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Los Angeles is a hub of countless industries, and Kush Queen has been active in many of them. With over 15 years of experience in cannabis, beauty, and music culture, Kush Queen is a queen-of-all-trades, and a master of many. She began her career in the cannabis industry in 2005 working as a budtender and quickly transitioned her position to managing business operations for cannabis collectives. She also has over 15 years of experience in the beauty industry, an esthetician and massage therapist specializing in facials, relaxation massage and body treatments using hemp and cbd beauty products. She works with some of Hollywood’s A-list celebrities, musicians, and entertainment executives. @kushqueenbeauty

In 2010, she created The Kush Queen Show. Having launched in 2010, with an internet live broadcast show, The Kush Queen Show was put on the map, by Breal TV consisting of aspiring to empower women bringing forward topics in cannabis, sex, relationships, health, beauty, music, film/tv, munchies, weed strain reviews and many other topics. She’s hosted a number of female guest Dj’s, artists and personalities weekly. Kush Queen quickly formed a large fan base that tuned in eagerly each week participating in the live web chat rooms and feeling as if they were a part of the show. The Kush Queen Show 2020 Podcast available on all major podcast platforms. Subscribe to and follow @thekushqueenshow

With all of her expertise and experience in so many cultures, Kush Queen is more than a podcast host, a cannabis and beauty expert. She is a tastemaker who is on the forefront of this emerging culture.

My vision for Kush Queen is to create emotional connections with cannabis connoisseurs around the world providing information about the cannabis lifestyle through beauty, wellness, sex, munchies, and so much more.

My mission is to share the many benefits and uses of cannabis for your everyday lifestyle. – KUSH QUEEN

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2020 Launch of The Kush Queen Show. A podcast about the cannabis lifestyle of sex, relationships, munchies, health, beauty, travel, technology and so much more.