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Cannarado Genetics

The breeder started and founded this brand based on a simple idea and a desire to produce medical, recreational cannabis and the best genetics in the planet. The first cross Gold x Shiva Shanti was created in 1998. Since then it’s been a steady evolution of ideas and creation.

Cannarado Genetics collection contains feminized and regular unique cannabis seeds. It uses only elite genetics from all over the world.

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Not something I would grow again. Never smelled of apples but I might not have found the right pheno.

Easy to grow for a beginner. But if you are a connoisseur like myself this isn’t one you would want to grow.

* harvest: day 133 total. Day 65 of flower. day 7 of week 19.

* dry bud yield: 107gram

* Appearance: very dense, super frosty colorfull buds

* Bud density: 8,5/10

* Aroma : sour/sweet apple candy

* Taste : very sour apple candy with a very sweet aftertaste

* Kind of high: its very strong, not really a daytime smoke, you just want to relax and hang in the couch

* Colour of thrichs at time of harvest: 20% amber 80% milky

* Drying time: 9 days in the dry tent, 3 days in the jar

* Length of buzz: 2 -3 hours

* Good comments: beautifull plant to grow, hands down the mosty frosty plant i ever grew, the buds are super sticky. Mainlining went great even though i splitted her main stem with training. She tastes delicicious and its very potent so i will grow her again for sure

* bad comments: i underfed her but still had great results so i cant complain

*other comments: failed with the mainlining because 100gram is just not a good yield for waiting 20weeks, so i wont be doing that again! Better luck next time, it was a great experiment tho and i learned alot.

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