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Option 1: Store-Bought Soil + Nutrients – Growers can buy soil online or at a store, and simply add nutrients throughout their grow while watering for thriving, happy cannabis plants. If you are just starting out as a grower, or looking for a simple grow, here are some of the strains that are relatively easy to grow, and are of excellent quality. Toklas inadvertently included in her 1954 cookbook is generally credited for bringing the idea of consuming cannabis to the modern Western world.

Since then, the pot brownie of yesteryear has blossomed into . Essentially, moon rock weed, or cannabis caviar, is a small pinch of your favorite bud covered in honey oil with a generous dusting of kief on top. The finished product looks very much like a nugget of green candy or, for those more healthfully-inclined, a Brussels sprout. The Silent Vortex 3-in-1 Grinder is very quiet and grinds your herbs in seconds. It has very powerful blades, so if you grind your herbs for too long, they can turn into dust. It doesn’t have a kief catcher or screen, so the kief can get stuck inside the grinder. The grinder has a large-capacity, dishwasher safe grinding bowl, so it is very easy to clean. It includes a dedicated storage lid to store your freshly ground herbs in the grinding bowl.

You may also control your online behavioral advertising preferences and opt out from having your data processed by certain marketing companies by visiting and . Please note that managing these preferences will not turn off internet advertisements in general. You will receive the same amount of advertisements, but it will be less reflective of your interests, as based on your web browsing habits. The opt-out preferences that you set may be nullified if you delete your Cookies. William's Wonder parent stock is perfectly homogeneous, although its origins are a little vague, blessed us with its presence after selective breeding carried out over thousands of years in some unknown high mountain valley isolated from the main cross-contaminated (and highly variable) Afghani genepool. Over the last 15 years, I have had the blessing of extracting over 5,000 unique cannabis varietals to create hash. There are many things to consider during the process of concentrating cannabis, but the most easily controlled, pertinent variable to focus on is the strain of cannabis from which the starting material originated. In that regard, I’d like to introduce you to my all time favorite top five hash making strains: Gorilla Glue #4 (GG#4), OG Kush, NYC Diesel (NYC D), Harlequin and The White. These strains and their offshoots all produce unique, yet oddly similar, chemical-like gasoline terpene profiles. Each also contains a broad spectrum of cannabinoids, while remaining stunning trichome producers. To achieve greatness these trichomes, or resin glands containing potent amounts of THC, should be light reflective clear, gold and amber colors and have oily, greasy, sticky and stable consistencies. Per gram, high in protein [read more] What we love about this strain : This is the go-to strain when you love sativa and high-THC, but often have issues with anxiety and paranoia high can produce. She leaves you with some dry mouth for sure, but that’s about it from this Cali-gem. Don’t worry if you haven’t “Fus Ro Dah’d” yet, because Skyrim will soon be released on every platform imaginable. It is not without good reason though; the mystic setting, dragons, and the tale of an underdog have cemented Skyrim’s place in the video game hall of fame. The rules can be as fast and loose as you like, but one suggestion would be taking a hit from the bong every time a guard tries to take you to jail or your companion gets downed. Oh, and you have to take a hit every time you see a dragon. The smell is pleasant, very earthy with hints of pine and citrus. It just sticks around forever and permeates everything. To me this strain was WAY stronger than even sour diesel. The flowers have a lot of purple in them, the high seems oddly average considering the reported THC levels. It is just an average high and the medicinal effect feels weaker, and fades much faster than any other strain I have tried. This unique strain with two vibrant shades of green dotted with golden resin hairs and a distinct touch of purple throughout is as effective as it is appealing. With its mouth-watering cookie dough flavor, this proprietary strain is sticky to the touch while smooth on the draw and the effects will be certain to leave you smiling and comfortably numb. Keep up with new strains, products, trends, and deals with Leafly’s curated cannabis newsletter. related conversations in the different grower forums: Average Amazon Review: 4.7 stars. Purple Afghan Kush by Dinafem is an indica dominant marijuana strain bred by crossing Purple Kush and Pre ’98 Bubba Kush genetics.

A top performer in both yield and quality, Purple Afghan Kush has won 4 different awards at cannabis competitions across the globe. The seeds grow into sturdy, classic indica plants with a good resistance to pests and diseases. The purple colors in the buds and leaves starts to develop as the plants approach their 5th week of flowering. Rock hard, resinous Kush buds that reek of fresh-cut pineapples. As such, we decided to put three brands to the test: Pros and cons: portable dab rig materials.

So they're easy to slip into a bag, thread through a belt loop, shove in a back pocket or just hang from your handlebars.


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