coco peat home depot

Coco peat home depot

I’ve only used Canna Coco I myself am going to be trying the sunleaves brand shortly as I can’t afford the have canna coco shipped to the east coast.

From what I hear most coco is essentially the same as far as yields are concerned, but I would without a doubt rinse the coco thoroughly as salts and other minerals may still be packed in the coco

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I’ve tried two kinds of coco, both from botanicare, bricked and loose in the bag. Loose in the bag came with all kinds of bugs, bricked was always clean. Could have easily been a coincidence or just storage failures where I bought it from.

But if the home depot stuff is bricked I would be willing to give it a try. You should be able to tell if it’s quality after the first brick, and if it’s no good not too much harm done either. Are they selling this in store?

Much of what HD and Lowes does is national, but some is regional.

I am in New England and haven’t seen any coir products at HD.

Similarly, I’ve never seen bags of pine bark fines at any Lowes stores.

hypergrow coco peat from home depot??? anyone use it? Growing in Coco Coir forum at International Cannagraphic Magazine.