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Reviewers have stated its high tends to create a body buzz as its indica properties emerge, and the sativa side is noticeable when conversations become more fun and the giggles arise. Some have reported that Mango Kush also increases appetite, so it’s possible that this might be a great strain for various social occasions. We found 35 direct descendants from TH Seeds' S.A.G.E. in the seedfinder strain database, here a short overview. To see all hybrids and their descendants, visit our S.A.G.E.

Genealogy Page and check out all the direct crosses as like as the following generations. When one thinks of Cookie Monster, one remembers the adorable muppet from Sesame Street. Its cannabis counterpart, however, has very little to do with the children’s icon and more of its iconic lineage and monstrous potency. Chinese emperor Shennong is rumored to have discovered the health benefits of weed tea more than 4,000 years ago. The 2020 Base Model of the refreshed Razer Blade 15 notebook line boasts a new keyboard and plenty of processing power, although the really exciting extras are saved for the pricier models. This is an easy to grow strain, which creates an incredible yield of fragrant and tasty buds.

The intense aged-cheese flavours are softened by a sweet blueberry aftertaste. The short stocky plant has strong side branches which develop heavy sticky colas in a short flowering period. Relative Humidity – Temperature has a significant effect on the relative humidity of your grow area. Pineapple Express (Barney's Farm) 5025 West Lemon Street #200 Tampa, FL USA 33609 800-884-8634. “I’ve done a lot of consulting work,” Adams says, “and one of the main issues that I see, especially in startups, is that there’s a knowledge gap between the marketing guys and the people on the ground. The people who work in the facility really need to be able to communicate with the patients and marketing side of things, and vice versa. It’s important that both sides understand each other.” BAG APPEAL (4 out of 5) Female plants are basically what everyone is after when growing cannabis, as these are the ones that make buds, which is the part of the plant that contains the most THC. With just one male plant and a miniscule amount of pollen, your plants might end up filling their flowers with seeds. If you have male and female plants in the same growing area, the buds grown there will only produce seeds so you won’t be able to smoke any of it. You can tell females apart due to the fact that their flowers don’t fully close, they’re actually quite open and they produce little hairs called pistils. They’re incredibly easy to recognize, as the first thing they produce are their pistils , which male plants do not have at all. Male cannabis plants are normally seen as something undesirable, at least if you ask the average cannabis grower. No one wants their precious crop accidentally pollinated and then ruined, as we’ve learned will happen if we don’t separate the males from the females early on. This negative stigma and the hassle associated with male plants are the reasons that feminized seeds have gained popularity. When it comes to recommended pot sizes, this will vary based on whether you are growing indoors or outdoors. Your access to this site has been limited by the site owner. Anyways now i'm still undecided even on the genetics. Joey weed is the only one that carries apollo or plain c99 on hemp depot. and tbh i cant find any actual respect for joey around the forums. It will probably just come down to which one is easier to order or something like that. According to The Old Farmer’s Almanac, annual flowers and above-ground vegetables should be planted during the waxing of the moon (from the day it is new to the day it is full). The Old Farmer’s Almanac’s lunar calendar divides North America into four regions. Southern California and Florida are Area 1; Northern California and the majority of Washington and Oregon are classified as Area 2; Colorado, New England and Southern Canada are Area 3; Northern Canada is Area 4. Their availability and low cost are among the advantages of CFL grow lights. These bulbs have standard sockets so you can use them with any standard light fixture. Commonly used CFLs for growing cannabis range from 40W and upwards.

They are available in various colour temperatures such as “daylight” at 6500K or “warm white” with a more reddish light spectrum at 2700K.

Bulbs with a “daylight” spectrum are more suitable for the vegetative growth phase while “warmer” CFLs with their more reddish light are better for the flowering of your plants. That means, your marijuana deals should play out like this… You should place the marijuana in a secret location before the deal. Then go up to your customer, greet him/her and have them front you the money. You should say “thanks for paying me back” (if they are wearing a wire, it won’t look suspicious in court that you accepted money). Then leave the scene and call them and tell them the location of where you stashed their weed.


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