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The regulations governing medical marijuana in Massachusetts describe a qualifying condition as one that interferes with activities of daily living (work, family, social, sleep). Certifying providers must also balance risk and benefit to ensure the most favorable patient outcome. I received an expresses envelope that had been opened with a razor then taped shut. First time Icalled and explained what happened, he said to email him photos of the sliced open and taped shut mailing envelope. Did this a few times and the Email kept getting returned for his mailbox being full.

Called again and he was hostile and rude with a real sarcastic, obnoxious tone of voice. Claimed I was using the wrong email which I was not, I copied and pasted it from his website. Then he switched his tactic to he does not offer refunds or reship. I politely mentioned that using the US mail for express or any kind of delivery was a bad idea, when he used to use DHL He claimed he never used DHL, then blamed the whole situation on me and Donald Trump, because I insisted on US mail( which I did not) and told me "I knew it all" and "to do business some where else." Im out $235 on this, not mention the stress and paranoia of the confiscation. I have yet to receive any kind of confiscation letter after almost 3 weeks. Still the whole situation makes me nervous as hell. Save yourself a lot of money, time, stress, and potential legal problems by never doing business with them. Traditional dish: rice noodles stir-fried, egg, green onion, bean sprouts, lime and crushed peanuts. This is what a male plant looks like at maturity when it’s starting to spill its pollen.

“I found myself to be much more creative and stress free when medicating with The Tangie strain.” Tolle Pflanze. Habe seit über nem Jahr eine wunderschöne Mutti im Schrank stehen und wird bald auch für ne kreuzung herhalten. (26.02.2017, 21:47) Are your cannabis seedlings growing tall, with long stems and few leaves? This is a common problem that, when not addressed quickly, can kill your seedlings. Fitness apps offer some great routines and points of action for those with the motivation to stick to a program and do it right. However, we know that not every one of those users is feeling that motivation. In fact, many of them will actually sabotage the benefits of their own training by not doing […] Indeed, being “on a golden sea” and “drift[ing] into the zone” are lines with rich imagery that seem just like being stoned. Not only that, but both versions of the music video are reminiscent of your imagination while high. I had a really nice conversation with Shereen Marisol Meraji for NPR’s Life Kit , which aired in two parts this week: An Illustrated Guide To Showing Up For Yourself and What To Say When A Friend Is Struggling. I also participated in a Reddit AMA with some other recent Life Kit guests. Until new roots form, some growers add no nutrient to the water supplied to the roots of the plant. US weed prohibition laws have changed in spurts since Oregon first decriminalized the plant in 1973, so they’re inconsistent state-by-state, Johnson explains. The federal government still considers cannabis to be a Schedule 1 drug, even though eight states and Washington D.C. say it’s legal for recreation and 30 for medical use. Legalization doesn’t mean everyone can buy, smoke, or grow on a whim. In California, for example, it’s illegal for anyone under 21 to buy weed. Even those of age can only purchase an ounce per day of flower and eight grams of concentrated oil. Johnson advises looking up whether your state has laws against certain types of paraphernalia, as well. Instead, the best buds are produced when you learn how to stress the plants in just the right way to increase yields and cannabinoid production. The Mekong Haze is a pure landrace Sativa strain from Southeast Asia. It can be hard to weed out all the bad information on the internet and find well-researched, free tips or instructions on how to grow your own cannabis. Gorilla Glue #1 Adverse Reactions – Image powered by Migraines | If you suffer from migraines, medical cannabis may be a good solution. Have ordered from here last 3 years multiple orders and have great success with germination, growth an have really grown some great weed!

Customer service has been excellent with quick email responses. Purple Haze is legendary and I'm lucky enough to be able to get it regularly in a non legal state. It's not quite as strong as other strains, usually around 18-20%, but the high is incredible. The taste is as well, I'd describe it as berry flavored with slight spice/earthy undertones, very smooth. I'm not the artsy type but if you are, this is a must try for you. It gives a great cerebral buzz that does not "cloud" your mind at all, allowing you to really focus and get stuff done. It brings out creativity and for introverts like myself, very much relieves anxiety in social settings! Smoke a bowl of this and the next thing you know you're taking over group conversations. • Moby Dick is a wonderful strain brought to us by Dinafem Seeds.

This strain offers a sweet aroma and a flavor that has been described by many as being like vanilla and eucalyptus. This strain genetics allows for a one-of-a-kind buzz but isn't known for making you have the munchies!


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