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General Hydroponics Flora Series Feed Chart

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GHE (General Hydroponics of Europe) is a company that has been selling high-end fertilizers and additives for over 25 years now. In fact, the General Hydroponics Flora Series chart is perfect for those looking to make the absolute most out of your plants when growing hydroponically. Despite their name, most of their products can be safely used in soil and coco, too.

In this post we’re going to take a closer look at their Flora Series chart, which can be used in soil, coco, aero and hydroponics. You also have the choice of sticking with the basic nutrients or using extra additives with their basic and expert charts.

General Hydroponics Flora Series

GHE’s “Flora Series” range consists of three base nutrients for your cannabis plants; FloraMicro, FloraGro and FloraBloom. These three products contain all of the necessary ingredients in order to grow your cannabis plants from start to finish successfully. However, GHE allows you to use additives alongside them in the “expert” version of their Flora Series feed chart. All of these products can be used in hydroponic, aeroponic, soil and coco media.

Base Nutrients


This is General Hydroponics best, by far, base fertilizer. It contains all of the nutrients that your plants one hundred percent need to survive. It has the perfect NPK combination, 3-1-6, which makes for an incredibly successful growth period. When used alongside the other two Flora base nutrients, you’re guaranteed the best possible results.


This product is used alongside Gro and Bloom during the entire process. This is because it contains micro-elements and essential oligo-elements that help to keep the pH in your nutrient solution perfectly stable. It also comes in two versions, one for soft water and another for hard water, allowing you to give your plants a somewhat personalized treatment depending on the water used.


This product is the flowering version of FloraGro, and it’s designed to improve your plants’ flowering period. It’s generally used alongside FloraGro and FloraMicro from the start, although you’ll need to begin increasing the dose of FloraBloom once your plants begin to flower. It has a higher PK than the other two as phosphorus and potassium are two of the most needed nutrients during the flowering period.


GHE’s additives aren’t fully necessary to grow cannabis, although they can help you to get the absolute best possible results from your plants; they’ll grow much larger, stronger and more potent. Follow the expert section of the General Hydroponics Flora Series feed chart in order to grow professional cannabis plants.

Pro Roots

This additive is used to stimulate your plants’ root system. You’ll be able to entice intense root growth, which therefore causes your plants to grow too. It’s also used to fortify, strengthen and protect your roots, which are the most important part of your plants. Your plants will grow too, as the roots are simply a reflection of the upper part of the plant; the more they grow, the more your plant should grow.

Pro Bloom

This organic stimulant by GHE can, although it’s called Bloom, be used during the growth period too. Essentially, what it does is stimulate your plants’ hormones which helps to speed up a lot of internal processes. This basically means that your plants grow non-stop, and they’ll also need more nutrients or else they may begin showing deficiencies. Don’t worry though; General Hydroponics Flora Series’ chart compensates for this, increasing nutrient doses when needed.

Diamond Nectar

This product is designed to give your plants a boost during the growth period, making for a stronger structure when it comes time to flower. They’ll be able to hold up heftier, thicker buds thanks to its leonardite and fulvic acid. These two ingredients also increase the amount of nutrients that your plants can absorb. You don’t need to use Diamond Nectar during the flowering period due to the fact that it acts almost immediately when used.

Mineral Magic/Silicate

Silicate by GHE, previously known as Mineral Magic, is an additive rich in silicates that increase branch thickness and strength in cannabis plants. It also increases microbiological life in their substrate, which makes for a great mini ecosystem that your plants can benefit from. It also adjusts pH and EC in your nutrient solution, which makes sure that your plants can absorb as many nutrients as possible.


Ripen is designed to fatten up your buds; it’s used towards the end of the flowering period, which is known as the fattening or ripening period. It’s perfect for hydroponic systems, which tend to naturally produce less terpenes than plants grown in soil due to the fact that they are constantly hydrated. Ripen allows you to naturally fatten buds and increase terpene count, which therefore increases aroma and flavor. This product can be used in both hydroponic and soil grows.


This is one of the most important products when it comes to this chart, as it’s used during the last two weeks of the flowering period to flush out your plants roots. This is done so that they don’t end up tasting strange due to leftover salts or minerals. It cleans out your plants and the substrate over a couple of weeks. If you don’t flush your plants, you may end up with some strange-tasting weed.

If you want to have a closer look at General Hydroponics Flora Series’ products, click the green button below; we have full descriptions and instructions on how to use each product, as well as offers on all products and the best prices around.

General Hydroponics Flora Series | Feed Chart

The General Hydroponics Flora Series chart comes in two sections; basic and expert. The basic chart includes the three base Flora nutrients (Gro, Micro and Bloom), Ripen for the fattening period and FloraKleen for flushing the roots. The expert chart adds four additives to the mix for even better results. Remember to use both the basic and expert products when following the expert chart.

Some of the fertilizers and additives on this list can adjust the pH in your nutrient solution automatically, although we recommend keeping an eye on it just in case. These charts are to be followed under the assumption that you’re using distilled or filtered water, or water incredibly low in minerals. It also indicates the appropriate EC levels for each phase and dose.

Each chart is divided into plant phase rather than weeks. This is done so that anyone can follow it, whether you’re growing a fast indica strain indoors or an outdoor sativa that takes 14 weeks to flower. Keep in mind that these charts are a simple guide; you should always react accordingly to your plants health. There’s no point in following the chart if you’ve accidentally over-fertilized your plants, as they won’t be able to absorb any more nutrients. Depending on your experience, the climate you’re growing in and the strain you’re growing, you may obtain different results or need to adjust doses.

Follow the General hydroponics Flora Series feed chart this year for some amazing results! Amazing flowers in hydroponics, soil and coco thanks to GHE!

Growing Marijuana Nutrient Chart – General Hydroponics Flora series

Want to start growing weed but not sure which nutrients to get?

One of the easiest, most reliable, and cheapest nutrient systems that work great for growing weed is the General Hydroponics Flora Series .

The General Hydroponics Flora nutrient series is easy-to-find at any hydroponics shop, most gardening stores, and definitely can be found online.

However, the nutrient schedule that comes with the series is a little strong for most strains of weed and should be considered the maximum amount of nutrients.

A good place to start is at half of their recommended doses.

But if you don’t want to figure it out for yourself, I’ve created a guide specifically for growing marijuana with this nutrient system.. will teach anyone with any budget how easy it is to grow their own cannabis.