indigo kush

Indigo kush

Indigo Berry Kush is a feminized marijuana variety from Sweet Seeds, created by crossing an elite clone of So G Kush (OG Kush x Cofnidential x Trainwreck) and our elite clone Blue Monster Elite (Blueberry ’99 vs. Black Domina ’98 ) originated.

Looking for marijuana that is widely consumed in sunny, earthy and sweet California, Sweet Seeds has crossed SO g Kush with Blue Monster. The first variety has a very powerful and physical effect, high yields and a strong Kush-like flavor, the second, which is also a polyhybrid, brings forest fruit flavors with a Diesel touch (in addition to a relaxing and medicinal high).

Therefore, Indigo Berry Kush is an indica with a huge and thick central main shell coated with resin. She develops many side shoots that are quickly surrounded by multiple, high quality buds. In just 8 or 9 weeks of flowering you can expect a huge harvest.

Although they are not the easiest to cultivate because they need to know the EC and pH values ??during flowering, these plants reward us with 600 g / m2 indoors (we recommend using SoG) and about 700 g per plant on outside.

The taste is exactly what they were looking for: it has a strong presence of earthy and woody flavros, but is sweetened with fruity undertones and a fresh metallic touch. The effect is progressive, long-lasting and cerebral, which gradually changes towards a relaxing and physical high.

This variety is clearly suitable for use during the day.

Variety SWS63
Indica / Sativa: 60% / 40%
THC: 15-21% ยท CBD: 0.1%
Production inside: 500-600 g / m2
Outdoor production: 500-700 g / plant
Indoor flowering: 8-9 weeks
Harvest Outdoor: End of September

Indigo Berry Kush from Sweet Seeds is an indica strain with a huge and thick central main Collal coated with resin.

Indigo Berry Kush

Alchimiaweb presents Indigo Berry Kush, one of the new strains created by Sweet Seeds. IBK is an Indica dominant feminized hybrid which stands out for its sweet and earthy scent.

Indigo Berry Kush has been developed by crossing So G Kush and Blue Monster, a Blueberry’99 x Black Domina’98 hybrid. It grows robust and compact, with a prominent main cola surrounded by short lateral branches.

It is ripe in just 8-9 weeks if grown indoors, around late September outdoors. IBK can easily yield 400-600g/m2.

Its scent is earthy, sweet and simply delicious, while the effect is mainly relaxing. Extremely resinous, this strain is recommended for resin extractions.

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