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Dinafem Seeds

In 2005, after accumulating years of experience growing cannabis in all of its varieties, Dinafem Seeds decided to cultivate their own strains.

Interestingly, Dinafem Seeds are the leading pioneers in cannabis seed preservation. They are internationally recognised for their part in revolutionising seeds storage. When they first opened as a seed bank, Dinafem Seeds were finding that many of the seeds that they were sending or receiving were damaged due to the sub-standard packaging. Plastic containers were not protecting the seeds from humidity and light, while paper envelopes were simply not stable enough to protect the valuable contents.

Dinafem Seeds now use packaging that prevents seeds being irreversibly damaged. The seeds are first placed in a clear, plastic vial, similar to ones used in a standard laboratory. This vial is then placed inside a strong metal container ensuring absolute safety when products are being shipped across the world.

Dinafem Seeds have been selling the best selection of sativa and indica cannabis seeds worldwide from their own and from other seed banks for over ten years now. Since their origins as novice growers, they have researched the genetics of many plants to produce their own seeds, all of which are appreciated worldwide.

By the end of the 21st century, Dinafem Seeds was not only recognised for their superior preservation techniques, but also for the high quality of their feminised strains. Their Moby Dick CBD is immensely popular thanks to its fantastic medicinal properties and long-lasting cerebral effect. While their fantastic Blue Kush strain is a customer favourite for its potency and its intense flavour and aroma.

Here at Seedsman, we stock more Dinafem strains than most other seedbanks, which is why it continues to be an immensely popular breeder on our site. Try for yourself, buy Dinafem Seeds from Seedsman now.

Dinafem Seeds is a cannabis breeder chosen specifically by Seedsman for the quality of their marijuana seeds. Buy your seeds online here.

Dinafem Seeds Review 2020

They produce plants that are very easy to grow and take care of, with fast flowering times that give you a lot of reward for all your efforts. They go through a rigorous and unique process for cleaning their seeds, ensuring their quality, and packaging them in innovative glass Eppendorf tubes that include moisture control and a thermo-hygrometer that allows customers to see the conditions their seeds have been subjected to during the shipping process and helps to ensure a fresh product once they arrive.

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History and Reputation of Dinafem Seeds

Like many seed shops, Dinafem grew out of a simple love for weed. The company was started in 2002, when its founders devoted an entire year to finding the best places to grow and methods for producing their now-legendary custom strains (including Moby Dick, Critical+ and Blue Widow). After a few years of perfecting the craft, Dinafem Seeds was opened as an official company with product for sale in 2005. At the time, they were the first company specializing in feminized seeds in the whole country of Spain, and they had made it their mission to compete with the heavyweights in Amsterdam.

In just five short years, they became the first non-Dutch breeder to receive the Soft Secrets “Girl of the Year” Award for their popular strain, Moby Dick. Now almost 11 years since its start, the company still remembers its humble roots and remain dedicated to offering customers a no-hassle buying experience with a strong quality guarantee.

Seed Selection and Product Quality

Dinafem’s own seed selection is more limited than some seed shops, but its quality more than makes up for that. In their online shop, they also sell seeds from other breeders like Barney’s Farm, Dutch Passion, and Sensi Seeds, which helps to round out the selection. Dinafem’s proprietary strains are all feminized or autoflowering. Some of their bestselling strains include Moby Dick, Amnesia, White Widow, Haze XXL, Cheese, Industrial Plant, and Critical Jack.

Dinafem is famous for the strength of their strains and how easy to grow they all are. Their unique packaging precautions including the color-change thermometer and moisture control also help to ensure that the seeds get to you in top condition. The consensus in online communities is that Dinafem seeds are a great buy and you’ll rarely if ever be disappointed in the quality. The genetics are solid and they produce highly reliable, consistently good plants.

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