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5 different ways to hotbox with cannabis

Stoner ingenuity is an infamous example of just how inspired we can be with the help of a little cannabis, and enthusiasts face no shortage of exciting new ways to consume this plant’s materials. Though there are some pretty fantastic ways to enjoy the benefits of marijuana without smoking weed, one of the longest used and most enjoyed is a good old-fashioned hotbox.

What is hotboxing?

Hotboxing can be done by just one person or several at once, and it is a term that defines the act of smoking weed in an enclosed space to enhance the effects. Though there is little for scientific research to back up the theory behind it, the idea is that inhaling all of the floating smoke, over and over again will lead to a much more intense buzz.

Best places to hotbox

Now that you know what hotboxing is, you are probably trying to think of the best place that you could try it yourself. Luckily, there are so many different options that you can hotbox, just about anywhere with a moment of preparation, but to help get you inspired, here are 5 of the most popular places to hotbox.

1. In a car
Though we would never recommend driving after getting high, as it is an offense punishable by the same laws that apply to drinking alcohol before getting behind the wheel, most vehicles offer the ideal sized space and some smaller luxuries like comfortable seats, heating, air conditioning, and handy cup holders for drinks. Roll up the windows, put your favorite tunes on blast, and try smoking weed in your car for an intense hotboxing experience.

2. In a closet
The original place of the hotbox is not one of luxury or comfort, but it certainly works in a pinch to get the job done with few preparations. The whole idea of hotboxing is to get into the smallest space you can and start smoking weed, and a closet is generally the smallest room in a house. That makes it ideal for anyone who needs to keep their cannabis consumption a secret and keeps you close enough to the kitchen to grab a drink or a snack when needed.

3. In the bathroom
Now if you have a massive six-piece bathroom that sprawls out further than most people’s bedrooms, then it’s probably not going to be the best choice for a good hotbox, but if you have a smaller two-piece sink, and toilet restroom then you are good to go. The only issue with this is that bathroom doors are often raised, so line it with a damp towel before you start smoking weed to keep it all contained within the room.

4. In the shower
Though this one is technically still in the bathroom, it adds a new element that many stoners appreciate, which is steam, heat and water. Whether you get comfortable on the ledge of the tub and draw the curtains closed or get right into the bath with a fat joint in hand, it’s entirely up to you. If you want to add a next-level challenge, then try running steaming hot water before you start smoking weed, which will hasten your breathing and make it feel like you are getting higher than you ever have before.

5. In a small shed or greenhouse
Not everyone has access to a car or a safe indoor space that they want to smoke in, but that doesn’t mean that they are out of luck or have to miss out on the opportunity to hotbox. If you have any small enclosure on your property (or a friend’s), then you can head on out to the shed, greenhouse, or lean-to for a similar type of experience.

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Most stoners are capable of tapping into their creative selves when in need of an apparatus to get the job done, but do you know what else they’re great at.

Though there are some pretty fantastic ways to enjoy the benefits of marijuana without smoking weed, one of the longest used is a good old-fashioned hotbox.

Myths About Marijuana Hot-boxing

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Raise your hand if you’ve never hotboxed… wait, you don’t know what it is? We got you.

A hotbox in the world of marijuana is when you’re in an enclosed space without a lot of air flow while people smoke marijuana, creating a constant cloud of smoke. People tend to believe that if someone is in a hotbox but isn’t smoking, they’ll end up just as high as the people that are smoking; this is mainly due to popular myth and suggestion.

This story is told all over the world, and a group of investigators from the National Institute on Drug Abuse decided to do an investigation on the true effects of second hand smoke to see if its possible for someone who isn’t smoking to get high just by being in a closed room with people that are smoking.

Hotbox experiment:

This experiment was done in two stages; in the first stage, a group of volunteers were put into an 8×7 square meter room with just 4 joints smoked in an hour. Afterwards, they drug tested the volunteers and only a couple of them tested positive for THC, although they couldn’t feel any symptoms at all.

The second stage was done with another group of volunteers, same characteristics and amount, exactly the same as the previous stage except this time 16 joints were lit in an hour. Those that weren’t smoking felt the effects of the marijuana, and when tested the investigators discovered that those who didn’t smoke had a lower level of THC in their system than those that had smoked.

So, the investigators proved that enough cannabis is smoked in the room, it does indeed give the effect that everyone talks about; however, they wanted to go a step further and they wanted to see what other similar practices could cause the same effect.

They tried out a method in which someone falls asleep and other people blow marijuana smoke in their nose and mouth to see if, when awake, that person feels the same high as if he or she had smoked marijuana. This study revealed that after a reasonable number of drags and smoke blowing, the person will wake up with stoned symptoms.

Now you know that you don’t need to be afraid of getting high by walking into one of the many cannabis clubs all over Spain; although there may be many people smoking, they’re usually wide open spaces that are well ventilated.

If you're a regular smoker then there's a high chance that you've hotboxed before. Today we're going to debunk some myths about marijuana hot-boxing.