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This last batch of seeds were very expensive autoflower seeds and none of them have turned out to be autoflower. They appear to have been feminized as promised but none of them have flowered automatically which has put a big damper on my summer plans. The seeds were all different strains from multiple breeders and since none are autoflower I must assume the worst.

They just charged me $20/seed for random seeds they had kicking around. Notes: These types of tiny pocket-microscopes are relatively cheap and can be used alone or with a smartphone. If you have a smartphone, make sure to get one with a phone attachment like the ones in the picture above. This makes for better pictures and it also makes it way easier to focus on the piece of plant you want. Pro-tip: these are great for video if you don’t have a USB camera available. By placing the seed in a moist culture medium , it begins a series of reactions that will lead to germination in a few hours or days. Whichever substrate we choose for germination, we must ensure that it never completely dries out, because as the seed stops absorbing moisture , it’s likely that the seed will cease its activity and never germinate. That being said, you can plant your seeds right into their final container.

Just be careful not to overwater your seedlings at first if they’re in a big container as they’re not drinking much water in the beginning. In fact, botanists can trace the entire cannabis lineage back to an original landrace strain in the Hindu Kush region of Afghanistan and Pakistan. I have had a very bad experience with the customer support of Dinafem. Last January I bought 5 Blue Dream seeds at the Athens cannabis expo, that grew to be with zero THC and crystals and no smell at all. When I told customer support I received a sarcastic reply from "Leire" telling me that she was "very disappointed to hear we go to tradeshows to cheat people or something." Her exact words. Instead of discussing this she completely send me away. They absolutely do not care about the customer and prefer to use sarcasm instead of spending some time to give a proper response. They lost a customer not due to company policy but because of a bad advisor that later I was told she was even a manager. If they can't sort out how a manager should behave, who am I to stop them? My two cents, chose another company for your growing experience, Dinafem will not treat you right and they will make you angry beyond belief!! Both indoor and outdoor cultivation are covered in detail, and a range of budgets are catered for, with suggested equipment and materials ranging from high-end and expensive to low-cost and even DIY. Overall, this is a comprehensive and no-nonsense guide to cannabis cultivation, with particularly good layout and formatting making it well-presented and easy on the eye. A good temperature for your growroom is +- 77°F or 25°C. When the lights are out, it can be a few degrees colder. Это не провал, buddy, это урок, ты хороший садовник, один из лучших! :muscle: Гск это а зверь крытый попробовать это :joy: Basic / Breeders Info. Stealth Growing: How to NOT get Caught Growing Weed. Contrary to our conception of the stoner as a Cheez Doodle-munching, Ben & Jerry's-huffing, snacking machine (see above), one study has shown that people who smoke weed are actually less likely to develop conditions associated with weight gain and obesity, such as diabetes, than people who have never smoked marijuana.В. Generated by Wordfence at Fri, 12 Jun 2020 14:06:35 GMT. At its highest levels, Juicy Fruit weed can contain up to 20% THC, with average yields usually being around 16%. This is a pretty strong THC content when compared to your average Sativa, which is roughly 13.5%. ( This means that you can expect a powerful high from the Juicy Fruit strain). Hash (or hashish), on the other hand, refers to a cannabis extract made by separating the resin from buds (and/or sugar leaves). There are many different ways to make hash, but they all involve separating the trichomes and pressing them into a block, ball, cylinder, or coin. The result is a strong concentrate with unique flavour and effects.

As you may know, cannabis is a complex plant with hundreds of compounds (of which over 100 are cannabinoids). The two most prominent (and best studied) cannabinoids are delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (better known as THC) and cannabidiol (more commonly known as CBD). You’ll be killing two birds with one stone: When you use a higher amount of kratom, the effects will basically reverse. The powder becomes sedative and analgesic (pain reliever), which helps you relax and in a dreamy state. Some people who use kratom at higher doses encounter a fuzzy euphoria, although if you are looking for a high type, kratom may be disappointing. As its name suggests, this strain has a very citrusy scent and taste, with some undertones of pine. Its robust and lemon flavor is sure to wake you up.

Some users say this strain gives a morning espresso a run for its money. "Getting hold of blood to use was more difficult than I expected. The obvious answer would be to take blood yourself, DIY style, but I also went to blood donor banks. When you light all of the herbs within the bowl, you are consuming much of the taste within the herbs. This means that each subsequent hit will still produce smoke, but without the same delicious taste.


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