fire cookies strain

Fire Cookies

Taste & Smell

  • Spicy
  • Sweet


  • Calm
  • Creative
  • Tingly

Pairs Well With

  • Arts & Crafts
  • Doing Nothing
  • Watching TV/Movies

About this Hybrid Strain

The strain dubbed Fire Cookies is a cross between the legendary Girl Scout Cookies and Fire OG strains and its long-lasting indica-dominant effects result from this lineage.

Reviewers have reported that Fire Cookies escorted them to a euphoric and relaxed state of bliss, which allowed stressful thoughts to slowly drift away and a warm body buzz to comfort them. The strain’s effects helped to ease tension and pain in their muscles and joints. A few have enjoyed using Fire Cookies to stimulate their creative capabilities before sedation would set in. Some consumers found that Fire Cookies helped mitigate stress, chronic pain, muscle spasms, symptoms related to multiple sclerosis and fatigue.

Its terpene profile gives it an intriguing sugary sweet scent with a trace of diesel on the undertone. The bright green nugs of this strain are often small, dense and coated with a thick layer of sugary trichomes that hint at its potency.

THC percentage levels of Fire Cookies are high and range in the low to high 20’s, so check your batches levels before fashioning a serving for yourself.

The strain dubbed Fire Cookies is a cross between the legendary Girl Scout Cookies and Fire OG strains and its long-lasting indica-dominant effects result from this lineage. Reviewers have reported that Fire Cookies escorted them to a euphoric and relaxed state of bliss, which allowed stressful thoughts…

Fire Cookies : Strain Review

Fire Cookies : Strain Review

It’s tough sometimes living as a Luddite in the 21st century. While I know I’m capable of interacting with pretty much any type of computer, phone, or tablet, not being a part of any social media gives me a very antiquated perspective from time to time. I find it especially hard to keep up with the new colloquial terms and general lingo being bounced around the marijuana industry. One such term that I hear thrown out a lot is “fire”. The simple definition of fire, in this context, is either awesome, amazing, or some permutation of both. Knowing a definition is one thing, but getting to experience the awesome of the word “fire” in a strain like Fire Cookies, is the next level of understanding. Fire Cookies are a new and extremely unique genetic strain that you’re most likely going to find only in Colorado. The parental combination is pretty straightforward. Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) along with Fire OG are the base for the indica-dominant hybrid strain Fire Cookies. When you take a really close look (and smell) at Fire Cookies, this breeding becomes even more apparent. The remarkably sweet and almost sugar-like aroma of Fire Cookies is directly inherited from the GSC. Not only does the GSC lend its amazing sweet notes but seeing as the child strain of another OG, OG Kush, there is also a fair amount of dankness and mellow indica effects that GSC brings to Fire Cookies. This is despite the fact that GSC is usually considered to be a hybrid strain. The Fire OG side of the heritage puts the indica in the indica dominant hybrid Fire Cookies. Like GSC, Fire OG is another descendent from the OG Kush line of genetics and brings along all the dankness it can muster into the mix. With a whole lot of Kush in the family tree, I would expect Fire Cookies to be a strain that would knock me out for the count and have me sleeping whether I wanted to or not, but as I was about to find out, Fire Cookies effects are deceptive, and there’s much more to this strain than meets the eye.

Fire Cookies is an extremely rare strain that is not only new to Colorado but new to the entire world. The only place you’re going to be able to find this specific genetic combination of Fire Cookies is at Chronic Therapy, a recreational marijuana dispensary in Wheatridge, Colorado. Chronic Therapy is one of Colorado’s leaders in new and exciting genetics. Not only is Chronic Therapy always experimenting with new strains, but through their child company, Chronic Creations, is blasting some of the best marijuana concentrates and extracts in town. I’ve never been disappointed with the selection or quality at Chronic Therapy, and neither will you!

Fire Cookies :: Appearance | Smell:

I popped the top on my Fire Cookies and I was already immediately pleased by what I saw. For a second I thought I was looking down at a bunch of chunks of some kind of Halloween-themed sugar-coated green breakfast cereal. In fact, I was just looking at a bunch of trichome coated popcorn nuggets of Fire Cookies. Now I know people out there complain about small nuggets, but let me stop you right there. Small nuggets are easy to pack in a bowl, they stay more intact if you’re transporting them somewhere, they are less likely to contain foreign material since they’re smaller, and they don’t have big ass stems which no one wants to pay for. I poured the collective of little nuggets out into my hand and observed them under a light as their little trichomes did their best to shine in every direction. I brought my nose in for a closer inspection and was rewarded with a rich, sweet aroma. If you’ve ever smelled any batches of GSC before, I’m sure you would find the smell analogous. There was little something more to these Fire Cookies. They possessed a deep dark dankness that really hit my nostrils like a ton of bricks. I knew this was the Fire OG bringing out the primordial OG Kush from both sides of the genetic tree. With such an uncanny dankness I was expecting Fire Cookies to make me crash hard on the couch.

Fire Cookies :: Smoke | Effect:

I figured, go big or go home, right? I whipped out my massive college-era pipe, Cyrus, and ground up a massive bowl of Fire Cookies for sampling. As I ground up the buds even more of the sweet and almost citrusy scents from before wafted out. Armed with hemp wick, I selfishly hogged greens and burnt the entire top of the bowl. The flavor was extremely tangy and, as I had expected from the smell, very sweet. The smoke itself was remarkably smooth, and as I slowly exhaled, I would have hardly known that I had taken a hit if it wasn’t for the lingering sweetness on my tongue. I sat back and let the delectable flavor really sink in. I’ve had batches of GSC that have tasted similar, but the dank tang from the addition of Fire OG was such a welcome addition that I don’t know if I ever want to go back to just plain GSC. I didn’t have to wait long for Fire Cookies to have an effect on me. I felt like as soon as I took my first hit, my eyes narrowed, and I was immediately more relaxed. I half expected that relaxed feeling to translate rather rapidly into drowsiness, but after another few minutes, it had not. What had instead happened was a rather cerebral high, which ended up being very balanced out with relaxed muscles and the desire to watch cartoons. Not one to argue with instincts, I put on some re-runs of South Park and decided to peruse some news articles on my phone. I waited and waited, expecting an indica-induced crash at any moment that never came. I was quite pleased with this since I’ve never been a huge fan of crashing in the middle of the day. Knowing what to expect from Fire Cookies, I went back in for another hit and a bit more empirical study.

Overall ::

Fire Cookies is one of the best rounded hybrid highs that I’ve experienced in a long time. Not only does this strain smell and taste amazing, but the effects are right on for a hybrid. Fire Cookies elicits a very potent high, but it’s not in any way debilitating or uncomfortable (surprising for a strain with 25.38% THC) . The rather powerful body high along with the very mellow cerebral high make this strain a perfect strain for any daily smokers looking for a strain that is pain relieving, mellowing, functional, and tasty. It’s not every day that I find a strain as well balanced as Fire Cookies. In fact, I would go so far as to say, the strain Fire Cookies is fire!

The Fire Cookies strain is one of the best rounded hybrid highs that I've experienced in a long time. This marijuana strain smells and taste amazing!