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The Sword of Kings is a very rare item in EarthBound, and can only be found in one certain place at one certain time. The enemies in this area are powerful, so hunting for this item can be aggravating for players. Following is information to help make this quest a little easier.


  • The Sword of Kings is a 1/128 drop from the Starman Super.
  • The Starman Super can be fought in the “factory” area of the Stonehenge Base.
  • The base is accessible after visiting Tenda Village for the first time, and then getting the call from Apple Kid.
  • When you beat the Starman Deluxe at the end, the Starman Supers disappear, so there’s a time frame for when the Sword is available.
  • You party’s average level should be around 55 for this challenge (which is pretty natural at this point in the game anyway)


First off, you should set some time aside before attempting this. You’ll be fighting the Starman Supers smack dab in the middle of the base, with quite a bit of dungeon on either side of you. It’s a hassle to try to leave and save, so your best bet is to get the Sword in one or two runs.

A good place to hunt is the “bridge” to the right of where you enter the factory area (there’s a gift box on the right with a Broken Harmonica in it). From here, walk from left to right, spawning enemies and fighting them. You’ll want to avoid the Atomic Power Robots, since they’re such a hassle and a drain on your resources. You won’t really be able to tell the difference between the Starman Supers and the regular Starmen, so you’ll end up fighting both.

The main trick you’ll want to exploit are the Starmen’s weird orientations. Typically, approaching one directly from either the left or right side will get you a green battle swirl. You should be high enough to net an automatic win when this happens (the ones that give you around 7,500 EXP are the Starmen Super; regular Starmen give considerably less EXP). If you’re still having trouble getting automatic wins, try equipping Ness with the Casey Bat. Its high Offense stat should bump you over that invisible line that will net you automatic wins. When you do find yourself in a fight, you can still switch back to your normal bat mid-battle by “using” it from the Goods menu.

Another thing that you’ll want to focus on is seperating Starmen from other Starmen and the Power Robots. You’ll get to know their “teleport” distance fairly quickly, and you’ll be able to use this to your advantage. The curves of the bridge tend to stop the movement of the Power Robots, but the Starmen are a little less prohibited. This way, you can lure a Starman over to a secluded area (near the gift box, most likely) and auto-win the fight there.

Theoretically, (assuming you’re averaging about three Starman Supers per minute), you should have the Sword within 45 minutes. Realistically, with complications, it will probably take you the plus side of an hour and a half.

Once you have the Sword and a couple dozen levels tucked under your belt, you’ll be able to blast your way to Starman Deluxe and shut down Stonehenge for good.

SWORD OF KINGS TIPS The Sword of Kings is a very rare item in EarthBound, and can only be found in one certain place at one certain time. The enemies in this area are powerful, so hunting for

Earthbound auto win

Instant Wins

In some cases, when you get into a fight with a weak enemy, you automatically win without going into battle. This is based on your speed, offense, and status. Only the chosen four matter for this; NPCs such as Flying Man are not counted.

You can’t instantly win in a red swirl or in a fight triggered by dialogue (such as a boss fight). If the number of enemies is greater than the number of characters who aren’t unconscious, diamondized, paralyzed, nauseous, poisoned, possession, mushroomization and don’t have a sunstroke or a cold you can’t instantly win.

In a black swirl, the highest speed among enemies is compared to the lowest speed among your current party members (even if unconscious). Each enemy’s HP+defense is then compared to the lowest offense among your current party members (even if unconscious). If your party’s stats are greater (not equal) in both cases, you instantly win the fight.

In a green swirl, your characters who do not suffer from the aforementioned statuses are sorted by offense in descending order, and the enemies are sorted by HP in descending order. In turn, each character “attacks” the first enemy which is still “alive”, dealing exactly 2*offense-defense “damage”. If every enemy is “killed” this way, you instantly win the fight.

When you enter a battle (or after YOU WIN! appears on an instant win), an enemy is chosen at random, and then that enemy may or may not decide to drop an item, with probability depending on the enemy. Since the item drop is decided before the battle begins, enemies summoned/called to help cannot drop anything.

If you spy on any enemy, you will always pick up the predetermined item (if there is one), regardless of who is actually spied on. If Jeff’s inventory is full, however, not only will Jeff neglect to collect the item, but the game will not indicate that there is an item to pick up.

If a Cute Li’l UFO or Beautiful UFO is present in battle and no item would be dropped otherwise, an item is randomly chosen from a list of 7. This item will always drop. If both enemies are present, the Beautiful UFO drops an item. This obviously doesn’t matter, since those two enemies will never appear in the same region.
– Cute Li’l UFO: Cookie, Bag of fries, Hamburger, Boiled egg, Fresh Egg, Picnic lunch, Pizza
– Beautiful UFO: Can of fruit juice, Royal iced tea, Protein drink, Kraken soup, Bottle of water, Cold remedy, Vial of serum

At the beginning of each turn, each character has their speed adjusted by +/- 50% to determine the turn order. In the case of a tie, later characters act first, and enemies act before allies. If an enemy tries to steal, they will always act last.

Paula and Jeff will always attack a random enemy. If Ness/Poo is not feeling strange or unable to concentrate, he will attempt to use PSI if applicable. The possible PSI commands for Ness and Poo in Auto Fight are used in the following priority order. As soon as an action is reached which is possible and fits the conditions, it is used and the rest are not considered. If both Ness and Poo use PSI, they will not target the same character. Lifeup Omega isn’t considered to target anyone for this purpose. When more than one character can be targeted, the character with the lowest absolute HP has priority. A character is considered to be at low HP if his/her HP is less than 1/4 of maximum.

1. Lifeup Omega if more than one PC is alive and all have low HP
2. Lifeup gamma on someone with low HP
3. Lifeup beta on someone with low HP
4. Lifeup alpha on someone with low HP
5. Healing Omega on an unconscious character
6. Healing gamma on a paralyzed character
7. Healing gamma on a diamondized character
8. Healing gamma on an unconscious character
9. Healing beta on a poisoned character
10. Healing beta on a nauseated character
11. Healing beta on a crying character
12. Healing beta on a character who is feeling strange
13. Healing alpha on a character with a cold
14. Healing alpha on a character with sunstroke
15. Healing alpha on a sleeping character

If none of these options are available, Ness/Poo will attack a random enemy.

The probability of successfully running away from a fight is (highest speed among PCs – highest speed among enemies + 10*turn number)%. Some enemies prevent you from running away regardless of your speed.

Avoiding mortal damage:

If an ally has more than 1 HP and is dealt damage that would kill you, the probability of surviving with 1 HP instead is guts/500 or 1/20, whichever is greater. Enemies can’t use guts to survive otherwise mortal damage, but NPCs can.

If only one PC is alive when the last enemy dies, and that enemy has a damaging final action (such as bursting into flames), that damage will set the character’s HP to 1, even if it wouldn’t otherwise kill him. This is mostly irrelevant, since the battle will end before this will matter.

Everyone’s HP stops decreasing at the beginning of the last enemy’s death text (or when the game declares that you’ve successfully run from a battle), and increases back to 1 if it’s at 0 (for those that are still alive). If anyone is recovering health at one of these times, their HP will keep increasing to the proper value, at an accelerated rate.

Calling for help

The odds of help arriving is (maximum number of enemy type – number of enemy type)/(maximum number of enemy type) * 205/256. (205/256 is probably an approximation of 4/5.) If the enemy being called doesn’t exist in the current formation, help will not arrive. This is why there are formations with 0 of an enemy (such as 1 Skate Punk, 0 Pogo Punk, 0 Yes Man Junior).

Enemies running from you

Enemies will run away from you out of battle under the following circumstances:

– Some event flag is set (because a sanctuary boss was killed): always
– Sum of your levels > enemy’s level*10: always
– Sum of your levels > enemy’s level*8: 75%
– Sum of your levels > enemy’s level*6: 50%

General note about randomness

Whenever numbers are adjusted by +/- 25% or +/- 50%, the result follows a pyramid-shaped distribution. The number is more likely to be near the middle of the range than near either end, when considering intervals of equal length.

Earthbound auto win Instant Wins In some cases, when you get into a fight with a weak enemy, you automatically win without going into battle. This is based on your speed, offense, and