how to make weed wine

so unless you’re using high powered lights like a 1000W grow light (or high-power LEDs) and keeping the lights incredibly close, your plants are probably able to use all the light they’re receiving. The content on is only suitable for adults and is reserved for those of legal age. Useful Tip: use a closet rod or something similar to round out the chicken wire after you zip tie it. As you will already know, all plants require nutrients for healthy growth.

They require macronutrients nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, as well as micronutrients and minerals including calcium, magnesium, iron, copper, and a whole lot more. If plants cannot access these nutrients, it will lead to deficiencies and other serious health problems. As of early 2020, the Oklahoma medical marijuana program is booming with over 26,000 patients approved and more than 800 dispensaries issued legal licenses to sell cannabis. (Check out this article if you are wondering how to become a medical marijuana patient in Oklahoma). You might not think about it often, but there's a good bit more you can do with cannabis outside of enjoying its effects. It's a natural plant material like any other, and that means it can see a lot of use in arts and crafts! HUMIDITY: Outdoors you don't really have any control over this factor and you are at the mercy of your climate. The upside is that the variations in humidity and the robust biological functions needed to adapt to a changing grow environment makes your plants exceptionally strong!

⚖️ Moderate-high yields of rock hard, golf ball size buds with exceptional amounts of resin. Flowering can last up to 11 weeks for some phenos indoors. Outdoors, Aurora Indica plants can grow up to 8 feet tall. Big Freeze Black Widow Blockhead Blueberry Chem D D F13 God OTH P.C. I am currently a travel nurse in the California Bay Area. I have been researching tax liens for the past few months. My ultimate goal is to have build a tax liens/deed business for early retirement. The information that Dustin and his team has provided is priceless. They have made a commitment to educating future investors such as myself. Now, it is my job to take the initiative and utilize the tactics of the Taxlien Certificate school. The effects of Hell’s OG are long-lasting, so make sure that you do not have any plans for the rest of the day otherwise you might run into a few problems as you lay locked to the sofa. As the effects do start to wear off, you are left feeling extraordinarily sleepy, and most people find that they naturally drift off to sleep and wake up after a long and deep sleep feeling refreshed. Though I do not attribute his knowledge as being as deep as claimed, by him and many others. Davis Watson has many aliases, AKA: Sam the Skunkman, Sam Skunkman, Sam Selezney, KnowItAll4Sure, Jingles, Selgnit, Dr Frankenbeanstein, Hemp Guy, and likely a dozen other aliases. Mario Lap, Joe Pietri and Steven Hager have written and posted a lot about him. I have also had several conversations with one of his aliases in print, mainly on IcyRag before I was banned there. What struck me was and is his version of what happened around Monterey Bay in the 60s and 70s, and my own personal experiences there are 180 degrees apart. I was around Santa Cruz, Capitola and Corrolitos a lot in the 70s. I was perplexed by his replies early on, and amused when I dug deep into who he was. No one I know or knew in the Monterey Bay area smoked anything called Haze until later on. No one knew of any Haze Bros growing $250 an oz weed in the 70s. For that matter, no weed there then went for anything near $250 an oz. Not even hashish or Thai sticks sold for that much. One version which I am inclined to agree with is that the real Haze Bros.

were in New Jersey, and they sold Haze around NYC for some insane prices in the 70s. Rockwool – Made from thin rock fibers and is the most popular choice because of its moisture retaining ability. You need to soak it in a pH solution of 5.5 before use. You can either place seedlings directly into the holes of your PVC pipe or channel or for greater stability plant them in net pots and place the net pots in the holes. Most people do not use a growing medium with NFT, but let the roots fall directly through the net pots and onto the film. If you choose to use a growing medium, use it sparingly and make sure that the roots have plenty of room to fall through the bottom of the pot.

Whichever way you choose to plant your seedlings, make sure to check and trim the roots often to prevent out of control growth that can clog the system. One of the advantages of starting young plants in a big container is you won’t have to transfer them to bigger containers as they get older. The look of King Tut is a clear reflection of a classic Sativa. The spear or cone-shaped buds are a light wintergreen color with a mild trichomes coverage and orange-colored pistils.


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