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Gta seeds

Auto #1

Auto #1 is our original autoflowering dwarf variety. At one of the lowest prices on the market, Auto #1 makes a great entry level strain. When creating Auto #1 we wanted a strain with an improved yield and taste whilst maintaining all the benefits of an autoflowering dwarf like Lowryder. Not only that, it has one of the lowest odour levels of any auto making it an excellent discreet grow. If given 20 or even 22 hours of light, the results can be truly satisfying. More vigorous and with a greater psychoactive effect, and has a better taste. Very easy to grow, almost foolproof, and its dwarf like height makes it ideal for balconies, terraces or any place where space is limited.

Flowering Time: 60-70 days from seed
Height: 25cm-75cm
Stone: All round body buzz
THC: Medium

Girl Scout Cookies (Girl Scout Cookies x MiG-29)

The THC level of this auto will knock your socks off, with some of our test samples measuring an incredible 24%. In a Sea of Green it can also yield a massive 600g/m2. It produces very dense, bright green buds, glistening with snowy trichomes and wrapped by leaves with a beautiful purple tinge. It is super sweet on the inhale, a true candy lover’s dream with flavours of brown sugar, chocolate and nutmeg all present. On the exhale, savoury notes of pepper and lemongrass and an earthy pungency may be detected reminding us of its original OG heritage. Like the original, it’s sativa dominant, a true heavy hitter starting off very cerebral and euphoric moving into a more relaxed body stone that won’t give you a couch lock.

Popular in dispensaries for its mood enhancement, treatment of anxiety and stress relief it can also boost appetite and help treat severe pain.
Easy to grow and being relatively compact, it’s a breeze to conceal if growing outdoors.

Flowering Time: 70-75 days from seed
Height: 65-100 cms
Stone: instant strong cerebral high and body buzz – Fast and Hard hitting
THC: High, approx 24%

Gorilla Glue (Gorilla Glue x Auto #1)

Like the original, expect ludicrous amounts of resin production, gluing everything together from your fingers to scissors and your body to the couch.
The taste is particularly delectable. On the inhale Gorilla Glue Auto blends citrus, pine and earthy notes with hints of coffee, flavours that made strains such as the original OG Kush and Sour Diesel so popular. As expected, our Gorilla Glue Auto delivers a powerful body stone which is both incredibly relaxing and euphoric. This gives it an outstanding ability to treat conditions such as chronic pain, depression, insomnia, nausea and muscle spasms. If something ails you there’s a good chance Gorilla Glue Auto will help.
Gorilla Glue Auto is super easy to grow indoors or out.
A knockout punch, killer taste and ease of growth make GGA one of our personal favourite indicas. Indica Dominant/Sativa/Ruderalis
Flowering Time: 70-75 days from seed
Height: 65-100 cms
Stone: very Heavy Body stone – couch lock and pleasing buzz
THC: Very High, approx 23%

MiG-29 (G13 Haze x Ruderalis)

Created to achieve the perfect balance of yield, strength. It is one of our largest yielding and most powerful super autos . The plant produces super crystalline buds thickly coated in resinous THC even extending down to the shade leaves. The taste is fruity and slightly spicy and the buzz is both a body and cerebral high. MiG-29 lives up to its name and carries a powerful punch and stratospheric high.

Flowering Time: 65-80 days from seed
Height: 30-100 cms
Stone: Indica body buzz with psychoactive
THC: High

Trans Siberian (White Russian x Auto #1)

Trans Siberian is a crystal covered cross that looks like it has just come in from a blizzard. A long lasting and powerful almost sedative stone. It is a perfect blend being easy to grow. Extensive covering of trichomes can be so heavy they may spread well down onto shade leaves, especially in the final 1-2 weeks of flowering. This can be maximised even further if it’s given its final flush just days prior to harvest and is then left for 48-72 hours in total darkness. Taste and smell is typically Indica, with a pungent skunky fuel aroma that White Russian is renowned for.

Indica Dominant/Ruderalis
Flowering Time: 65-70 days from seed
Height: 30-80 cms
Stone: Deep stone indica buzz
THC: Very High

Sucker Punch (Pre98 x Candy Kush)

One of the “hardest hitting” strains in our collection, it feels exactly how it sounds. This is one of the most potent varieties of autoflowering. Super easy, fast flowering, fast finishing and it will withstand most climates and environments. It thrives in any medium and well suited to smaller spaces such as sunny balconies. Multiple stems and side branches produce very heavy budding all over the plant. There will be one central stem that produces a larger cola but the abundance of other grow sites means that is plant can really benefit from well distributed light; giving an excellent crop of dense and intensely fragrant buds. The aroma when growing is the classic pungent Kush smell and when properly cured the taste is even more distinctive. The initial flavour is of freshly turned earth with hints of diesel fuel.

Indica /Ruderalis
Flowering Time: 65-70 days from seed
Height: 45-85 cms
Stone: Very deep stone, almost narcotic in its intensity
THC: Very High, above 20%, CBD levels around 0.8%.

Gta seeds Auto #1 Auto #1 is our original autoflowering dwarf variety. At one of the lowest prices on the market, Auto #1 makes a great entry level strain. When creating Auto #1 we wanted ]]>