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Is Cannabis Legal in Spain?

Despite Spain’s lax attitude towards the use of marijuana, caution is advised

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Disclaimer: The writer of this article accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of this page, particularly with the possible future implementation of the ‘Citizen Security Law’ (Ley de la Seguridad Ciudadana). My advice to visitors to any country is to be extra careful with drug use and possession. There are plenty of excellent Drinks in Spain, so why not refrain from other drug use during your time in Spain?

Some background

If you’re wondering whether cannabis is legal in Spain, the answer is both yes and no. The truth is that the legal situation of cannabis in Spain is a little more complicated than in other countries.

Throw in the fact that changes to the current law are constantly in motion, and things get even more muddled. In October 2018, the far-left political party Podemos introduced measures that would completely legalize cannabis throughout Spain.

But even if Podemos’s plan succeeds, changes won’t be implemented for a long time. For now, let’s focus on the current legality of cannabis in Spain.

Current legal situation of cannabis in Spain

First of all, it is illegal in Spain to traffic cannabis. Selling the drug can lead to one to three years of jail time as well as a fine, with steeper penalties for those selling higher amounts of the drug, as well as for past offenders.

That being said, it is legal in Spain to cultivate or smoke cannabis for your own personal use. As long as you consume the drug in the privacy of your own home, or elsewhere on private property, you’re not doing anything illegal. It’s also legal to buy and sell paraphernalia such as seeds and other hemp products. However, if you are growing cannabis on private property, it cannot be in public view.

You’ll also find people smoking at cannabis clubs, which have sprung up throughout the country as a result of the 2015 law decriminalizing marijuana in private spaces. Today, there are an estimated 700 cannabis clubs throughout Spain, and they come in all different forms.

Some cannabis clubs are primarily recreational, while others provide support for those using the drug for medical reasons and even have doctors available onsite. All charge a fee for membership, but there’s a further catch—members of these clubs must be 21 or older, and only Spanish citizens are allowed. So unless you’ve got that burgundy-and-gold Reino de España passport, you’ll have to steer clear.

Let’s do a 180, though. It is illegal in Spain to smoke cannabis in public places. That means out in the street, in a park, on public transportation, or even in your own car if it’s parked on public property. If you get caught, the fine will set you back 300 euros.

Important reminders

So there you have it: the complicated legal situation of cannabis in Spain. However, it’s important to keep in mind that—as anywhere in the world—the interpretation of “personal use” here in Spain is open to debate. If a policeman takes a disliking to a group of noisy foreigners, they might use any drugs found on your person as an excuse to cause you problems.

With that in mind, your safest bet would be to avoid consuming cannabis in Spain. If you do wish to take part, however, exercise extreme caution and take care not to disturb the local community lest you be stopped and searched by law enforcement.

Having said that, cannabis is often sold openly in the streets, especially in cities such as Barcelona and Granada. You may even see people smoking cannabis outside bars without anyone raising an eyebrow. However, keep in mind that this is technically illegal, so it may not be the best idea to join in. It’s best to stay on the safe side. After all, nobody wants to get into legal trouble in a foreign country.

Finally, be sure to remember that Spain’s cannabis laws are more relaxed than those of France and Gibraltar, so do not try to carry the drug across the border. In Portugal, the use of cannabis (and all drugs) is decriminalized, but not legal.

Is cannabis legal in Spain? Stay safe and stay legal with this Spain travel advice.

How to Get Weed in Ibiza

Weed clubs in Ibiza are a secretive world and unlike their Spanish counterparts in Barcelona, they are not as publicly accessible. In the Catalan capital of BCN you can pretty much find any kind of cannabis club in Barcelona you desire online. All you need to do is send a membership request on Then you can blaze up a huge chronic spliff without much effort.

In Ibiza the reality of the relaxed Ibiza weed law is different. True this is still part of Spain, but all the municipalities and districts handle the laws slightly differently. Ibiza weed clubs must be extra careful because the island is known as the party capital of Europe and attracts many drunken belligerent tourists to its shores. Therefore, we recommend applying online for a membership on IbizaWeedGuide.

In this article we’ll take you through all the different ways you get weed in Ibiza and which ones are most likely to yield positive results. We’ll try to be as unbiased as possible, but some ways of getting weed are just stupid. In this modern era, we should all be able to smoke cannabis without fear of heading to prison, but we still have a little way to go before the global weed revolution meets its apex. Until then, we stay strong brothers and sisters! Keep the ganja blazing!

Ask around the streets (not recommended)

First up, the tried and tested methods most people lean towards when visiting foreign countries: asking strangers on the street if they can help you source some weed. We’ve all been there. Many of us have done it since we were teenagers. Spot a stoned looking person or keep your nose peeled for that sweet smell of green goodness wafting from streets and alleyways. In many countries in Europe this is still your only option when visiting. Then you move closer to the pothead and start working your verbal magic on them. Play the weed politics and network your way to some crispy, sticky marijuana! If there’s one thing cannabis smokers are good at, it’s the random stranger weed conversation.

Why though, should you have to do this in 2018? In Spain the weed has been partially freed, so you have other options. The chances are that if you buy weed from a street drug dealer in Ibiza it is probably going to be poor quality, wet and underweight. This is not ideal for anyone. We’ve all done it when desperate, but we’ve all regretted it after the fact. If you are looking for weed in Ibiza, then we would not recommend this option. It’s dangerous and only going to lead to tears before spliff-time. Or in a worst-case scenario: being fined or arrested by an undercover police officer for trying to do something which is illegal in public. Avoid this method at all costs. It’s familiar, but it’s not worth it.

Make friends with local stoners

If you have friends that live in Ibiza or you can make friends when you visit, then they can almost certainly help you. Even if your friends don’t smoke weed, their friends probably do and will be able to assist you in your search. Unlike the rest of the so-called civilised world, in places like Spain and Portugal, cannabis is not a hush-hush topic. The topic is discussed sensibly between grown-ups who like to get high with a freedom that is not found in many European countries.

In Ibiza weed law it’s also legal for these Balearic residents to grow their own cannabis. Many people living on the island will grow their own weed plants in their gardens. There is a distinct possibility that they may just give you some and share in their harvest. It’s not dealing if they don’t charge you, so technically not illegal. If they do charge you well then what happens behind closed doors in Spain, stays behind closed doors in Spain.

Cannabis Clubs in Ibiza (most recommended)

If you want to be pro-active before you visit Ibiza, then you can always try contacting some Ibiza weed clubs before you visit. There are a few online that have social media pages, but most do not look like they are very open to new members. Ibiza Weed Guide connects you with clubs that are currently open for a new members in Ibiza.

In Barcelona, nearly every cannabis club in the city has a website. In Ibiza weed club culture this is a lot rarer.

Plant some seeds!

Arguably the best option on our list. Although if you’re only visiting for a few weeks then it’s not a feasible option. If, however you are moving to Ibiza for an extended period, get some quick-fire low-riders and get growing. Natural sunlight will do the job perfectly in this temperate part of the world. You will need to remember to water them though, they don’t get a lot of rain in the Balearic Islands!

The rules about public places are still very much an issue, so try your best not to make them publicly visible. If they are hidden in your garden or from a window that can’t be seen, then you shouldn’t have anything to worry about. If they are visible, then don’t hope for the best. Take preventative measures and hide them better.

That’s our advice for how to get weed in Ibiza. Realistically you only have one or two decent options. It’s a dangerous world as a pothead in the current climate, but in Ibiza at least there are some legal options for smoking and cultivating cannabis. If you do get membership to an Ibiza weed club then remember to share it with other nice potheads. It’s a hard game getting weed in Ibiza and you should share the love.

How to Get Weed in Ibiza Weed clubs in Ibiza are a secretive world and unlike their Spanish counterparts in Barcelona, they are not as publicly accessible. In the Catalan capital of BCN you can