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Subscribe and you’ll get a free growing marijuana guide. Tell a friend about us, add a link to this page, or visit the webmaster's page for free fun content. Despite the relatively lower quantity of THC found in Pineapple Kush compared to other hybrid strains, there isn’t really any CBD content to speak of. But the toxic smell — particularly in an area where industry has a long history of contaminating neighborhoods — caused alarm. We didn’t say that this list would have NO songs dedicated to marijuana!

Kid Cudi is an American hip hop artist, and he doesn’t hide his love of ganja on this track. ‘Marijuana’ is on Kid Cudi’s second studio album, Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Bees are available in season only in January, February & March. Bees ship April 1st so please call early to reserve as they do go fast! Если вы были на Burning Man, наверняка заходили в Art of Steam — русскоязычный кэмп, который с 2016 года привозит русскую баню в пустыню и дарит невероятный опыт всем желающим. If you think you have been blocked in error, contact the owner of this site for assistance. According to a poll released by the Society for Human Resource Management, about 57 percent of American companies subject employees to drug tests. That’s down significantly from 81 percent in 1996, possibly because employers are finding it increasingly difficult to find quality candidates who are able to pass. Cannabis roots are not the main source of food for fungus gnat larvae, but roots get caught in the crossfire. Although the main diet of fungus gnats is fungus and decaying matter, the larvae happily gnaw on root hairs and young tender roots of cannabis plants.

Mendo Mulcher makes some tough grinders—all out of solid, aircraft-grade aluminum—but this one might be the most useful. At only 1.75 inches across, it's best for travel, and its extra-grippy construction ensures you won't slip up while using it despite its small size. FastBuds created this autoflowering strain by combining genetics of Blackberry with several purple Kush strains of Pakistani descent. The result is an amazing aroma profile, and deeply relaxing effects. Blackberry is originally a strain that was created in the Netherlands, using genetics of Black Domina and Raspberry Cough. It’s highly valued in US medical marijuana states due to the fruity taste and a rather active buzz. The purple Kush genetics help to bring stability into this crossing, increase the level of relaxation within the high, and improve the magnificent appearance of the plant. Some people swear by vaporizers, which eliminate the intense skunky smell (good for dorm rooms and public spots) and the inhalation of smoke (possibly but not medically proven to adversely affect the lungs). However, the vape high is considerably less intense and shorter lasting. While a bong can be unruly and downright disgusting, a small water pipe can fulfill the same purpose, filtering the more noxious elements of combustion. Remember the container full of combs soaking in blue liquid on the barber's counter? Ready to learn more about the best autoflowering cannabis seeds of the year – as well as how to grow them? Here’s everything you need to know to start growing some potent weed. This cannabis plant, with roots stretching back to Central Asia, releases a peppery, earthy fragrance combined with sage. The smoke exhibits the herbal undertones recognized in the scent, making this a rather tasty indica-hybrid. The best strains of all time: 100 popular cannabis strains to try before you die. This method is ideal for medium-sized batches of plant matter. One downside to using silk screens is that they can tear easily from stems. It’s best to be gentle and work slowly, picking out any jagged pieces that might tear. Metal screens are available in this size as well, but can be harder to come by. " data-full-height="2000" data-full-src="" data-full-width="1335" data-image-id="ci0206be0e600026b7" data-image-slug="pamplemousse-fall-2017-07" data-public-id="MTQ2MDEyOTczMzMxNDU3NzQx"> Homies were born out of Gonzales’ own love of creating art. At 16, Gonzales started to capture the people of his neighborhood of Richmond, CA where, as Gonzales recalls, every kid in the neighborhood wanted a lowrider for their first car. His first drawings were inspired by his own homies and his first goal was just to have fun with his friends.

Although this is a hybrid bud, there does seem to be a somewhat overwhelming indica vibe to the high, and this certainly lends itself to an evening or night bud . For those on the hunt for the perfect sleep strain, Tahoe OG could be the ideal contender as it offers peaceful physical relaxation and a feeling of mental clarity that goes far in banishing stress and worries. A gram is defined as “metric unit of mass equal to one-thousandth of a kilogram.” A gram is a small unit of measurement, which makes it a solid choice for cannabis consumers who don’t want to purchase weed in small amounts. For example, if they’re looking to try a new strain or don’t consume cannabis frequently. From 1837 until 1986, the United States Mint had not struck a gold coin with a metal content greater than .900. Beginning in 1833, the US moved away from the so-called crown gold alloy content (22-karat gold) and struck its last gold coin with such purity by 1837. It wasn’t until the introduction of the American Gold Eagle in 1986 that the US broke that mold and struck a 22-karat gold coin again. If you don’t have a knife or a blunt splitter, you can always use your thumbs. Another option, much safer than chemical products, are biological control agents : we can find several natural predators of thrips oftenly used by farmers to prevent/eradicate an infestation of thrips.

Ambliselius cucumeris and Ambliselius degenerans are normally very effective, as well as the Orius laeviatae bedbug. Remember that this type of pest control is much more effective in indoor grow rooms and greenhouses than outside. AVAILABLE CLONES FLOWERS DISTILLATE CARTRIDGES WAX SHATTER RDIBLRS ETC.


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