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Lempire Seeds Strain Guide (1)

Description: Lempire Seeds Strain Guide (1)

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Lempire Farmaseed Strain Catalog Winter 2020 Prepared by: 800Lbs. Mantra Mendocino, California

Lemon Glue GG4 x LEM OG 50 Day Flowering time with huge yields. This is a killer greenhouse strain and is an early finisher outdoors. Lemon Glue has a neon green flower with a dominant Gorilla Glue smell. This is a staple of our catalog because of its tendency to be a large hash producer while being easy to grow, even for a novice.

Lemon Strawberry Banana Slushie Strawberry Banana x LEM OG x LEM OG 50 day Flowering time. LSBS does great indoors, outdoors and is the perfect strain for Light Dep growing. It has a crazy bag appeal thanks to the frost-on-frost effect of this beautiful plant. LSBS is one of the highest THC-V yielders we have ever seen, and reeks of bananas and gas.

Lemperor’s OG Lemperor’s Choice x LEM OG 40 day Flowering time for this large yielding strain. Lemperor’s OG is a Gassy Funky Skunk that is a quick finisher. This strain was optimized for greenhouse production.

Hash Queen 1 Gorilla Princess x PAKI 1 56 day Flowering time. The nugs are frosted which is why it dumps hash with skunky funk terps.

Lem OG- F2 LEM OG x LEM OG 50 day Flowering time. This one is a back cross of the original 2014 cut. This strain is ideal for Light Dep and does phenomenally outdoors. Due to its high limonene content it is mite resistant, PM resistant, and is a multiple trophy winner. Lem OG-F2 is a large and high yielding hash plant. It is easy to prune in flower, self pruning in veg, eliminating lowers and under-scrundle. Lem OG F2 consistently tests 27% and higher. Citrus Jet Fuel taste on these chunky frosted buds.

‘87 Limepop ‘87 LEM x Limepop 40 day flowering time. This high yielding strain is perfect for Light Dep. It is a fast finisher and produces large amounts of quality hash. ‘87 Limepop has loud lime terps mixed with gassy funk to elevate your experience.

Lemon Gorilla OG Gorilla Princess x LEM OG (2014 Cut) 56 Day flowering time. This 2014 trophy winning cut produces chunky football nugs covered in crystals and stinks of Glue and Gas. This is a big yielder outdoors.

Strawberry Lime Pie Black Lime x Strawberry Banana x LEM OG 56 day flowering time. Strawberry Lime Pie has the highly sought after Black lime Survivor cut which gives it the loud terpene profile of legend. When grown outdoors it will result in having massive plants. It’s high potassium uptake inhibitors enable close stacking making it perfect for concentrate production.

C.R.E.A.M. G13 Hashplant x (LEM OG x PAKI Hashplant) 56 day flowering time results in huge yields both indoors and outdoors. This strain is optimal for greenhouse growing. Thanks to it’s hash plant lineage, the C.R.E.A.M. is a hash dumping producer.

Spittles Kosher OG x Zkittlez 50 day flowering time on this Zkittlez dominate strain. The Kosher OG from DNA brightened it and raised the THC content making it a perfect compliment to the Zkittlez.

‘87 LEM OG ‘87 LEM x LEM OG 40 day flowering time for Light Dep. This strain is an early finisher. The ‘87 Lem OG looks super frosty and neon with gas dank terps. Huge Yields.

TIRICH MIR LEM OG x (GG4 x LEM OG) 42 day flowering time. White powdery mildew resistant and Hemp aphid resistant. Tirich Mir has Panama Red Traits. Showing short and chunky structure and cinnamon red hot terps.

Lemperor’s Limepop Lemperor’s Choice x Limepop 40 days flowering time to achieve super skunky dense colas. This consistently tests at over 28% THC. The Lemperor’s Limepop flower has a short and squat structure that is perfect for Light Dep and Greenhouse grows. Loud pungent nose bleed terps.

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