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Weed smoking games and weed video games

Picture of a mobile phone on a table next to a bud showing on its screen a game about cannabis.

There’s a magical combination of fun: cannabis and games or video games and if these are related to marijuana even better. Today we’re going to look at the games that all of us smokers have tried at some point, and in the process we’re going to look at the best smartphone and PC games related to weed. Well, let’s play…

👌 The 5 best games to smoke weed with friends

  1. The submarine
  2. Russian Roulette
  3. Basket and smoke
  4. The train
  5. Frozen

1.The Submarine

It consists of locking several people inside a small room and then lighting several joints to flood the entire space with smoke. It started to be done in cars, but it is not really the most suitable option for safety reasons, as it can be done in a tent perfectly or in any space that’s not too big.

Personally, this smoker’s game has given me great moments in my youth, you know, whoever gets out is eliminated and the one who stays in it the longest wins. There comes a time when you can hardly see who’s left because of the smoke, and it can happen to you as to a mate, who we thought hadn’t noticed that we’d all gone out and the guy had fallen asleep from the high…

Representative image of a Submarine*

2.Russian Roulette

This pot-smoking game is really fun, and no, it’s not about loading a gun with a single joint and killing the guy who gets it. In this case, the participants sit in a circle, each with his or her joint ready, and wait for their turn.

It’s easy to understand how it works, a topic is specified and each participant has to smoke while saying 3 or 5 examples of that topic. 3 rock groups, 3 football players or if we want to do it about cannabis we can choose 3 weed seed banks, 3 indica varieties, etc.

The fact is that, as time goes by, the participants get more and more high and the difficulty increases, so they have to smoke more, and there comes a time when one of them is not able to say 3 examples of anything and this one’s out of the game.

Image of a joint being passed around during the Russian Roulette game*

3.Basket and smoke

Il s’agit d’une adaptation d’un jeu classique qui était utilisé pour boire, mais dans ce cas-ci une version pour fumeurs.

This is an adaptation of a classic game that was used for drinking, but in this case a smoker’s version. It can be done with plastic cups and ping pong balls, several cups are arranged in a row or forming triangles, and each participant has to try to shoot the balls into the cups, if you succeed you smoke and if you don’t wait another turn. There is also an option in which the basket maker chooses who smokes, which is even cooler…

This is the cannabic adaptation of a game that is widely used at private drinking parties in the United States. In Spain for example we have a similar game, “El duro” or now it will be “El euro”, although I’m not sure if it’s still played (I’m so old…). In this case you bounce a coin on the table and after it bounces it must fall into the glass. With this joint game it’s similar to the previous ones, as time goes by THC makes you lose skill and it’s more and more difficult to score.

Photograph of several plastic cups in formation to play ball shooting*

4.The Train

This cannabic game is also a lot of fun, especially when more than 4 people are involved. The idea is to make a circuit between the players, a circle for example, light a good joint with Blunt or King Size paper, and start smoking, but not in an usual way, in this case you have to take a puff, pass the joint and hold the smoke until it’s your turn again.

At first it doesn’t take too much, especially if you smoke and pass it at high speed but, as the game goes on, it becomes more and more difficult to hold the smoke in your lungs for so long, especially when laughs start, which will be more than a few, you’ll see.…

Photograph of several friends playing the cannabic train*


Among the funniest smoking games you should always include this one, because laughs are guaranteed. If it is already difficult to look at a person’s face for a while without laughing, imagine after smoking weed, it is impossible…

Well, it consists of that, two people are placed in front of each other with their faces at a short distance and they get high smoking weed or hashish, while they stare at each other trying not to laugh. The one who laughs loses, could you take it?

Picture of 2 friends playing Frozen with cannabis*

✨ The 5 Funniest Free Cannabic Video Games

Smoking joints while playing with friends is one of the most fun things we can do. But sometimes we don’t have anyone to play with and and we have to amuse ourselves with individual games or video games, and if these are cannabic games we even like them more, right? That’s why I’m going to recommend you the 5 best free games for Android, Iphone and PC.

  1. Weed Firm 2
  2. Pot Farm Grass Roots
  3. Hempire
  4. Wiz Khalifa Grass Farm
  5. iSmoke: Weed HD

Weed Firm 2: Back to the college

It reminds the story of the ” Breaking Bad ” series but in this case the main character (Ted Growing) decides to become a weed grower after being fired from the university.

The game is really fun, because in addition to growing and selling the weed, you’ll have to help Ted defend the production, customize your dispensary and much more. The only problem is that it’s super addictive, but it’s worth it.

Image of the game Weed Firm 2 where it is shown a caravan with a cannabis leaf*

Pot Farm Grass Roots

This cannabis growing and selling game is the farm style that is so popular on Facebook, such as “Farmville”, “Farm Country”, “Family Farm”, etc. In this case obviously you have to grow weed, gradually expanding the resources to increase yields.

In addition to selling weed, you can cook edibles, negotiate with laboratories to enter the medicinal industry, and many other things, but always being careful to prevent pests like the mite, which can destroy the crop and ruin your business.

Image of the Pot Farm Grass Roots game*


With this video game about weed, in addition to entertaining you, you will be able to learn many facts about the best known varieties, both in terms of their cultivation, effects, flavors, etc.

It is 100% recommended, no wonder it is always on top of the most downloaded cannabis games. But if we have to say one negative side, you must take into account that after a specific level you need a lot of money to be able to buy gems and continue with the business.

Hempire smartphone game cover image*

Wiz Khalifa Grass Farm

Artist Wiz Khalifa launched his own free online weed game on 4/20th of 2017. Developed by Metamoki, it’s really addictive, once you start you can’t stop playing, I guarantee it.

It is a cannabis farm game too, so it consists of planting, caring for, harvesting, manicuring and then selling the weed. Start your own business and grow in the international market.

Wiz Khalifa Weed Farm game image*

iSmoke: Weed HD

This is a game to smoke weed virtually, a very real game simulator that helps the player to relax and disconnect, so it has nothing to do with the previous ones, but we wanted to include it in our ranking because of its originality.

When you’re stressed, light up a virtual joint and, thanks to the relaxing music and beautiful landscapes, you can escape from reality for a while. Try it and you’ ll tell us.

Image showing a grinder dropping chopped weed in the iSmoke: Weed HD game*

⛳ Other Joint Roller Games

In this case there are even competitions, cannabis cups that have categories that consist of making joints, something that can even be an art. We must recognize that there are people who have a special talent for rolling joints, something natural.


As you can get an idea with the name (in spanish), just as origami is based on making crafts or sculptures with paper, in this case it is the same but making joints. Note that it is not enough to make something very cool and then dismount it quickly, no, it has to be consistent and smokable.

Photograph of a joint sculpture, a good example of porroflexia*

Porrometro or Joint meter

It consists of seeing who is capable of making the fastest joint, that is, several players are placed with the grinder, paper, the mouthpiece and the prepared weed and we check who rolls it up first. I mean, a race…

Photo showing hands rolling a joint at full speed*

Roll a Joint

This is a virtual rolling joint game for Android. It seems easy, but as with other games or simple applications, when you pop there is no stop. Download it and try it, you will tell me if it is addictive, we have already checked it.

Image of the weed game for Android Roll a Joint*

⭐ Conclusion

If you like games related to cannabis, you have already seen that there are all sorts of them, to play with friends, alone with the smartphone or to roll joints of different types. If you know any interesting game that you would choose among your top 5, tell us in the comments below and if you liked this post, please share it with everyone.

In this post we gather the best games to smoke weed with friends and the funniest video games with marijuana…

The 21 Best Weed Games Ever

Weed games are like cannabis slang: there are a lot of them and they can be pretty creative. Plus, they are a great way of getting you flying sky-high really fast and spend a fun time with your friends.

To give you plenty of options, we trolled the internet (as in carefully and systematically searched, not the offensive comment) looking for the best weed games. We then assembled 21 of the best for your smoking pleasure.


1. Never Have I Ever


Gather everyone together and make sure there’s enough ganja to go around. Roll a few joints, pack a few bongs, or have some blunts standing at the ready. Pick a person to go first. That person makes a simple statement starting with “Never have I ever…” followed by some action.

So, for example, someone might say, “Never have I ever been chased by a bear.” Anyone who has done or experienced that action takes a toke. The next person in the group (clockwise, counter-clockwise, zig zag around the room, whatever) makes a statement and the play goes on from there.

2. Medusa

Sit in a circle with your cannabis at the ready. Everyone puts their head down or just looks at their feet. On the count of three, everyone looks up and stares at another player.

If you’re looking at someone who ISN’T looking at you, you’re safe. If you’re looking at someone who IS looking at you, shout “Medusa!”, fire up your joint and take a hit.

3. Jammin’


This game is simple in its concept but requires that everyone have their own weed . Put on the song Jammin’ by Bob Marley and take a hit every time Mr. Marley says “jammin’” or “jam.” There are a couple times in the song where the backup singers say “jammin’” or “jam,” so you can decide beforehand if you want those to count.

Be warned, though, those backup-singer “jams” come fast and furious (4 hits in 4 seconds). Either way, it’s a fun weed game that is sure to get you baked in no time.

4. Weed Jenga

This requires a bit of planning and prep beforehand, but you can make a game out of that too. You’ll need a permanent marker and a box of Jenga blocks. Get plenty high and then write rules on some or all of the Jenga blocks.

You can skip the get high part (although why you would, I don’t know) but you still have to write rules. Rules like, “take two hits” or “close your eyes for the rest of the game” work well. Get creative and have fun (that’s why the get high part first).

When you’ve finished writing the rules, assemble the Jenga tower and play as normal. When a player pulls a block, they have to do what it says. When the tower collapses, the person responsible has to watch while everyone else takes a puff on their joint or blunt . That’s the basics, but you can make up your own rules to make the game more interesting.

5. Power Hour

While not technically a game, Power Hour is a great way to get seriously stoned and have fun. You’ll need a bunch of your favorite music and a bunch of weed so there’s enough to go around.

Alternatively, you could download a Power Hour mix or play one on YouTube. A Power Hour mix is an hour or two of songs in random increments (15 seconds, 20 seconds, 30 seconds, etc.). You can also do it with your own music by randomly and manually changing the song.

But for that to work, the person doing the changing has to pay attention—something that may get harder and harder as the hour goes on. Whenever the song changes, everyone has to take a hit from whatever ganja is nearby. Dancing and revelry are encouraged.

6. Video Games


This weed game is pretty self-explanatory. Pick your favorite video game—Super Smash Bros. or Mario Kart work well—and play until there’s a winner. Winner gets to take a puff from the bong while the others have to watch. Play again. Alternatively, the winner could get 2, 3, or 4 puffs while the loser(s) only get one.

7. Rock Band

Rock Band is great for groups of 2 to 5 players and can be a seriously entertaining way to pass a few hours…and a few joints. If you don’t have Rock Band, you can use Guitar Hero.

You could add any number of different rules, but basically, you pick a score or a percentage and everyone (or the team as a whole) has to be above that number. If you achieve that goal, everyone gets 2 hits. If you don’t achieve that goal, you only get 1 hit (or no hits).

Alternatively, you can go head-to-head (no pun intended). The person with the highest score gets two tokes while the loser gets none. Make up your own rules and rock on.

8. Movie Time


For those who want to move as little as possible while getting amazingly high , there’s always movie time. First, pick a movie. Then make a rule that when something specific happens or is said in the movie, everyone has to take a hit.

So, for example, if you chose a stoner movie, every time someone smokes in the movie, you all have to puff-puff at home.

And it doesn’t just have to be stoner movies. If you pick a rom-com, smoke when someone kisses in the movie. If you pick an action movie, smoke when someone gets shot. If you pick a horror movie, smoke every time you see blood. Need I go on?

9. Bong Pong

This weed game is similar to beer pong but the reward is bud instead of beer. Players attempt to bounce a ping pong ball into a cup of beer. If the ball lands in the cup, the person who made the shot gets to hit the bong while her opponent has to drink the beer. Make up your own rules for an added bit of fun.

10. Smokin’ Dice Game


Smokin’ Dice is a quick and easy way to have some fun and get high at the same time. Purchase a set of Smokin’ Dice, pack a big bowl of bud, and start rolling.

The four dice give you different combinations of tasks such as, “Player of your choice take 2 tokes then laugh as hard as you can while spinning in a circle” or “You take a puff then do a dance in slow motion.” No remembering a long list of rules, just plenty of smoking fun.

11. Hold Your Smoke (Taxi)

Just as the name of this weed game says, the point is to hold your smoke as long as possible. The simple version is: take a hit and hold it in, pass the ganja to the next person, exhale your smoke when the MJ makes it back around to you. That’s it!

If you can’t hold your smoke, or you choke, before the bud gets back to you, you’re out. There are endless variations of this game so make up your own rules for even more fun. This game can be pretty challenging if you’ve got 4 or more players, or if you really suck at holding your breath, so plan accordingly. At least you’ll be high while you’re doing it so who cares, right?

12. Wheel Of Weed Game

This one is perhaps the most prep-heavy, although we have seen rumors that an electronic version might be up for sale soon. You’ll need something that spins easily like a spinner from a board game (Twister?) to make this work. Label the spinner with the following tasks:

  • Smoke
  • Joke
  • Pass the Toke
  • 420
  • Truth
  • Dare
  • Spin Again
  • Anything else you’d like to add

Take turns spinning and performing the task specified. You can choose a set number of rounds, play until the ganja is gone, or play last man standing.

13. Strip Choker


Strip Choker requires that everyone has their own weed, so plan accordingly. Other than that, the rules are simple. All players take a hit at the same time and hold it in. The first person to let their smoke out (be it by coughing or exhaling in any way) takes off a piece of clothing.

14. Ash Bomber

For this weed game, you’ll need the following supplies:

  • A wide-mouthed jar (a cup will do too)
  • A sheet of toilet paper, tissue paper, or rolling paper
  • A penny
  • A rubber band
  • A joint or blunt (not a bong)

Cover the opening of the jar with the paper of your choice. Secure around the rim with the rubber band (like you would a sploof ). Set the penny in the center of the tissue paper and light up your bud. Each person takes one or two tokes (decide beforehand), holds in the smoke, burns a hole in the tissue paper, passes the joint, and then exhales.

Players must burn a hole each time they take their tokes. The person who makes the penny fall is the loser and has to perform some task. We like making them roll the next joint so we can play again, but you can make up your own penalties.

15. Greenjack

Basically blackjack with weed as the reward. Player(s) closest to 21 in each hand gets a toke or two.

16. Rock, Paper, Scissors


This works well in small groups like 2 or 3, but it can be done in larger groups. For larger groups, you just have to play until it’s down to one-on-one.

However large your group, throw your choice of rock, paper, or scissors with the winner taking a puff. It’s a simple, yet effective weed game for any time or anywhere.

17. Spliff Solitaire

Most of the games on this list are better played in groups. But what’s a leaf loner to do when there’s no one else around? Play spliff solitaire! Just like the regular card game, the rules are super simple.

First, fire up a fatty. Second, deal out any style of solitaire. Or better yet, play it on a computer or mobile device so you don’t have to worry about how many cards go on each pile. Third, play the game to completion.

If you win, play again. If you lose—which will happen more often than not—take a toke on your one-hitter and try another round.

18. Wacky Weed Categories

Quick! Name a band whose name starts with the letter Q. Can’t do it? Hit that bong! Correct answers include Quiet Riot and Queensrÿche, by the way.

That’s the premise of Wacky Weed Categories—a game that’s simple in concept, but difficult in execution…especially after a few hits of the ganja. Here’s how to play.

Gather everyone together and sit in a circle. Honestly, you could sit in a square or a rhombus or even an enneadecagon (19 sides) if it strikes your fancy. It really doesn’t matter as long as you can pass your Mary Jane without too much effort.

Once you’re all seated, pick someone to go first . This person picks a category and a letter (e.g. bands whose name starts with Q). The category can be anything—movies, food, two-dimensional shapes like the enneadecagon, whatever.

The person who picked the category and letter goes first. She takes a hit as a reward for her creativity, names an example from the category that starts with the named letter, and then passes the weed to the right (or left…jeez, don’t be so sensitive).

The next person also has to name an example from the category that starts with the specific letter. If he can’t, he has to take two tokes of the cannabis and then pass it to the next person in the enneadecagon. If she can’t name an example, she has to take four tokes and pass.

After two or three failed attempts to name an example, change the category and letter and try again. Depending on how many people are playing, you’re going to go through A LOT of weed fairly quickly (two tokes, four tokes, eight tokes, ten). Be sure to start with enough, or limit the “penalty” for a failed attempt to one toke.

19. Band Names First & Last

This game is similar to Wacky Weed Categories, but with a significant twist. The first player names a band, pop group, singer, or musical performer. The next player has to name a band, pop group, singer, or musical performer whose name begins with the last letter of the previous name.

So if the first player said Queensrÿche, the second player could say Extreme, and the third player could say Enigma. Play continues thusly until a player can’t produce a name. When that happens, the player takes a hit (or two or three) and passes the Thai stick . The next person names a new band, and play proceeds as before.

You can also play this game with movies, actors, countries, elements on the periodic table, polyhedra, or, to make it really hard, Dungeons & Dragons monsters.

20. Straight-Faced Stoner

The name says it all. Don’t smile or you’re in trouble.

Before you start, agree on a penalty (e.g., watching Sex & The City, rolling the next joint from their own stash, making a prank phone call, or washing the supper dishes). Then get high.

When everyone’s plenty high, call out “Straight-faced stoner!” After that, no one’s allowed to smile. If someone cracks a grin, they have to perform the penalty. It’s simple as that, my friend.

21. Heavyweight

Before you go running for your scale, this game has nothing to do with mass. It’s really a variation on the idea that someone can’t hold their liquor (they’re a lightweight).

While you would NEVER, EVER want to play this game with alcohol (death is imminent, boys and girls), playing it with cannabis is much more forgiving (naps are imminent, boys and girls).

Some of you may know this game as Last Man Standing, but that’s a bit of a misnomer. For one, who says it’s going to be a man? For another, standing isn’t going to be an option when this game is over. Here’s how to play.

Smoke until you can’t smoke anymore. If you drop out or fall asleep, you lose. That’s it. The last person smoking (or awake) is crowned Heavyweight Champion of the Joint . Give them a crown.

It’s best not to play this game when you’ve got other things to do (unless you really want to miss them) because 1) you’re going to forget, or 2) you’re going to sleep right through them.

Discover the 21 best weed games to get any party going and have you flying sky-high in no time—without making you hold your breath for hours on end.