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New Game

This article explains the ‘New Game’ dialogue, which is accessible via the main menu.

Kingdom Name Edit

Defines a name for the new kingdom. A random kingdom name is created every time the ‘New Game’ screen is opened. Type in a name or use the ‘Randomize Name’ button to generate more random kingdom names. Names will variate between “The Land of. ” or two words combined together such as “Castlegoat”, but other variations in the code exist.

Kingdom Size Edit

Defines the size of the map.

Kingdom Size Map Size (horizontal)
Tiny 64 x 64
Small 96 x 96
Standard 128 x 128
Large 160 x 160
Huge 192 x 192

The maps will always have levels of depth from +25 to -102. Note that the deepest level (-102) will always be entirely made of lava.

Larger maps take more time to generate and considerably lower your frame-rates, especially later on in the game. For computers with a low-tier graphics card or players, who plan to build complex structures, choosing standard, small or even tiny for the kingdom size is recommended.

From observation, it appears that game crashes are related to world size. A small or tiny world seems less prone to crash.

Kingdom Seed Edit

Seeds are used when starting a new game to alter the map generation process. Every combination of numbers will result in a different map, but the same map every time that same seed is used. (Provided the way the map generator processes the seed didn’t change in the meantime)

A random seed is generated each time the ‘New Game’ screen is opened. The seed can be changed and modified by using using the Advanced Setup menu to change the seed and its elements. [1][2]The ‘Advanced Setup’ menuSeeds modulate geological aspects of the map (e.g. hills, caverns, water). Plants and ore veins are separately generated. [1] In order to generate two maps with identical geological aspects as well as identical plants and ore veins, the values for Kingdom Size, Kingdom Seed and Kingdom Center each need to be the same for both maps.

This also means that, with a given seed and slightly different Kingdom Center values, you can re-generate a world multiple times, until the amount and location of apple trees, strawberries, cotton plants and ore veins on the map are to your liking.

The following rules apply to seeds:

  • Consists only of numbers
  • Range from 1 to 10 digits
  • An empty input field defaults to ‘0’
  • Leading zeros are cropped (e.g. 000123 becomes 123)

Find and Share seeds here

Rolling A Specific Stone Type Edit

At about -7 depth you can find your first stone. If you want a specific stone type, you can use this trick:

  • Set all sliders to the right (tall, narrow hills, bumpy).
  • Preview the result.
  • Examine the type of stone you can find.
  • If is not as desired, change the Kingdom Seed (+1 will work).
  • Preview the result again.
  • When you roll your preferred type of stone, set the sliders to the preferred state without changing the Kingdom Seed.

Kingdom Center Edit

The Kingdom Center coordinates move the starting position of your gnomes by X and Y fields. The possible range for each of the two coordinates is -2147483648 to 2147483647. Gnomes will be moved away from the original center of your world.

To enter negative numbers into the Kingdom Center fields, enter a value first and then add the ‘-‘ in the front. If you enter a ‘-‘ without any value after it, the game will reject it.

Kingdom center values can exceed the actual size of the map, so that the map will change depending on how far away the gnomes are being moved. This means the kingdom center values are an important factor if you want to reproduce a map.

High values are known to produce flat, terraced maps with sharp, edgy cliffs and also possibly extensive water.

The first value moves the map to the left and up for negative values and to the right and down for positive values. The second value moves the map up and to the right for negative values and down and to the left for positive values.

Game Mode Edit

Currently available game modes are ‘Peaceful’, ‘Easy’, ‘Normal’, ‘Hard’, ‘Sudden Death’, and ‘Custom’. Choose ‘Peaceful’ if you do not wish to be raided by goblins and other Hostile Creatures. Choose ‘Easy’ if you want to play on a map with enemies but still want to be able to build a memorable settlement. Choose ‘Normal’ or above if you want a challenge.

If you select ‘Peaceful’ mode, you can later change to another mode (‘Easy’, ‘Normal’, ‘Hard’ or ‘Sudden Death’) except for ‘Custom’.

Custom Settings Edit

Altering any of the following values will result in a world classed as ‘Custom’. The difficulty of custom worlds can be anywhere from easier than ‘Easy’ to much harder than ‘Sudden Death’ depending on what values are selected.

Note that you cannot subsequently change the difficulty settings.

Metal Depth Edit

This determines the depth at which ore veins begin to appear. The exact effects of different values are currently unknown.

  1. Shallow – Ore veins can be found at shallower depths. Because monsters spawn at fixed depths, this setting allows you to mine veins at reduced risk.
  2. Normal – The default depth for ore veins.
  3. Deep – Ore veins are found at greater depths; you will encounter stronger monsters, making it harder to mine veins.

Metal Availability Edit

This determines the rarity of ores and possibly gemstones. As with Metal Depth, the exact effects of different values are unknown.

  1. Abundant: Ore veins appear more frequently.
  2. Normal: The default setting.
  3. Rare: Ore veins appear less frequently.

Enemy Sliders Edit

There are three sliders that will effect the strength, frequency and size of raids. The values for each slider range from 0.5 to 2. These values may also change during the course of the game depending on other selections made.

Enemy Strength Edit

This adjusts enemies to be anywhere from half as strong as a ‘Normal’ kingdom to twice as strong. At lower settings this gives you more leeway to grow in Total Worth before surface enemies acquire and use better equipment against your gnomes.

  • For ‘Sudden Death’, ‘Normal’, and ‘Peaceful’ kingdoms this value is 1.
  • For ‘Easy’ kingdoms this value is 0.75
  • For ‘Hard’ worlds this value is 1.25.

Attack Rate Edit

As the name implies it determines the frequency of raids.

  • For ‘Normal’, ‘Easy’ and ‘Peaceful’ kingdoms this value is 1.
  • For ‘Hard’ kingdoms this value is 1.5
  • For ‘Sudden Death’ kingdoms this value is 2.

Attack Size Edit

This slider decides the size of attacking forces.

  • For ‘Sudden Death’, ‘Normal’, and ‘Peaceful’ kingdoms this value is 1.
  • For ‘Easy’ kingdoms this value is 0.75.
  • For ‘Hard’ kingdoms this value is 1.25.

Creatures Checklist Edit

This setting allows you to decide what creatures will spawn in your kingdom. By default all except “Increase Enemy Strength Over Time” are checked in kingdoms other than ‘Peaceful’ (none selected) and ‘Sudden Death’ (all selected).

  • Increase Enemy Strength Over Time
  • Wild Animals
  • Goblins
  • Mants
  • Golems
  • Zombies
  • Skeletons
  • Beetles
  • Spiders

Note: “Increase Enemy Strength Over Time” affects the above sliders and is only checked by default in ‘Sudden Death’ kingdoms.

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This article explains the’New Game’ dialogue, which is accessible via the main menu. Defines a name for the new kingdom. A random kingdom name is created every time the’New Game’ screen is opened. Type in a name or use the’Randomize Name’ button to generate more random kingdom names. Names will…