jungle fever strain

Jungle Fever (Auto) (Strain Review)

This cannabis flower was purchased at Amazon Organics in Eugene, OR during late December 2019.

What we know: The only description of the effects I can find are “cerebral” and “good for creativity”. There seems to be another strain out there with the same name that is classified as indica.

F irst Dose: Small dose(.04g smoked in a glass pipe – about one solid hit, held in for 5 seconds)
I notice a headrush-y feeling after a couple mins. At five minutes, my face is relaxed but my entire head and face is activated as I am very much thrust in the present moment. There are strong tingles in the hole back of my head…whoa. My brain-power seems somewhat shut down as I am directly experiencing things. There’s a pulsing feeling in the top of my head. It’s not even 10 minutes in…Despite the 16% THC, this stuff is strong.

At 10 minutes after dosing, I put on some music and find it quite captivating but lacking in enhanced lushness that other strains can give. I eat some food and overall I don’t feel much sensory enhancement. There’s definitely good stimulating pressure at the front of the head and face along with some other kooky sensations that make it feel like I’m wearing a headband. At twenty minutes, I put on some TV and I am quite drawn into it. I feel a bit spaced out. I’m definitely understanding the review where they say this strain is good for painting & creativity. It shuts down the brain to where you don’t overthink things.

I step outside and I’m enjoying the nature around me. I would say this is a good one for hiking and “becoming one” with your surroundings. At 25 minutes, my body is getting relaxed and buzzy all over and I have an urge to sit down. Five minutes later I’m feeling some strong body expansion and elevating to a higher place. This is a strong strain, definitely not for beginners.

At 40 minutes I’m finally getting back access to my thinking brain as I am able to somewhat follow an online news article, though still very much altered. Even two hours after dosing I can still feel some residual activity in my head & face.

Jungle Fever shuts down the thinking part of your brain and thrusts you into the present moment.

Jungle Fever Auto

We could define this variety as an autoflowering gene of sativa predominance, with a superior height close to a meter of height and average high production, whose culmination ends in 10 weeks from its twinning.

It is characterized by having a very complex aroma, which we would define as the mixture of a colony-like odor, combined with spicy nuances, which also appear when assessing the flavor, which in some cases could be classified as “chemical”.

Mainly of cerebral and active effect at physical level, is a variety that we recommend a lot for activities where we do not need to pay much attention and we can feel relaxed, like for creative activities for example painting or music.

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