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Another popular and easy-to-learn plant training method that increases yields is known as “Supercropping.” First up, we have the herb grinder from Golden Bell – a brand that is well-known for selling quality marijuana accessories. Its dimensions are 2” x 2” x 1.6” and weighs around 6 ounces, not bad for a grinder. Now for the honey – it costs under $10 and is one of the cheapest that you can get. However, its quality and features you’ll soon see below will show why its worth a lot more than that and why we recommend this one over all the others that we could’ve chosen.

If you’re not, and like to be a little bit more creative and resourceful, we’ve got some ideas for substitutes and alternatives to rolling papers. Some other sources out there will make suggestions that mean using tin foil. However, we would strongly recommend against smoking out of anything made from tin foil because of the toxic chemicals that can reach the body! Although marijuana possession remains a federal offense, Washington passed Initiative 502 in 2012, law which allowed adults over the age of 21 to buy up to one ounce of weed, 16 ounces of cannabis-infused products in solid form, or 72 ounces of cannabis oils or up to 7 grams of marijuana concentrate for recreational use. While the line of thinking years ago was that all weed is created equal, consumers know differently today. Black-market cannabis can contain various substances, including dangerous synthetics. While marijuana purchased from dispensaries is a safer bet in terms of not ingesting synthetics, it’s still impossible to verify the cannabinoid content of specific strains without testing them first. (This is particularly important for medical marijuana patients who rely on certain cannabinoid profiles for their treatment.) Week 1-3: Transition to Flowering.

Understanding, Identifying and Using Cannabis Leaves. Perl Las is a deliciously creamy, organic Welsh blue cheese, with a slightly sweet finish and creamy texture. Weekend Hot Topic, part 2: Most wanted next gen sequel. (1) Except where— If you’re gathering and saving seeds from your own plants, spread the seeds on newspaper and let them air-dry for about a week. Write seed names on the newspaper so there’s no mix-up. Pack the air-dried seeds in small paper packets or envelopes and label with the plant name and other pertinent information. Remember, if you want to save your own seeds, you’ll need to plant open-pollinated varieties. As long as you avoid the Agent Orange strain if you have any kind of paranoia, it will offer any user a bright citrus taste with the sweet comfortability of a fresh orange in its aroma — as well as a constant, uplifting feeling throughout the entire day. “The process of hash-making can be divided into two parts – resin collection, and resin preparation.” Previously, in the RAS-47, they used cast trunions and bolts. In this VSKA, however, they use S7 tool steel and mill the parts out of forgings (this is great news). Thunderstruck is an indica/sativa variety from Sin City Seeds and can be cultivated indoors (where the plants will need a flowering time of ±56 days ) and outdoors . Sin City Seeds' Thunderstruck is a CBD Strain without THC and is/was only available as feminized seeds. THC: 9% CBD: 9% Yield Indoor: 500-550gr m2 Yield Outdoor: 500-550 grams per plant dried Height Indoor: 60 - 100 cm Height Outdoor: 120 - 150 cm Flowering time: 8 weeks Harvest month: Late September Genetic background: Juanita la Lagrimosa x Royal Highness Type Sativa: 75%; Indica: 25% Effect: Physical, clear high. Marijuana has a number of chemical compounds present in it which are known as cannabinoids. For example, tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA) is a cannabinoic acid present in freshly harvested cannabis flowers. However, THCA cannot get you high and must be converted into THC through a process known as decarboxylation. When fresh buds are cured, dried and then heated, the process of decarboxylation begins whereby cannabinoids are broken down into THC, CBD and CBN among others. When cannabis is exposed to excessive heat or oxygen on account of being stored improperly, the THC can get converted to a different cannabinoid called CBN. CBN is less psychoactive than THC meaning consumption will not get you very high. Instead, CBN plays an important role in regulating sleep so smoking bud which contains CBN will in all likelihood make you drowsy but don’t expect to get high. This grinder features a heavy duty hand crank mechanism and razor sharp diamond cutting blades that make grinding fast and efficient. A thin poly ring around the top grinding section reduces friction and keeps your grinding smooth. The stainless steel pollen screen allows for only the finest pollen to fall to the bottom compartment. Its THC levels average at 13% and can go up to 18%. Its high is ideal for social occasions, often dulling fear and anxiety and leaving the consumer in a happier and more open state of mind.

It creates a care-free attitude that can sharpen focus and the sense while also relieving minor aches throughout the body. It’s a great choice for daytime use as it induces a bit of energy and doesn’t fog the mind. Reviewers have noted this strain is great for increasing creativity and engaging in deep conversation – as well as eliminating writer’s block. So, you’ve been feeding your plant with all the necessary nutrients.

You engage in proper watering practices and your lights are at an ideal distance from your cannabis plants. If, despite all this, your plant still looks sad and limp with discolouration in the foliage, you might be facing nutrient lockout.


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