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Jack Flash #5 – Sensi Seeds

Continuing the tradition of improving on our best work, Sensi Seeds is delighted to present Jack Flash – an all-female version of a Jack Herer’s direct descendant!

To create Jack Flash, Herer’s sublime gene-pool was refined, reinforcing the desired traits through back-crossing. Over multiple generations, our favourite Herer motherplant was crossed with a precise blend of Super Skunk and Haze, undergoing rigorous selection and testing at every stage.

By slightly altering this program and adding a unique father plant to the mix in the final stage, we have been able to produce Jack Flash – a reliable, consistent, feminised version of our spectacular regular Jack Flash. It has the bulk and vigour of her Afghani-Skunk ancestors without sacrificing any of Herer’s sumptuous Haze high. Isolating this particular balance of traits, the four common phenotypes of Jack Herer are reduced to two recurring forms in Jack Flash, representing the contrasting sides of its heritage.

The Indica form is compact enough for SOG , with rapid and highly distinctive bud development. Calyxes swell to outrageous sizes, piling atop each other forming resin-saturated foxtails which build into multi-point terminal buds.

The Sativa-dominant Jack Flash is a truly world-class example of cannabis. Growers with space for medium-to-large plants will be astounded by this phenotype – its flavour, yield and mind-body potency are virtually unparalleled. Significant height gain during flowering, paired with the ability to completely fill out with solid, skunk-Haze buds; best results are seen in the Sativa Jack Flash pheno when allowed to finish flowering at 1mt or taller.

While most members of the Sensi family rate Northern Lights#5 x Haze or Jack Herer as their all-time favourite ganja, Jack Flash is another serious contender for the title and is steadily gaining ground on the two world champion Sativas.

Genetics honored for its medicinal properties, supporting its effectiveness in the study – BESFES cannabis cup presented at Growmed.

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Jack flash seeds

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Jack Flash is a three-way marijuana hybrid created by crossing Sensi’s award-winning Jack Herer strain with Super Skunk and an Original Haze male. It is a versatile indica-dominant plant that is very easy-to-grow producing high yields.

Jack Flash grows into quite a tall plant unless vegged. for an extremely short time indoors before being put into flowering. There are two pheno-types; one is shorter and expresses more indica in its structure – this is a great choice for SoG. The other is more sativa in expression and grows taller with more stretch during flowering. Indoor-grown plants will finish in 60 – 70 days depending on the pheno-type with outdoor plants in warm climates being finished either towards the end of October or in early November. Such late finishing times mean that regions with the likelihood of an early frost or two should be avoided.

Dried buds are quite big with medium density and have an aroma that mixes, lemon, pepper, Skunk and Haze. Its flavour is sweet/acrid with some spicy fruit along with Haze notes. The effect produced by Jack Flash is very typically sativa with an uplifting, cerebral high coupled with nice, cosy bodily feelings.


Breeder/Brand Sensi Seeds
Genetics (Jack Herer x Super Skunk) x Haze
Pack Size 10 Seeds
Variety Mostly Indica
Flowering Type Photoperiod
Sex Regular
THC Content Unknown
Grows Greenhouse, Indoors, Outdoors
Flowering Time 9-10 Weeks
Harvest Month October/November
Taste / Flavour Fruity, Haze, Spicy / Herbal, Sweet
Effect Body, Cerebral, Uplifting

About Sensi Seeds

There is no other seed bank in the world that has been coveted with more awards than Sensi Seeds. From the Highlife Cup to the Cannabis Cup, Sensi have achieved unrivalled legendary status in the seed bank world.

In the early 1970’s, the founder of Sensi, Ben, opened a clothes shop in the Dutch city of Rotterdam where he sold homemade clothing. A few years earlier, at the age of seventeen, he smoked his first joint. But it wasn’t until he began making regular trips to Turkey, Afghanistan and Pakistan to purchase textiles that he became aware of the plant’s versatility. He learned about hemp fibre’s suitability as, among other things, a textile and was given cannabis and cannabis seeds by local farmers. Ben discovered that the cannabis plant had so much to offer in spite of it being prohibited and vilified in all corners of the world.

It became one of his passions to collect cannabis seeds from Central and South East Asia and the Asian subcontinent. Back home in the Netherlands, he started to cultivate these seeds in order to learn more about the growth process of this very special plant.

At the start of the 1980’s, the first examples of innovative, stabilised hybrids, such as Haze and Skunk, arrived in Europe from the United States. Ben was one of a mere three Dutch cultivators who were granted access to these hybrids, which are considered an important blueprint for the development of European hybrids.

At the end of the seventies, Ben found out that cannabis seeds did not fall under the cannabis prohibition; it was only the plant that was prohibited and not the seeds. As it was not illegal to sell seeds, Ben reasoned that the production process should not be illegal either. He started his seed company after a lawyer confirmed this insight and in 1985 the Sensi Seed Club, also known as the Sensi Connoisseurs’ Club, came into being. Ben took over a company called the Seed Bank in 1991 and the gene libraries were merged to create the Sensi Seed Bank as we know it today.

Sensi Seeds search for cannabis genetics has never ceased in the last 30 years. Their dedication towards genetic preservation has also never diminished. To this day, Sensi are true to their roots and are now, more than ever, aware that the future of cannabis genetic research lies in its past, in the genetics that started it all.

Sensi genetics offer not only the high yield and range of effects people search for, they actually represent a part of Cannabis’ history.

With a host of award winning strains, it would be unwise to overlook Sensi Seeds, available to buy at Seedsman now.

Jack Flash Regular Seeds – 10 from Sensi Seeds for sale at Seedsman Shop Online. Get Free seeds with every order. Offering the best seeds since 2003.