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How Long do Marijuana Seeds last?

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When it comes to cannabis seeds, many first time growers tend to have some sitting around from an old friend or baggie. With recent legalization, new growers are deciding to dust their seeds off and start their very own grow, but how long do marijuana seeds last before they won’t germinate?

A typical feminized cannabis plant can produce an enormous amount of seeds – hundreds, depending on how well the plant takes the pollen and how meticulous the pollination process is. It also largely depends on the strain, as some strains are capable of producing much more, especially if their flowers are larger and can hold more. But how long do they last once they’ve been harvested and dried?

How Long do Marijuana Seeds Last?

There are many different factors that come into play when it comes to cannabis seed lifespan, and the most important is conservation. If you’ve obtained your seeds from a seed bank and they come in their own packaging, when it comes to storage you can simply leave them in their packaging in a dark, dry spot; seed banks usually recommend planting within the year.

However, if you’re planning on crossing your own plants and making your own seeds, you’ll need to know how to harvest, dry and store them if you’re planning on keeping them for a while before germinating them; knowing how to store cannabis seeds properly is quite an important tidbit of information if you’re a professional cannabis grower.

The seed is undoubtedly just as important as the final result; without quality seeds, you won’t get quality results. Keep in mind that cannabis seeds are practically living beings ready to be brought fully to life. Many new growers don’t know that cannabis seeds require specific care, and the way you store your seeds can significantly affect their outcome.

Drying Cannabis Seeds

When working from the start you’ll first need to pollinate the flowers on a female cannabis plant and then harvest the seeds once it’s fully matured. Once you have your seeds you’ll need to dry them out before they can be stored or even germinated – they should be ready to harvest once they’ve gone a dark brown color or start showing dark stripes. Most people opt to dry their seeds by simply drying the flowers and harvesting the seeds once they’ve dried out – it makes them much easier to remove from the flowers.

How Long do Marijuana Seeds Last in Storage?

Once you have your seeds you’re going to want to store them correctly if you plan on using them down the line. In fact, when stored under perfect conditions, you can germinate 5 year old cannabis seeds successfully. Some astonishing cases have been reported of seeds lasting up to 10 years when stored optimally, although the germination times may vary wildly, taking much longer than a fresh seed. For homegrowers, storing and maintaining seeds is quite important, and even more so for seed banks; a badly stored seed may not germinate, and if it does it may not grow properly. There are various parameters you’ll need to follow in order to store seeds long-term.

Seed Storage: Light

One of the first things to keep in mind is that whatever container that you store your seeds in needs to block out all light. If you’ve ever germinated cannabis seeds before, then you know that light is an important factor when it comes to the probability of the seed germinating or not. If your seeds are exposed to light for too long, they may end up too weak to germinate; even if they germinate they might have quite a hard time starting off.

Seed Storage: Temperature

The temperature at which you store your seeds is one of the most important factors. If you’re going for something short-term, you just have to make sure that they’re in an area with a stable temperature – do not store them somewhere where there are going to be temperature changes.

However, for long-term storage you’ll need to store them at around 6-8° – if you plan on storing a large amount of seeds, we recommend buying a small cooler for that specific purpose to keep them at a low, constant temperature; opening your fridge can cause temperature changes, so keeping them with the rest of your products is probably not the best idea.

Also, remember to use a blacked out container when storing in the fridge or a black bag to ensure that the lights inside don’t affect the seeds when opened.

Seed Storage: Humidity

Humidity is another incredibly important factor that can determine the success rate of your seeds. Relative humidity is essentially what causes seeds to germinate, so they’re quite delicate at this stage and you don’t want them accidentally germinating; keep relative humidity low in their container.

This obviously depends on your climate too, as there are places that have incredibly high humidity and others that are quite dry, which can directly impact how you have to store your seeds. As a general rule of thumb, we recommend keeping them in a low-humidity container, and if you live somewhere incredibly humid you might have to use specific methods to decrease humidity.

Cannabis seeds can germinate with a RH of 40-60%, and humidity higher than that can actually drown them and kill them. However, humidity ranging from 9 – 20% may also cause a myriad of issues such as insects, fungi, and even seed sweating due to excessive heat. The ideal humidity range in which to store your seeds is between 20 to 30% RH.

How Long do Marijuana Seeds Last

Taking into account the previously mentioned parameters, the best way to store your cannabis seeds for long periods of time is by vacuum sealing them and then putting them into an opaque container or bag so that no light gets to them. Keep them at a constant temperature of 6-8°. Some growers use products such as silica sachets to keep humidity down even if the outside temperature/humidity becomes drastically altered – this is a good idea if you live in more humid or hotter climates.

Keep in mind that if your seeds experience too much light or temperature changes they may end up using up their nutrient reserves, which would render them useless.

Knowing how to store cannabis seeds is important if you want to keep your seeds over long periods of time – how long do marijuana seeds last?

How long do hemp seeds last

By Jody Paglia Tanzman, RD,LDN,CLC

I’ve been seeing Hemp Hearts everywhere these days, from my local juice bar to Whole Foods. So I figured it might be a good time to give an overview of hemp food products.

You may already know about hemp seeds. The non-marijuana variety of the Cannabis sativa L. plant, the hemp seed is technically a nut. It has been used as a source of nutrition for thousands of years in Old World cultures. In Chinese medicine, the hemp seed is thought to impart a calming effect, as well as make the imbiber strong and fertile. Hemp seeds contain about 25% protein, 35% insoluble and soluble fibers and are chock full of vitamins and minerals such as potassium, phosphorus, magnesium and vitamins A and E. They can be eaten raw, cooked or roasted, much like a sunflower seed. Add them to your morning granola or savory items such as veggie burgers and fish cakes.

The hemp heart, as you might have guessed, is the center of the hemp seed, or what remains after the seed is shelled. The heart might be the most nutritious part of the hemp seed. The removal of the hull increases the digestibility of the proteins, of which all essential amino acids are present. Less than 1 oz/28g of hemp hearts will get you 8g of protein and 20% of your daily value of iron and 15% of zinc, good news especially for vegans and vegetarians, who are often lacking in those nutrients. The taste of the little hearts is slightly nutty, with a texture reminiscent of pine nuts. You can toss them with salads or sprinkle them over your morning cereal or yogurt. You can also blend them in smoothies and dips, and add them to batters in pretty much any baked product. They are completely gluten free and shelf stable, though I prefer to keep them in the refrigerator or freezer to prevent rancidity.

Hemp protein powder has been gaining in popularity as an alternative to dairy, soy and gluten-containing protein powders.

Comprised of the globular proteins edestin and albumin, they are similar to that in human blood plasma, and thus are easily absorbed by the body. Hemp protein also contains sufficient amounts of all of the essential amino acids. Naturally high levels of branched-chain amino acids that aid in the growth and repair of lean muscle make it a good choice post-workout. Besides mixing into smoothies and juices, hemp protein powder can be used as a replacement for 25% of flour in baked goods.

Hempseed oil is created through the pressing or extraction of hemp seeds. Like olive oil, it can come in several different colors, from light to dark yellow or green due to the presence of chlorophyll. It is extremely high in polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) and rich in both omega-6 and omega-3 essential fatty acids. Hempseed oil contains these two fatty acids with a ratio of about 3:1 of omega 6 to 3, considered to be optimum for human health. Ratios higher than 3:1 (current Western diets are thought to be 20:1 or more) have been closely associated with cardiovascular disease, cancer and other chronic diseases. Hempseed oil also contains gamma linolenic acid (GLA) and stearidonic acid (SDA), which promote an anti-inflammatory response within the body.

You can find the oil in health food stores (usually in the refrigerated section). Its delicate nutty flavoring is a good alternative to olive or nut oils, and can be used the same way. Both highly unsaturated and unrefined, hemp seed oil has a low smoke point that does not lend itself to heated cooking. It is best used in salad dressings, marinades, smoothies, sauces, or drizzled over cooked vegetables as a finishing oil.

Not only is hemp a versatile product in the kitchen, but it is also valuable in topical applications, promoting softer skin and stronger hair and nails. Just remember when shopping for hemp, be sure to check the sell by date for freshness; the precious oils are prone to rancidity. Hemp should be stored in a cool, dry place and once opened, refrigeration is recommended. Freezing hemp seeds and hearts will extend their shelf life.

How long do hemp seeds last By Jody Paglia Tanzman, RD,LDN,CLC I’ve been seeing Hemp Hearts everywhere these days, from my local juice bar to Whole Foods. So I figured it might be a good time