chi dawg strain

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Chi Dawg Sativa Cannabis Flower Review

The first cannabis strain to be featured on the new 420 friendly cannabis blog in soon to be legal Illinois (Jan 2020)!

I happily introduce the dry flower which was labeled as Chi Dawg in the form of ‘popcorn’ nuggets (I know I’m not a fan of shake or giant stems – so popcorn gives the perfect balance in dry flower). Look at these adorably tiny green nuggets of ganja. Perfectly squeezable and smokable baby trees. Gotta love that gorgeous green maryjane in all of its fine flowering forms.

Chi Dawg Sativa Dominant Cannabis Strain

Cannabinoid Breakdown – Chi Dawg Sativa Cannabis

THC – .3%
THCA – 27.26
CBD – .11%
CBDA – .10%

Terpene Profile Unavailable on this brand. 😦

Chi Dawg Cannabis Strain First Impressions

Nothing too remarkable about the coloring here – (unlike my personal favorite – grandaddy purps – with those gorgeous violet streaks) but – this strain does carry a nice and deeply earthy scent. Quite different from real Chicago – no, not everyone from Illinois is from the city. Your dear author lives in the middle of cornfields, so I’m living, smoking proof. (Cue laughter, please)

This is supposedly a variation of the popular strain known as ‘ChemDawg’ which is probably what fuels the powerful and pungent earthy type scent that I’m getting here. There’s another strain mixed into this particular variety of cannabis that gives it the Sativa dominant effect – but I just don’t know what it is. I’ll be working more on this as information becomes more available. I will say that this batch of smokeable cannabis has a nice crystal coat over each bud too, even if the photo doesn’t show it. (Sorry for photo quality – hopefully upgrades will be possible if this goes well – which is up to you! So don’t forget to like, share, and press this!)

Okay, so, the popcorn-style dry flower that we have here is basically a grade above the shake that is often on sale (typically my favorite area of the dispensary) – but easily fits nicely into smaller pieces like ‘hitters’ or ‘one-hits’ and doesn’t need to be broken down much further. Saves on the mess of transferring into and out of a grinder – but that’s just my take – I’m also clumsy so I appreciate fewer steps in my smoking process.

Cannabis Strain Flavor

Regarding the taste in the first green hit of this dense little nugget of canna sativa – it has a thicker quality that overrides any real or discernable flavor. Mostly more earth-y tones again – and a bit of a cough inducer on top of it all. The thickness of smoke that this strain produces is pretty enormous if I had a method of explaining it – not quite a full on coughing fit, but not just a little ‘frog-in-the-throat cough’ either. I know there is some subjective debate on how coughing may have an intensifying effect on the bodily sensation of the high- but in the winter season – I’m honestly not a huge fan. My lungs are sore enough, damnit, and I don’t want to bust a rib.

Subjective Cannabis Strain Effects

Now, when it comes to the effects of Chi Dawg (coming from a highly anxious and bi-polar INTJ personality) – this particular strain of cannabis has been really helpful over a stressful holiday season. The sativa heavy strain is nice for a daytime buzz and I even made small talk with the local dollar store cashier (and I am not great at that sort of thing normally). It also has a chill enough effect for me that I can easily fall asleep when I need to without making a strain switch. Plus there doesn’t seem to be a canna hangover either. You know – that extra groggy effect that some strains can have? Yeah – since I’m a morning person, I really appreciate the ease of waking up from this strain of cannabis.

Basic Feels – Overall Cannabis Experience

This one is definitely good for creativity – I’ve had more ideas for the New Year than I will be able to commit to, but it’s nice to feel somewhat motivated to pull through the seasonal depression that has been hitting extra hard this year. So, that is definitely a plus.

Chi Dawg Sativa earns a rating of 5 out of 7 leaves for the Good Ganja Goddess.

Until next time – share this like crazy, submit your art and ideas, and keep enjoying that good green ganja.

Chi Dawg Sativa Cannabis Review