a person’s immune