killer skunk strain

Killer Skunk

Alchimia presents Underground Originals Killer Skunk, a vigorous hybrid created by backcrossing the Blues elite clone with SmellyBerry (Blues x Blueberry), used to create the regular version of the Blues variety.

These regular seeds grow into compact, robust and branchy plants, with an medium internode distance, making it just as suitable for growing in SOG (Sea of Green) as it is for SCROG (Screen of Green), forming a dominant main cola which can be supplemented by many secondary branches depending on the length of its growth period and the pruning and training techniques used.

It flowers quickly, ready in just 7-9 weeks indoors, reaching maturity at the end of September in outdoor crops, offering heavy yields of top quality buds.

Its aroma is intense and sweet, reminiscent of the finest hash, with notes of lemon and pine, making the use of a charcoal filter highly recommended for a worry-free experience during cultivation.

Its effect is powerful, both physically and cerebrally, favouring conversation, stimulating sight and hearing, improving mood and stimulating without paranoia, ideal for socialising.

The effect later becomes more physical, relaxing muscles, but without any heaviness, making it useful for medicinal users, relieving pain and spasms and helping to fight against depression.

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Underground Originals Seeds Killerskunk

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