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Did you feel it justified its reputation or was it a case of don’t believe the hype? Seeds and nutrients arrive between 10-15 days, 12 days on average. Sativa 15%, Indica 50%, Ruderalis 35% 115 - 165 g/per plant (dried) 90 - 140 cm 8-9 weeks after sprouting Relaxing and full of flavour.

In addition, from what I have learned it seems that most oncologists will not expose their bodies to the same treatments which they supply to us, if they were suffering from cancer themselves. So why do you suppose they would refuse these treatments themselves, when they seem to feel so free in providing the same treatments to us? Do you think that it could possibly have something to do with money and the fact that they already know the treatments they have been using do not work? It appears that our trusted doctors still have a great deal to learn about the art of healing, so if you are suffering from a serious condition such as cancer. I think that it would only be wise to put your faith in a natural medication, which has already been proven to work effectively and harmlessly. To make kief using sugar leaves, make sure that the leaves are dry before using them. It’s also going to work better if the leaves are brittle so that you can crush it better. Thus, you can store the leaves in the freezer as mentioned earlier. Problem: A cannabis phosphorus deficiency generally appears on leaves from the lower/older parts of the plant.

The lower leaves may turn dark green or yellow, and start getting spots or big splotches that look brown, bronze or even a little blue. The leaves may thicken and curl, and the affected leaves feel stiff. Sometimes the stems of the plant turn bright red or purple, but not always. After the eggs hatch, they will eat their way into your cannabis plant's leaves. Growing conditions: Too much nitrogen during the flowering will cause the buds to be airy (less dense). With the right feed, you will have big dense buds from Auto Colorado Cookies. Reducing the nitrogen early in flower will help give you those dense oily nugs. Here you can find all info about Gorilla Bomb from Bomb Seeds . If you are searching for information about Gorilla Bomb from Bomb Seeds, check out our Basic Infos, Gallery, Strain Reviews, Shop-Finder and Price Comparison, Lineage / Genealogy or User Comments for this cannabis variety here at this page and follow the links to get even more information. If you have any personal experiences with growing or consuming this cannabis variety, please use the upload links to add them to the database! Super-cropping is best done during the vegetative stage, once the plant has grown many healthy branches and is growing vigorously, but before it is full into the flowering stage. For viewers from within the European Union only: If growing in pots or bags, you have the advantage of using commercially-bought soil which is not only optimized for growing cannabis but pre-sterilized to ensure that no harmful microbes are present. The downside is that your plants will be constricted by the size of their container. Pots may also require regular transplants as well as water (which they cannot receive from groundwater as plants in permeable bags or holes in the ground can). 🛒SHOP our favorite products on AMAZON: (affiliate link) Momentarily discouraged, I quickly scrapped the idea of a dedicated room filled to the brim. I began with getting clear about my intentions; I wanted to inconspicuously and autonomously produce my medicine. This was a much more respectable and realistic goal, and one that I could embrace. I have received more information from dustin free than from another company that I paid more than 1000 us. The material is of excellent quality and is timley. The discriptions of tax lein and deed proscess are to the point.and my name is really gordon. More than once in my day have I had the fortune of sampling an award-winning cannabis strain.

The multitude of accolades awarded to the different strains that I’ve consumed in the past is numerous and has ranged from best in category to grand prize winners. As the number of competitions involving cannabis increase, so does the number of prize-winning strains. Recently I was lucky enough to get to sample an award-winning strain from Chronic Therapy a recreational marijuana dispensary located in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. In this case, the competition was the 2018 Grow and the winning category was potency.

As one of the most contended and prestigious titles around (especially in a recreational state like Colorado) winning potency is no easy task. Nonetheless, Chronic Therapy did it with their submission of Tangie Power. Having sampled Chronic Therapy’s amazingly flavorful Tangie I wasn’t sure exactly what Tangie Power would have in store for me. As the name implies Tangie Power was bread for the sole purpose of displaying insanely high THC power along with a blend of terpenoids to accentuate its sensations. The question was, did it maintain its amazing flavor profile through its genetic cross-breeding for potency.


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