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Dr. Greenthumb Opens A Dispensary In Sacramento

B-Real of Cypress Hill AKA Dr. Greenthumb for his cultivation skills, smokes a symbolic joint at the . [+] grand opening of his dispensary in Sacramento, California on June 30th, 2019.

Sacramento, California – Dr. Greenthumb, known for its Insane OG cannabis strain, opened a titular, medical cannabis dispensary yesterday, marking the second in what is quickly becoming a chain.

“As Sacramento is the capital of California, we are honored to be one of the limited number of licensees that the local jurisdiction and state have approved for business. We are thrilled to look toward a future where Dr. Greenthumb can continue to provide high paying jobs, and quality tested products,” says B-Real of Cypress Hill also known by his alter ego, Dr. Greenthumb, one of the owners of his namesake dispensary.

Legalize It

He admitted he didn’t see legalization coming, but always hoped and pushed for it.

“We had faith that it [legalization] would occur, but whether or not it would smile upon our time to see it, we didn’t know; but, we knew we were fighting for it. It’s been great to see the progress and change that has happened in the cannabis culture, as it relates to legalization, medical use, all aspects of it,” he says.

“I think (the late, legendary activist and author) Jack Herrer would be proud of what people have done in terms of legalization. I think he’d be a little upset about some of the things going on as well like the taxes for cultivators, retail shops and anyone getting into a cannabusiness. The taxes in California are crazy, like 40%. They make you jump through hoops,” B-Real adds.

Dr. Greenthumb

Cypress Hill are undeniably the original outlaws of cannabis culture. They were working on an album when B-Real heard a particular beat that DJ Muggs put together and “Hello, my name is Dr. Greenthumb,” instantly sprang to mind. The moniker was already in use by his cultivation clique. They would often refer to one another as Dr. Greenthumb. B-Real came up with the idea to make the nickname into a track.

“Dr. Greenthumb transformed from a song into an alter ego, and eventually into a symbol of part of our brand, in terms of what I do as a gangapreneur in the cannabis culture, aside from Cypress Hill. I didn’t see that evolution happening when I first made the song due to the laws being what they were back then. But, I figured if I were going to get into the cannabis space, I would bring something that people know aside from Cypress Hill. I wanted to do something brought that alter ego into the forefront of cannabis culture,” he says.

Hits From the Bong

B-Real jokingly admits that “Dr. Greenthumb,” is probably even more of a stoner than he is. His dispensary is highly stocked cannabis brands including, but not limited to, Wonderbrett, Cookies, Insane, Kings Garden, Undisputed 87 (Tyson Ranch), Loudpack, Synergy, the Lemonade, Raw Garden, Korova, Kiva, Nature’s Lab, and Utopia.

“As members of the cannabis industry, we hope to demonstrate that the convergence of community-oriented businesses, commerce, ethics, and profitable enterprises can shape the communities of tomorrow with an eye towards social equity and economic development. As an integral part of the business community, we anticipate providing jobs and revenue,” says B-Real.

The original Dr. Greenthumb dispensary in Sylmar, as well as the one in Sacramento, will partner with Driven Deliveries. Additional California-based Dr. Greenthumb dispensaries are currently being built in Humboldt and Cathedral City. Both are slated to open in 2019.

Dr. Greenthumb AKA B-Real of Cypress Hill shows off his new dispensary, prior to the grand opening . [+] on June 30, 2019.

Named after B-Real of Cypress Hill’s alter ego, Dr. Greenthumb, the rapper is one of the owners of the new medical marijuana joint.

Dr. Greenthumb’s – DT LA

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