hollywood pure kush

Hollywood Pure Kush

Origins and Backstory: One of the classic Kush varieties coming from California, this plant is very similar to the Bubba Kush, SoCal Master Kush, and Suge Pure Kush. She has been passed around for over 20 years and is still known to be an elite clone-only. Her original birthplace is most likely from mountainous areas of hashish-producing regions in the middle-east, or she is some sort of hybrid of varieties from these same areas.

Appearance: Pure Kush puts out golf-ball shaped buds that are dense and covered in resin. Once one has seen and handled the buds, they can be recognized anywhere. Very stout and dense, the tops never protrude into the spearhead or pine cone shape. This plant will develop a very slight purple tint if exposed to low temperatures consistently at the end of harvest, but almost always ends up light green, nearly identical to the nugget pictured above.

Aroma: This is one of the first plans to really define the aroma and flavor of “Kush.” It is a spicy and very hashy aroma, with strong skunk notes from the strains so lovingly-selected in the ’80s and 90’s. This plant is a sweeter skunky smell than a Chemdog, but is much skunkier than many other varieties boasting the “skunk” nomenclature. She smells of exotic spices and old musty places like basements and dank carpets, notes that can be found in nearly any typical Kush variety. This particular Kush plant has nuances of marshmallow and vanilla. Hints of spearmint are in the background as well. I think the easiest thing to identify Hollywood Pure Kush from the other Kushes is the marshmallow, vanilla, and spearmint that is so prevalent and unique. This musty, kushy plant has a trademark aroma that brings back relaxed beach-vibe memories when I inhale from a jar.

Flavor: Very similar to her aroma, the Pure Kush is a musty, skunky and dank variety with strong flavors of old-world traditional hashish and marshmallow spice. It is sweet and vanilla can be noted more subtly. The spice and hash flavors come first and most upfront, with marshmallow somewhere as a midtone. Exhales can have very light mint accents, and are followed up by a skunky flavor lingering on the palate. Very enjoyable, this flavor is consistent with this variety. It is hard to tell if I enjoy the flavor in its own rite, or because I associate it with the relaxed, happy effects.

Effects: Very mellow and relaxing, this is a classic California Kush variety. It is not overwhelmingly potent, but certainly strong enough to satisfy. The effect is mildly sedating, but overall very pleasant, enjoyable, and laid back. Despite the strength and indica-like character, these flowers will still have a functional effect. Because the smoke is so relaxing, issues like paranoia, racing heart, etc. never become problems, even after overindulging. This herb is very easy-going, relaxing, and pleasant. It is not psychedelic in the slightest, and has a mellowing effect in the head, and nothing more. Great for hanging out with friends at outdoor activities like camping or barbecuing because of its chill, mellow, happy nature. This plant just puts out chill, happy, relaxed, no-problem-here vibes.

Overall Experience: I love this plant and I’m certainly not alone in this sentiment; it is still being passed around and bred with after over 20 years of cultivation. This particular Kush variety is spicy, hashy, and has uniquely beautiful flavors and aromas that bring marshmallow, vanilla, and hashish to mind. The signature shape and aroma of the flowers always get me excited to just chill out and relax. The smoke from Hollywood Pure Kush is such a classic and is a fun, enjoyable indica on sunny social days. It is also good for pain management, insomnia, and other illnesses that are typically addressed by indicas, but seems to avoid the dulling or out-of-this-world feelings that can come from overwhelmingly-potent varieties. Hollywood Pure Kush and her sisters will hopefully remain in the cannabis gene pool for years to come.

Hollywood Pure Kush Origins and Backstory: One of the classic Kush varieties coming from California, this plant is very similar to the Bubba Kush, SoCal Master Kush, and Suge Pure Kush. She

Bodhi Seeds Hollywood Pure Kush x Uzbekistani

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